Monday, July 16, 2012


or~  Situation Normal, All Holed Up…

Broke Warp outside of our Empire Lo hole last night, only one lo hop from Empire and just six from Jita. Warped through and thence to Serenity Station where we docked and offloaded the family and all the trappings from our week long vacation at Gaurding Cove on the bay on Uurth. Not much of a tale to tell there… lots of swimming and fishing and imbibing ‘round the campfire late of an evening at the end of each very pleasant day… no ganks, no raids, no GFs (and no Neocom access!)…  was very good, but warping into the POS last night for the first time in over a week was its own kinda good too.   =]

So, get the fam all settled in and find both my corpmates are up and running sites. Good, good, good. AI informs me they are getting the C3 Sleepers sites down pat and he and Strigon tried out sites inna C4 we had spawn in the hole and they were pleased with their efforts, both in tanking/DPS and ISK made… Schweet.

SL is currently working a Cosmic Sig solo and needs someone to Hack the modules, we find we have no Analyzers in the POS and AI needs to make a run to Jita and pick up a new Kronos anyway so he heads out. I ask what I can do and they both advise I wait to salvage the site SL is in as that was where AI lost his Kronos and as I am a year younger (ingame) than both of them I simply dunt have the tanking skills needed so I decide to work on the POS defense rings while waiting on SL Finally SL calls the site clear and I warp out to salvage, AI returns with an Analyzer I and runs the cans while SL flys CAP (Combat Air Patrol)… We clear the site and warp back to Serenity Station.

AI works on his new Kronos, I find we are short on a few Def mods so I jump in my cloaky Indy, a Prowler, and run out to Jita and back and continue completing the Beta Defense Ring. AI finishes his new Kronos and we all warp out to a std combat site. As stated AI is in a Kronos and SL has settled on a Mach as his C3 boat of choice and I need to go bring mine in from our Empire HQ, just haven’t taken the time to do so yet so I reship to the “HDF =Shitfit X=”, my WH Drake because my Mael dies just too damn quick to the C3 Sleepers with my current skills and fit. AI and SL go in close and brawl with the Sleepers and I kite around at 55km pulsing my MWD and slammin out Cal Navy Scourge missile on the primary while sic’n my droans on any frigs or adding their DPS to the primary.

The guys have the triggers all down pat and we work our way through the waves in good order. We are still using AI’s Kronos to tractor and loot as the fight progresses and then I reship to my all Salver & dual SeBo fit Noctis and nom nom the wrecks in record time. This is a very very good tactic in W-space as it puts the Noctis at risk for the shortest possible time. As the primary source of income in W-space is the Loot & Salvage one gets from the Sleeper ships. This makes the Noctis a very valuable primary gank/raid target in holes.

I was chattin on TS with some of our old mates in Helix later and we discussed this. The other guys with W-space experience use the time honored SOP of completing a site with your DPS ships and then bring in the Noctis (w/ and alt or other corpmate) and the Noctis basically solo loots and salvages the wrecks… we have lost several Noctii in this manner to knowledgeable W-space raiders who knew the money is in the Noctis, an Indy with NO DEFENSIVE capability… Noccy’s can’t even run droans. The smart raider waits, cloaked, inside his optimal until the Noctis starts in on the last wreck then uncloaks, scrams, webs, kills and grabs ALL the MNRs and as much of the rest of the L&S as his hold with take then cloaks and splits. Our method puts the loot inside a Kronos and keeps our Noctis at the lowest risk possible.

So we run a few sites and according to the New Inventory we netted about 250M ISK for a couple of hours of fun… ahhhhhhhhhhhh… Gee but it’s great to be back home…   =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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