Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tis Saturnalia Yet Once Again...

or ~ Why is there a Tree in the POS? <- warned ya it might be on every Christmas Post back in ‘ought 12…  =]

It is that time of year once again. A time of reflection, a time to look back on the year past, and forward to the year to come… a time to, well, to reacquaint once self with those strange people in your house who seem to be always hanging around, eating your food and asking for money… and botherin’ you about things that you and I know are simply not as interesting, or important as anything you do when they leave you alone.

But that’s what these dead of the winter days of gatherings & gift giving, family & friends and dining & drinking… (til you puke up multicolored fruit cake… which BTW, IS real) are for, right?

As for Flyin the Deadly Skies of EVE… (or Elite Dangerous or even Star Citizen) Well, there have been a lot of changes since I last posted a Saturnalia update. HBHI has been mothballed for a few years now, an alt of mine holds sway there, all on her lonesome…

We had all joined HELPeR a corp we have been close friends with for as long as I have been in EVE. Then my son, AI, went on sabat… sold off a goodly portion of his stuff (gave me some major ISKies) and mothballed AI.

We had a rollicking good time for a number of months… old friends, new members, moved to a C4, ran C5 sites, made some mad ISK and roamed lowsec for PVP… then the usual summer malaise seemed to take hold, however at this time it still remains basically unbroken. I log in alone, run gas and Frostlines and log off… alone.

Tsra is keeping the POSes fueled and will until the corp either starts loggin’ back in or decide to unanchor and move out to Empire for a spell.

For me I went to my first EVE Meet, then another… started my first real alt. We had Seekers in Hisec and the advent of the Drifters. I started playing Elite Dangerous and even bumbled around Star Citizen a bit… that added to this and that IRL and I have not been logging in nor blogging as much as I used to.

For EVE we have had a HUGE number of changes… lots of new ships, really massive changes to nullsec Sov and Force Projection, some scandals and lots of drama both in the game and in the meta. We have gone from Major Expansions with point patches to no Expansions but a steady 6 week roll out schedule, and now we are back to Major Expansions with point patches again… Proteus, Tiamat, Scylla, Mosaic, Carnyx, Aegis, Galatea, Vanguard, Parallax to… well, whatever you call the Dec 8th patchspansion.

2015 has been a strange year for EVE as I am sure most will agree…Here’s hoping 2016 brings as much excitement, change and possibility as 2015 did… as the Chinese saying goes,

“May you live in Interesting Times.”

So grab a Grolsh from the Beer Tree out on the ramp, pull up a seat and let's talk spaceships... =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky and Merry Christmas everyone! =/|)=


  1. Hey, brother! Great to see at least one of us is still alive and kicking in EVE :) This latest series of patches sounds incredible. If only I had the time and/or money....

  2. Hey man... good to hear from you! The Best of the Season and all that!

    Yea... not much going on with HELPeR. Other games, other interests... I am hoping things will turn around at some point. I have been carebearing my ass off in a .5 in hisuc. Solo mining and living out of a sm POS.

    And you know if you ever do get the time/money etc. your hangar bay awaits you in our POS my friend. =] Hope you are well and things are going good.

  3. CCP tempted me with a deal on 1-month reactivation and I just couldn't resist. So I'm active for the next month at least :) Now to see how much has changed and how much I remember :)


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