Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Only Constant in the Verse… is Change

~or “I Been Busy…"

You may have picked up a tad from somewhere that I may have been a wee bit busy lately… You’d be right.

Now the problem gentle reader is that I have not been busy in EVE… nope, it’s RL that’s takin’ up all my time. Hence I have not posted lately because of this and the ‘reasons’ I have been busy… well, they have naught to do with EVE and are not exactly what one would call… fun. Or even really much fun to talk about. As serious as Spaceships are… there are things that are more serious.

As I have been going through these last weeks, and months I have kept thinking about Rixx Javix’s take on blogging about EVE which is really just blogging about Rixx the same way my blog is really just all about Tur and his adventures in EVE… but I have, upon occasion as Rixx and we (bloggers) all tend to do, talked not just about our toons and EVE… but about our real life selves. And Rixx, AKA Brian Ward, has from time to time shared quite a lot about himself and his life with us all.

I have, I will admit, occasionally felt he was doing a wee bit too much of that as, well, people don’t read EVE blogs for stories of divorce and court and RL money troubles. But we are all real people here, those of us who take up pen and paper (ok, metaphorically…) and try to put our thoughts down in words… and for some strange reason think anyone would want to share any of our thoughts and feelings.

And yet… dear reader, you do. So we write and think and write some more.

So. Here it is… I am getting divorced. Again.

Yeah… sucks. But then again it has been a long time coming as these things almost always are. We have been through the gauntlet of breaking up and making up and therapy and and getting along and… well really not getting along. Anyone who has been through it knows, anyone who hasn’t… you don’t want to.

But here we are at the end of all that now in what I call, the acceptance and paperwork phase. We are no longer fighting or angry or any of that because we have both let it go. We are still parents and will be for life, and we were once really good friends… and we both want that back because, kids. Kids who love us both and whom we love more than anything. We are in agreement on almost everything, and the financial split will be fairly easy as we already did part of that when I moved into the spare room more than a year ago.

She gets the house, I get my lands on the bay, I get the sailboat she bought me for my 50th… the Jeeps are not jointly owned and all the rest is little stuff.

We are not getting lawyers, we are filing jointly, we are… in a word, copacetic. This has helped the kids (teens now) who have, of course, seen it coming. They both are relieved that we are getting along and all in all, as so many say, it’s for the best. Which of course it isn’t… the “best” being a mother and father who are together into grandparenthood for the rest of their lives… so this is, IMHO, just the least worst of the possible bad outcomes. But I’ll take the least worst… not much choice at this point.

I do want to say, that I really feel for Rixx and the miles of sewage he has crawled face first though with his divorce, but I am glad mine is not adversarial. It is a blessing and a relief to not face that. I do wish he didn’t have to.

So now you know where I have been. My life has taken a turn I was hoping it wouldn’t but is, at least, one I can roll with. I am moving out soon and will not be leaving EVE as I see a bright future… or at least a light at the end of the tunnel there up ahead…

Hope it’s not another godsdamned train.  =]

Fly reckless and see you in the Sky =/|)=