Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Sleepers Have… Awakened?

~or “The Code of the Dark Side Has Been Written… Begun the Research Race has.”

It seems once you get CCP moving, “The moving hand once having coded, codes on …” Having brought the pain to Nullsec in the form of Jump Drive changes, CCP is now doing… something… in my beloved Anoikis. But what?

Let's see…

First we have a News Release by CCP Falcon, “Sisters of EVE Release Sleeper Research Findings.” and then we have another the next day, “Breaking News - Navies Request Capsuleer Assistance.”  Hmmm… Then we have CCP Fozzie putting the Dev touch on it all here, “Anomalous Materials: The Research Race of YC 116.

Thin reading those are… so, do we have any details? Can we glean anything from this?

(1) There is some new “…unusual behavior among Sleeper Drones in W-Space…” evidentially. Has anyone heard anything? I haven’t and I keep up with my corpmates in the hole, et al. … but I have not seen nor heard anything from them or in the wormhole side of the EVE blogsphere about any unusual Sleeper behavior of late… hmmm…

But this ‘new unusual behavior’ no one is reporting as far as I know, has prompted the Empire Navies to put out a ‘call for help’ from us gods-forsaken-heretical-gate-building-capsuleers… they are requesting, “donations” of our Blue Loot…

”The empire navies are requesting donations of Neural Network Analyzers and Sleeper Data Libraries to help them reverse engineer the code changes that have triggered this novel behavior.”

Donations? As in FREE?? Have they met us??? We dunt kill Sleepers for free man. With no CONCORD bounties or bonuses and fighting the deadliest NPCs in or near New Eden, and having to haul said L&S through multiple deadly wormholes and then through Empire space to a hub… and all we get for all this is the meager ISK we earn from the sale of said Lewts and Slavage that we wrest, at great risk, from the smoking remains of our intractable foes…

Yup, they want us to ‘give’ them our Blue Lewts for some ‘point’ system…
-    Neural Network Analyzer (worth 1 point)
 -   Sleeper Data Library (worth 4 points)

And there are only 4 agents you can contact for this…
Federation Navy – Auvier Bauvon
Caldari Navy – Hikemi Korrado
Republic Fleet – Heder Elislar
Imperial Navy – Ren Karetta

In a quote from The Scope by Federation Admiral Auver Bauvon of Tripwire Intelligence and Command, at the Federation Navy headquarters in Algogille stated:

"The Federation Navy believes that this change in Sleeper activity presents an enormous opportunity for deeper research into their technology, which will hopefully yield more fruitful results than previous avenues of testing.”

“Echoing the sentiments of Admiral Bauvon, Valklear General Heder Elislar of the Republic Fleet also stressed the importance of the change in activity, stating that 'the Republic Fleet and Republic Security Services well be working around the clock with our best engineers and scientists to determine the best course of action to take advantage of this new data. This is very much a case of striking while the iron is hot, and ensuring we gather as much data as possible.” (source)

CCP Fozzie also reveals that,
“…this storyline and the associated donation drive will lead directly to new technology falling into the hands of players in the near future. The relative success of each empire’s donation drive will determine in what order each faction will get access to this new technology.

Each faction navy will also express their gratitude through a special ingame item representing an honorary commission to their forces. The commissions will be given to the character that donates the highest value of Neural Network Analyzers and Sleeper Data Libraries (combined and weighted) to each faction over the course of the event.

Each commission will be a unique item that will forever contain the name of the winning character in the description.”

This is, of course, an Ingame Event, starting 10/7 and running until downtime 10/14… just one week folks… CCP will be tracking and posting results and donation numbers etc. Fozzie wraps up with…

“We’re very happy to be opening up this new way that players can influence the lore and history of EVE, and we can’t wait to take the lid off of the new tech that it will unlock.

This is only the beginning.

- CCP Fozzie”

Say it with me… new tech, new tech, new tech, new tech, new tech!

I have but this to add…

“May you always live in Interesting times.”
 ~old Chinese curse

Fly Wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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