Monday, August 13, 2012

Hiigaran Bounty Miners Incor… wha?

or~  We Train Up a New Carebadger…

HBHI is a small corp. We like it that way. We are RL family and frens. We are safest that way. We did have a few ‘regular’ members back when we were a new corp. One logged off one night and we have never seen him since (which sometimes causes me to worry about unknown events in RL, we hope he is ok) Two left after some internal disagreements, unpleasant but not all that unusual. One left after a toon changed hands… We have a few trusted frens who, from time to time have joined up to assist us with various ventures and war dec's etc. But, all in all, we are basically distrusting of the toons of EVE. What with scammin, spyin, and corp intrigue being as much a part of the weft and weave of EVE as space itself...

Add to that the fact that we live in a POS in a Wormhole and the risk is far greater for us than for a Hisec NPC station based corp… and they get ripped off allatime. For us, the risks are not just access to our stuff, but access to our HOME. There are horrorshow vids out there of POSes w/ the FF down due to a spai… being raided and all that cannot be stolen and flown out getting blown up for the lulz… like this, Grand Theft Tengu… uh… no thanx, so we have not actively recruited as such at all really.

But, the one true immutable constant in life is… things change.

So, we have offered membership in HBHI to a particular pilot, and he has accepted. Now this is initially a temporary, ‘leave of absence’ corp hop actually, not planned as a permanent move. This pilot wished to ‘up his game’ and learn the ‘Tao of Holes’ and the if or how Mining and Industry might fit into the W-space lifestyle… and to experience life on the Other Side of the Sky where it says on the map… “Demons Be Here”…

Mabrick, CEO of MABMM (and yes my fellow blogger, he of Mabrick’s Mumblings fame) has consented to join with HBHI until he is experienced enough, and has built his home corp up to a state where, if he determines that W-space is the right direction for MABMM they may possibly anchor and run a POS and work, and mebbe live, in W-space.

I have followed Mabs blog pretty much since he first started posting and when he got WarDeced and such by the Goons I talked  over with my corpmates the idea to offer him sanctuary (LOL, sanctuary! In a wormhole!! now THAT’S funny… ahhh…<wipes tear>) anyhoo, so… he & his corp could join us in here as an option if things got too ‘hot’ in Hisec for his very carebear corp. My guys were willing to give it a go, so I made the overture. Mab expressed a strong interest, he had a few things going on ATM, as did we, so things were not settled until just recently.

Now this was not totally without benefit for us as we are a mixed little corp who tends to follow… (I have always loved this corp description from Arcdragon’s excellent “Everything Wormhole” Guide…) “The Buncha Boobs Method”. This sorta loosely describes us… to a “T”. We actually dunt have any set ‘goals’ other than to (1) we all want to live in a POS in W-Space, and (b) we all want to work our way up the WH class ladder. Other than that we just sorta each do as we please.

We prefer to fly together, mostly. But RL>EVE means OL times are not always in sync so we each have to be able to fly solo or in pairs and still have a fulfilling time ingame… thankfully we three each have a wee bit of the hermit in our respective DNAs and do not ‘require’ a crowd of gooney frens all around us allatime, so the small corp inna wormhole thing works extremely well for us. And as Mab has been basically soloing EVE for four years, once he is up to speed on WH Ops and SOPs, I expect he will fit in well… wouldn’t have made him the offer if I dint think he’d ‘take’ to it.

Part of the reason we want to live in holes is the ISK… As a small corp, especially when flying solo, you will lose ships in holes… Sleeper ISK has given us the ability to afford to replace what we lose. Though… in this C3 that is starting to get problematic. You see, as I have said afore, C3 Sleepers are the class that begin to seriously web, neut and SCRAM and can be, therefore, deadly to a soloist. Even in fleet, with all three on the field, there is no guarantee you will survive being scrammed if you get ‘all aggro’ and focus fire. Add to that the increased ‘traffic’ a C3 sees as one of the routes to Empire for C4s and above and… well, the Sleeper ISK HAS to be damn good.

We also dabble (if building a Nidhoggur can be called ‘dabbling’) in Industry but we don’t ‘really’ build stuff for sale on the market as such but moar for our own needs… in W-space self-sufficiency can be a life, or a POS, saver. Problem is… we aint miners. I mean, we all ‘can’ mine… we dunt look ‘down’ on it… well not too much… we just dunt ENJOY it is all. For us mining is a lesser of two equal ebils… “Should I make a run through losec, risking ship and pod, to spend ISK on the ores/mineral/etc. we need… or go out there in the black and risk not just ship and pod, but suicide also to mine it up myself?”

I say, let Mab risk suicide! Besides, he seems to actually ‘like’ mining… yuch. We will gladly fly support, CAP (IE Combat Air Patrol) and haul for him… heck I may even fit up one a them new mining Frigates or mebbe a New Procurer and tank the crap outta it then sit back and let my mind melt to the sound of the lazors…

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. The sandbox triumphs again. Great story! Look after our hi-sec leader out there. I'm dedicated to nipping by at some point (the skills are far far in the future) to take a look though Mabrick has already warned me about the range of the POS guns.... Apparently they ain't friendly. Not surprising after last week! Watch those Strip Miners. They're like a lullaby.

  2. LOL, Yea, The MetaButterfly Effect at its very best... We will take good care of Mab, but remember... this is Negsec, the Deadliest Space in EVE, and he wanted the experience.

    And why just nip by? Why not ask for a visit? I am sure something could be aggro'ed, um er, uhh, I mean, arranged... =]

    As for the POS guns... no, they are not friendly by design, loadout and settings... so be careful out there in the black... Buahahahahahaha!!


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