Sunday, October 12, 2014

♫ Home is Where I Wanna Beeee eee… ♪

~or “Keep The Customer Satisfied…  =]

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I’m home…

On the last day of my 14 day trial on TurAdan I caught up with some of my, TurAmarths, corpmates. We got on TS3 and talked about this and that and… well, one of my guys offered to PLEX me back in… Now for a lot of people in this game this is not a huge deal… but for us, a small corp making our way on our own in Anoikis, it’s not really ‘easy’ to throw around PLEX like some of our nullbretheren… so his kind offer was greatly appreciated, and followed by, “Uh, you ARE gonna pay me back… Tur.”  LOL

So… I logged off TurAdan and for the first time in MONTHS I logged on as… me. And Sov says… “Sites?” HOOOLEEE SHIT YES!!!!! Then I realized my screen layout was all fubared from, well, I dunno from why but it was so that took some time to straighten out, then it was find my Scimmy time… uh, who renamed all the POS mods? And then, Oh, wait my OV is totally wrong… and whereinbluebazes are my OV sets? ‘nother few minutes pass and now Edny is riding my ass… (ok so Endy is ALWAYS riding someone’s ass but I JUST got back ingame man!! give a brother a break! Which, of course, simply increases the ass-riding…) finally I say I’m ready… I’m not but what the hell huh? Can’t be all that hard to remember the old reflexes right… ? right? Uh... right?

Then we land in the first site and I’m all… “Uh, guys… so, how do you play this game again?” and I’m the sole logi pilot… Now THIS outta be fun!   LOL

Actually, it all went well. I eventually slid right back into the old routine... land, engage all defense mods, orbit central ship at 30km, lock everyone up (with a 3-man, I keep one repper on each and use the 4th as needed...), launch droans, lock the Sleeper BSes as they spawn and get in range, sick droans on BSes and keep everyone alive and healthy without anyone needing to request reps... if yer practiced and on yer toes.

We ran the first 5 of the 15 sites in the hole, took a break and as Sov did the Scoop n Loot on the MTUs, I reshipped and followed in the Noctis doing the Land and Pwnsalvage EVERYTHING thing... like a boss. As I was finishing #5 RL interrupted and I hadda go AFK 4 5 as twere..which of course means AFK for five minutes... and I ended up being AFK for like 5 HOURS... sheesh.

Anyhoo, finally logged back in and I was alone... which is ok as we are wormholers... we dunt really like crowds, crowded rooms or crowded star systems that much either. So I thought, "Wait I has PI!" So I went to do PI and discovered once again, that I suck at EVE. I had to warp from planet to planet looking for my PI setups so I could figure out what the hell I was doing back 6 months ago...

Finally I got it all figured out and got my ores extracting, my prod lines untangled and running and my 2 final products, Robotics for corp, and Supercomputers for sale restarted. Then I sat back, thinking about the future...

After so many months of semi-stagnation... patches that seemed, well lack-luster at best, the very real stagnation of the The Big Blue Doughnut in Nullsec... the changes at CCP, personnel shuffling, no moar BIG Expansions twice a year, now a fast, mebbe too fast, six week cycle of constant changes... small to large.

I myself have found something personal I do not like about this changes in particular. I actually started doing computer graphic by making screen wallpapers... and I have loved that CCP always did a great set of new wallpapers for each expansion... well, no more. With the fast paced and oft not exactly what you would call 'theme' focused new Patchspansions... a themed wallpaper is simply not easy to do. And CCP seems to have just dropped the idea of wallpapers pretty much altogether... and while its a very little thing I grant you, but I miss it.

But, on the third hand we have so damned much to look forward to... With Phoebe hitting in Early Nov with... Jump Drive changes, which will 'Change the Face of Nullsec...' Eternal Skill Queueing (ZOMG!)... BOOKMARKS IN SPAAAAAACE... Multiple Sell Orders... Capitols using Jump Gates... Doomsdays in Lowsec... the list goes on and on and on.

And my beloved Anoikis has gotten and is getting some more of the love... moar Newbula... moar new wormhole graphics (OMG the beauty!) and the Research Race of YC 116, wherein we, and scum sucking outsiders, will fight to harvest and then give away (FFS!!) some of the very valuable Sleeper Blue Loot (Neural Network Analyzers & Sleeper Data Libraries) as we vie to see who will get access first to the New Technology that is the prize at the end of the race...

Well, by now it was pretty late so I warped to a POS pounce cloaked and hit Ctrl-F9 (turning off all overviews and data screens leaving just the game in all its glory on screen) and I just sit and stare for a while at the now very much betterer to me, and also much darkerer and far more realisticier star and nebula filled void in this, the fourth wormhole and the second Class 3 we now call 'home'... and I just sit here, with this silly damn grin on my face.

Now if I could just remember where I put my towel...  =]

Fly Wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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