Monday, October 21, 2013

I want it ALL...

~or, “Why can’t we have FIS, FPS and FIF and WIS too? Real Life does…”
Another one of my ‘Comments That Decided it Was a Post’ posts…

From the indomitable Jester we have a recent post, “Inside your own head” with his take on the current HD iteration of “Valkyrie”, the EvE based Flying In Fighters [FIF] game. Besides being completely sold on the whole concept, hardware and playability Jester opines…  “This game needs context.  I can see Valkryie being fantastic for an hour, maybe two hours.  After that, to become a product, it needs a wrapper.” By this he means, “How does Valkyrie ‘fit’ into EvE?

My response? Damn that’s easy... (ok not capitol ’E’ easy but...) Valkyrie should, IMHO, be not so much a thunderdome or an arena (ideas which I hate as they have nothing to do with our virtual life in New Eden, Ancient Rome notwithstanding)… IE Valk should not be ‘separate’ from EvE… It should take place IN EVE. CCP should initially tie Valkyrie in where it BELONGS... inna Cap fight...

Some pilots could Opt to fly Fighters instead of Starships... Or swap to a Fighter when it is tactically advantageous… or have an alt fly the Carrier they launch their main from… (OOOooo!) The mechanic for Fighters is there, the mechanic for player controlled starships is there, tie the 2 together... let US Fly the Fighters and Fighter Bombers that are sortied from our Carriers...

Launch would be cuts similar to current docking and undocking... let your fighter run on AP (IE under normal Drone/Fighter RoE [Rules of Engagement]) until you decide to take control. IE you could fly manual ATW or in AP controlled formations, warp-to in formation, approach in formation then “BREAK! BREAK!” ”All Fighters, weapons free…” “Go get some boys!”

Look, as far as I am concerned, EVE should have it ALL... We should have our cake made of FIS, and all the FPS/FIF/WIS frosting we can eat too...  =]

I’m the first to say I know very little of coding, I’m a support and LAN tech by trade not a Bug Hunter… but I can help but wonder with so many of these pieces already in place, is it in the realm of possibility to either combine them (granted not as clean a creating new) or use them as a template for creating new code to allow the Fighter Pilots of New Eden to join in us, The Empyrean Starship Captains and the Immortal Templar Soldiers and make a difference in the wars and struggles in EvE?

Additionally same as the rest of the game, some new missions and exploration sites would be geared towards the capabilities of this level of ship type. Fighter soloable L1s and 2s & exploration sites… First Person EvE…  why not?

This should be a whole new 'skill trained' gameplay option same as frigates, cruiser, etc. The variety of Fighters and Fighter Bombers (and NEW Carrier Sky Wing types!!!) should be its own’ THING’... hulls, mods, weaps, Ewar, etc. Only on a single man FIGHTER scale. They would have or at least start with DPS/Range/Speed/etc./etc similar or the same as today's then Let The Iteration & Rebalancing Begin!!

Plus (unabashed plug for What I Want!)... Valkyrie, a FIF simulation inside EvE just might pave the way for a PROPERLY envisioned & rolled out WIS [Walking in Stations]... and once more make New Eden a new place to play for those whom Starship Captain was never on their Bucket List... but Ace Space Fighter Jock [X-Wing etc.] and Lone Wolf Explorer [Laura Croft inna Halo Spartan Suit] are. Now they could do those things in New Eden too... Do I hear the cash registers ring with new accounts being created that aren’t Alts of Rich Bored Nullseccers?? or mebbe are…  =]

Fly wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

PS It seems CCP may not have as completely folded up on WIS as has been reported... per Mabrick's latest post, "Valkyrie - The How", I quote, "CCP Pokethulhu alluded in his talk at EVE Vegas that CCP would not keep the door in our Captain's Quarters locked forever." ...  Hmmm... this bodes well for a more fully fleshed out and immersive EvE Online.

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