Thursday, March 29, 2012

FailFits N WinFits…

or~  No I’m NOT Showing You My Fit.

This is a correctly fitted Battleship

OK, I have been ingame long enough that I dunt consider myself a complete noob anymoar and I have skilled up enough to fly a majority of the ships of my people, Minmawin that is, and I have a good understanding of how mods work together and what abilities various roles call for and how to make a balanced fit based on CPU & CAP … but most importantly, I have learned what is EXPECTED…

Huh? Say what? Expected? Expected by whom?  Answer: Fits as expected by “Them as Know Better”…

As anyone who has been ingame long enough to have made some friends and gotten into the neverending fit discussions has learned, for most of the ships in EVE there are some role dependant cookie cutter fits… The Rifter is a wunderkind as a Tackle Frig and there are a few fits which over time have proved to work as well as can be hoped for in the fast tackle role. This holds true for most of the ships based on specific roles. While there are many, many mods to choose from and then there are of course T2 and faction variations of most of those many, many mods... even with all that there is still a finite number of available mods and therefore a finite number of possible fits and then a far lesser number of fits that work well re CPU/CAP and fulfill a defined role in a workable manner…

OK… so what happens when you try something different? Something unexpected? Something unusual? Well... it has been my experience that you get slammed and trolled is what. I dunt know about you but I dunt like having an incredibly large variety of “X” available to me only to feel I must limit myself to much smaller number of “X” because I will be trolled by my peers… screw that. Hence I no longer share my fits as much as I used to because I want to experiment and try new things… and in several cases I have been proved right, IE the unusual and therefore ‘unacceptable’ fits I sometimes run work beautifully ‘in my experience’ for the roles I am flying them in them but if I posted these fits, I would be LOL’ed right off TS…

Case in Point: the “HDF =Arizona=”, a Tornado Class Minmatar Battlecruiser. I wanted to make a Solo Ratting ‘Nado but I was up against a couple of walls with this ship.

(1) The ‘Nado is an all gank no tank ship very similar to the Battleships class, such as the Thrasher. Huge number of high slots fit up to Large Arty or ACs, but not enough mids, lows and CPU/CAP to support a really ‘decent’ tank, either armor or shield. The ‘Nado is so much like the Thrasher that when I saw its specs my gut reaction was, “That’ll be the new Gankmobile of choice and replace the Thrasher.” …which it promptly did, and…

(B) No droan bay. This means no small ‘support fleet’ to put DPS on fast frigs and cruisers.

OK, so I can fit 8 guns and deal devastating DPM (Damage Per Minute or alpha strike) due to Large gun cycle times the DPS (Damage Per Second) is actually DPM because you are not firing nearly as often as Autocannons plus the tracking speeds for Arty are slower than ACs which means the ‘Nado can be sheer death to Indys, Freighters, Hulks, Battleships and the slower Battlecrusiers but fast cruisers and frigs can pose a very real problem for her.

 Without Droans I can't kill frigs...

OK, so how do you fit one ship that can field 8 guns of almost any size and has NO support fleet of droans? Well, how do the Blue Water Navies of the real world do it? I can tell you this… they dunt fit just one type of gun. Can you imagine a real world Battleship with no other armament except her Large Cannons? You bet yer ass they dunt…

4 × 3 (12) – 14-inch/45 guns
22 × 1 – 5-inch/51 guns
4 × 1 – 3-inch/50 AA guns
2 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes

That’s 38 guns and 2 effin torpedo tubes!!!

Why? Uh ‘cause they will be attacked by Bombers and Attack aircraft, small fast craft similar to PT Boats, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Submarines and possibly even shore based artillery batteries! So they felt it might be a good idea if their Battleships could have the ability to defend themselves against all the above with a VARIETY of weapon systems. Seems reasonable to me…

But in EVE we are limited (in the ‘Nado) to just 8 hi slots (gun turrets) AND, when you talk fits, those “in the know” say you “MUST” fit ALL 8 with the same guns, caliber and meta level. Why??

Well, the answer I get is… to maximize your DPS etc., etc. Uh… really? So if I have 2 ships, me and a buddy… and let’s say his has 6 large hislots and mine fits 2 medium hislots. OK, I have substantially lower DPS but mine can track much faster and have a higher Rate of Fire (RoF), his are larger, give a much bigger Alpha strike but far slower tracking and RoF… OK, he takes on the bigger slower ships and I concentrate on the frigs and cruisers right? So… then if I have only ONE ship, why can’t I fit 6x Dual 650mm Autocannons and 2x 425mm Autocannons?? Why? Why?? Why NOT… So I did… and I do, and the fit works like a BOSS on NPCs! It’s like having droans on a ‘Nado. I run x2 Gyro IIs and x2 Tracking Enhancer IIs in the lows, devote the rigs and all but one mid to shields with the remaining mid running a 10MN AB II. Clean, simple and very, very effective.

She can put 350DPS out to 40Km with the x6 Dual 650s; 62DPS out to 20Km with the 425s and CAP stable... perfect for PvE in Gurista space I concentrate on controlling the transversal on the BSs and BCs and pound them with the Dual 650s and let the Cruisers and Frigs come in close and watch em die to the 425s… when the small stuff is all wrecks I add the 425s DPS to the BSs and BCs same as you would with your droans.

HDF =Arizona=  650s putting the hurtz on a BS

I use this fit in the belts and solo in lower difficulty sites and in group in any site here. Yes, if I get full aggro in the highest difficulty sites I usually have to warp out and back to break aggro and maybe even pop in station to regen shields, but I aint died yet and I add substantially to the overall DPS AND I can KILL those pesky web & scramming Frigs & Cruisers… which, if I was fitted the way “they” say I should… I could not do nearly as effectively. I know, I tried… it’s why she’s fitted this way now.

HDF =Arizona=  425s in the Anti-Frigate role

And so, I will continue to try new things and test and fly the fits I like and that work for me. I will also use the standard ‘cookie cutter’ fits where applicable, but either way I dunt think I’ll be sharing my personal fits… unless it’s in a killmail.  =]

Let the failmail begin...

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. if it was was for PvP you might consider dropping a gun for a medium neut

    most people can't create new fits, they only have cookie cutters to go on, and troll you because they aren't brave enough to try new things and get trolled for it.

  2. Thanx man... yer support for my nonconformist ways is appreciated! My Pvp fits are VERY different, mebbe I'll do a post... =]

    I keep going back to something that happened in "How we Lost the Battle but Won the War" (see post)... I was still quite noob and after the battle Oz said to me, “Where did U learn to fit your ship? U in particular…” “Your fits are advanced and correct.”... I was floored and very flatterd as fits are a BIG topic in EVE as we all know. Oz's PvP skillz are VERY highly regarded, and not just by me but by others who I also respect. So I have spent a LOT of time playing with possibilities in PYFA.

    I still have so much to learn... spent a few hours with a (recently ex) corpmate one night and came up with a new-to-me base for my PvE ships... my skillz had changed over time but my 'fitting paradigm' had not kept up, it was a revelation. =]


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