Monday, May 27, 2013

A Time of Holiday, a Time of Reflection...

~or, Coming Together by Going Away…

This past weekend is known as the Memorial Day Holiday where we Matarii pay our respects to those who have fought for our freedom and way of life. We have a deep seated belief in the honor, dignity and right to self determination that is the hallmark of a free people. The Minmatar especially have a reverence for these beliefs due to our long and continuing oppression by the godless Amarr.

There are those as will say the Amarr are not godless, that of all the races of New Eden they are the most fervent in their religion and religious beliefs… but that, to the Matarii, does not equate with being close to the gods… In the case of the Amarr, it is quite the reverse. They are religious fanatics who use their religion to enslave others and to control their own people.

The Reclaiming is a core tenet of the Amarrian faith.  This is the religion based conquest of all mankind to bring all of humanity under the Amarrian faith. The Book of Reclaiming is all the proof anyone needs that the Amarr have no respect or care for the beliefs of others. They have no brotherly love in them. The spirit of forgiveness and respect for others does not reside in the Amarr religion.

To Minmatar this is godlessness. To be without the grace of the gods, to be without love for all brothers and sisters in this verse… that is such a great sadness… and is the cause of the suffering the Matarii have, and continue to endure in our history in New Eden.

In this time of holiday, we Matarii gather with friends and family to thank the gods for what we have, and to ask them and our valiant ancestors who fought for our freedom and the great Republic we now have, to watch over us and help us keep our people and our Republic safe, and to bring our lost brothers and sisters out of oppression.

For my my part, I have brought my family to a world I discovered many years ago… It is called Uurth. There is a spot here, a lovely place I call Guarding Cove on the edge of a great bay where the waters of several rivers converge. It is a place free from the stress of daily life, and death, in New Eden… a place I can regroup and spend time with my family and our pets without constantly spamming Dscan.

I thank the gods for all who came before and fought, and those who died so we may have the life we do, and for those who stand on that wall for us today, ready, willing and able to answer the call if needed to defend us and our way of life.

I watch my ten year old daughter learning to stand on her own as she take the canoe across the cove on her own for the first time and I Thank you all.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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