Friday, February 3, 2012

Elvis has LEFT the Wormhole!

or~ Our Last Day in Our First Home

Yup… <sigh>  I’m has sadface.  =[   We have taken down Serenity and moved out of the C2 Wormhole we have called home for 8 months. Serenity’s Force Field went up YC 310.06.04, and came down YC 311.02.02.

 I ponder the changes to come...

I seem to have strong feelings about this, be it a game or not. You see, there has never been an MMO I could get into even just a little bit. They all (my blog, my opinion) SUCK. I have no interest whatsoever in being a “Mage” or a “Warrior” or a 5th Level Female Rouge Elf who fights terrible Demons inna Wrought Iron Gold Clad Thong Bikini with a Sword so big she couldn't pick it up if she was on the Moon even. Sheesh…. what juvenile crap (to ME).

Since I was 5 or 6 I have read Sci-fi almost exclusively. Sci-fi,  military history, and alternate histories which are really just a different take on Sci-fi, IE possible pasts based on techno, psycho, bio and politico alternatives  instead of possible futures based on same. And yes, I love Star Trek and Star Wars (saw both when FIRST time they were aired and/or released thank you very much), but in all fairness I have tried… but I just can’t get into the MMOs for em, it just doesn’t feel right.

Serenity Station.... Ready to Offline

You see, for me, those are… I dunt know how to put it… well, I dunt wanna GO there, I wanna see Kirk and Spock, Han and Leia, Warf and Dax, Obiwan and Luke, Picard and Riker et al do their thing there… I dunt wanna live there, or even play there anymoar than I do in the Shire, or Mordor… “I” dunt belong there, “they” do… just weirds me out I tell ya. Then, my son opens is Mac and says, “Ya gotta see this.” 

And he was right. You see, for me, EVE… New Eden… is OURS. We belong here. We are making this as we go… Kirk, Spock, Han, Leia, Warf, Dax, Obiwan, Luke, Picard, Riker… “they” dunt belong in EVE, “we” do. EVE is our space opera, our DS9, our 5 Year Mission of Exploration, our War with The Dominion. Have you ever noticed how Empire (Hisec) is like Star Trek and Lo and Null is like Star Wars? Thinkaboutit…   =]

Drake on Final Approach

EVE belongs to us, the Capsuleer Captains of Starships, and the Corpmates and Allies of New Eden.

And Serenity Station, was my corps first real home here. And, yes… I am saddened by our moving out, no matter the great adventures we will have to come, no matter I was the first to say we need to ‘up-our-game’ and find a new hole to bugger till we’re rich. When you live in a POS… it is not like living in an NPC station. It is YOURS. You are directly responsible for it, for creating it, for defending it, for maintaining it. 

Aside from some of the mechanics which I wish were better (we can’t dock in the POS Ship Maintenance Array and log off there. We can’t sit in our CQ and look out a window [one of my pet peeves about this game… Hey CCP, you gave us a CQ with a stoopid “Sorry you can’t breathe in there” effin door, why not give us a VIEW fer christ’s sake!] but that’s a rant for another post)…. forgive, I digress, so other than a few fail mechanics, I loved livin in a POS.

Serenity, view from the Secret Squirrel Lab
The thing I keep coming back to over and over again about EVE is, it’s a true Virtual Reality. We live out a virtual life in here. We act and react to and with the other live players. The interactions we have with NPCs are, as it should be, mostly just about virtual work, IE making ISK. The corps in EVE that really break away from the ‘game’ aspects and delve most deeply into the virtual life aspects are corps such as the Tuskers. 

The Tuskers are a pirate corp, proud of their traditions with honor and a code and they try, as much as possible, to actually make their living in EVE (IE live off  the ISK) from their pirate operations, just as pirates have done ever since man first set sail to wind. They attack ships to plunder and loot their Cargos and their Salvage, but whenever possible, they do not kill first but take hostage and allow the Captains of the ships they attack the honorable choice of ransom. They do not belittle their victims, but treat with them as honorable men, they do not brag or boast and they honor their agreements. This is the age old, tried and true modus of piracy and the Tuskers uphold those traditions well. And they do it in EVE.

AI makes pickup on Serenity while we fly Security
Living in wormholes is closer to that than living in Empire is. You are moar ‘apart’ from the game aspects, as you have a residence you must pay for and pay, and work, to maintain. You must bring in or make fuels, setup and maintain defenses, run daily recons of the holes that connect your W-space to other WHs, Empire and null. If you think on it a bit, you can see that many of these tasks are ‘similar’ to tasks you have to do for your home, for your life, in RL.

And I dunt like the NPC stations at all… cause anyone can live in them for free. You can store literally hundreds of ships up to and including Battleships, for FREE… oh please. Show me anywhere in RL you could permanently park just your ass for free, with a room and amenities. Actually I am a bit of a stickler on that point. Now that we no longer have a POS, if I can avoid it, I do not log off anywhere but in our Empire offices… I feel I have a right to dock my ships and my ass there, I paid for it. 

So taking Serenity Station down has had a strong emotional aspect for me. I will miss living there, I will miss the cycle and pattern of life in the hole. I will miss the seclusion, the beauty, the fear, and its rush… but most of all… the serenity of living in the most dangerous space in EVE.

Leaving the Hole…   but I’ll be back.

Fly safe and see you in the sky =/|)=


  1. Pay docking or rental fees based on volume for NPC stations. Interesting idea.. although you will be hunted down and killed by freighter pilots for even suggesting it. I suspect however, depending on the costs, it might break many aspects of the game. Flood the market for starters, with people clearing crap they don't need, following by subdued sales and manufacturing since people only buy what they need, instead of stockpiling lots of crap as many of us do now.

  2. LOL... yea, I know... but, I love this game because it models real life in so many ways... and Free room & board just dont happen. And yes, it would change the economy... mebbe people would setup moar POSes as staorage facilities... with the enherent increase in risk vs the greater saving in cost (reward)... not all changes might be 'bad' per se.

    Just one man's opinion, and I wiped it first.


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