Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Reality of Company...

Just a quick one... I has done it, I jumped corp from HELPeR, and have joined with Epigene, he who Journey's Through the Mind and Oreamnos Amric, he who takes Notes from New Eden and their ilk in Z3R0 Return Mining [Illusion of Solitude].

I have just finished moving my Traveling Roadshow Orca, carrying some 12 ships, into the corp C2 home... called, Fred. ... yea, we call our homehole, "Fred"...  sheesh. Anyhoo, I am getting all settled in and lookin forward to gettin back into the swing of things.

So, new corp, new alliance, new bros, new holes and new going on... let us see what we shall see hmmm?

Fly indiscriminately and I'll see you in the sky...  =/|)=


  1. We had a C4 named Fredd. Good old J145129

    1. I am just a wee anal about naming conventions for ships, systems and BMs and such… and learning a whole new (read other peoples) way of doing it is… well, acceptably frustrating shall we say?

      Plus the guys in Z3R0 have their own history and culture… I respect that and accept that I’ll have to adapt to them, not vice versa… but that doesn’t mean I can’t inject my idea’s into the conversation. =]

  2. and happy to have you too we are.

    1. It’s been a long time coming…
      I’ve blogged back n forth with you and Epi for some years now, and I even met Epi IRL at a meetup of Sugar Kyle’s back afore she followed Jester into beittervet purgatory.

      My home corp, HBHI was my sons and mine, but my sons have left EVE for RL… and now my 2nd home in EVE, HELPeR, has left for greener virtual pastures... and so, in my 8th year ingame, I start this new page of my virtual life in my 3rd home… Z3R0/IoS… and looking forward to it I am I am…

      Thanx Orea, and thank you my friend Epi, for takin in a crusty ‘ol wormholer and giving him a room and a little plasma fire of his very own to warm his old bones while he gazes out the armorglass in the Astrahaus and thanks Bob for such good friends. =]

  3. The real question is... are there gudfites out there? I haven't seen a good fight in a long long time. TBH that's what I regret most about our loss. We didn't even fight for it.

    1. I do not know my good friend... But what I do know is that if we all leave, there cannot be any fights... good, bad or indifferent. EVE has never been "easy"... IMHO that what ALL other games are for. But EVE always has been, for me, worth the effort.

      Did anyone get any pings or alerts on the attack on the 'Hous? I know I didn't.


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