Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tur Gets His Groove on at Last…

~or “From Noob to Vet in Only 4 Years.”

I did it right last night. I did everything right, and I knew it, I felt it.

You know that feeling, like when you are in the groove playing pool and you ‘see’ the next 3 shots as you shoot, or on the 400 yard line and you know exactly where your shot will strike as you squeeze the trigger, or that perfect sound and feel in the bat when you KNOW, in your bones, as the bat swings, that it’s going to be perfect… and it is.

The evening started as it usually does… the usual suspects were on and in TS. We had a connection to a C6 that had just had a successful POS bash go down, and these are not guys we want taking too close a notice of us… I mean, they just lost a POS… roflstomping ANYONE would feel good after that you know? So we decided to risk rolling the hole to, yes, risk adversely ‘get away’ from them. You see in Anoikis if you dunt like yer neighbors, you can change them.  =]

Anyhoo, thankfully we rolled the hole without incident and got down to the boring yet mind numbing business of POCO bashing. We have 2 POCO’s in th hole, not ours, which recently started taxing us when they hadn’t afore. So die they must… and NOW. Anyway we went a bashing and put them both into reinforced. Later back at the POS I was puttering with PI when Sov told me, “Tur, get in a DPS ship and get to the new static, now.” He had some potential fun for us in the new lowsec. Some guys running sites in Tengus… hmmm, what to wear, what to wear…

I jumped into my trusty armor 1600plate/buffer/short point/cap boosted Maller and warped to the static. Sov got tackle on one of the Tengus and called me and NC1M in. Sov was in his Ishtar and NC1M was in a Geddon. I warped to, landed, burned and got point [06:03:31] on my primary, the Tengu of OleIvar and started my Lazors on ‘im… then Sov ordered me to switch point to kraken1111 jensen’s Tengu, I manually flew to switch point while keeping my DPS on OleIvars. As I worked to managed range and transversal to hold point, losing and regaining it a few times, and keep in Lazor range, I got primaried and started to go into armor… 90%, 80%, 70%... I advised and Sov said to align and warp out if needed and possible…  I was not pointed so I aligned and then… [06:05:33] BOOM.

I immediately broke alignment, turned, burned, maintained point on kraken1111 jensen’s Tengu and put my DPS on him. After that first Tengu had gone down I felt I was not going to break unless we got hot dropped… then… [06:05:58] BOOM second Tengu gone. Now we turned all our attention on kraken111 jensen’s Tengu and in very short order… [06:06:24] BOOM… 3 Tengus down, no losses.

An Osprey had landed towards the end of the fight and Sov ordered me to break off and see if I could catch and point it… of course no. I was too far out and he had time to make good his exit-stage-left… We looted the field and warped back to the hole… It was THEN that the shakes started in earnest!!!!

OMG! OMG! O M G !!!  I did it right! I kept my head in the game, I was doing all the defense and cap and fight & flight management stuff you are supposed to do. I was keeping track of who was on the field, where they were, ranges and transversals and speed… and I was thinking and making decisions. To say I was stoked when I got back to the hole is putting it very very mildly indeed! Like Leathal said, it was a good night to be in H.E.L.P.e.R.

Add to that a little ISK was also to be made… the Faction drops were;
Pithum A-Type EM Ward Amplifier,
Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender,
Caldari Navy Heavy Assault Missile Launcher and a,
Gistum C-Type 10MN Afterburner…

Which adds up to approx 450,000,000.00 ISK… nice! And to top it off, shortly after Sov caught an Astero solo. The ‘stero pilot was a noob and so Sov convo’ed him, and we all pulled up a chair and talked space ships for a while…

Yes, all in all a good night to be in H.E.L.P.e.R. …   =]

Fly Wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Tur, if you keep posting like this, you may make me need to re-active my subscription and get back in the game.

    Bad Tur :)

  2. LOL Challenge Accepted! LOL

    Man I KNOW you have been keeping up with the EVE news... there is NO WAY you can't say this is some of the most exciting stuff to some out of Iceland in YEARS... Come back bro! You (and Mord et al) shoulda never left... We gotta keep the faith man! CCP created EVE, they are capable of amazing things... we just have to keep faith with them.

    1. I wasn't happy with some of the w-space stuff they came out with (frig-only holes, blech), but overall, it was the amount of sheer effort that went in to finding a good group to fly with that eventually drove me out. It also didn't/does help that I'm in the same boat with RL and finances that you were/are.

      I do have to admit that Seagull has been doing a pretty good job of keeping things positive. I definitely get the sense that she's the in-game equivalent of the energetic new corp member that re-invigorates things. Even if I don't agree with all the changes :)

      But, man, I've been feeling the w-space itch of late. Maybe I just needed a break from EvE to get motivated again, lol. I'm starting to get the feeling that once I get RL sorted, I may be back :)

    2. …wasn’t happy with… Come on man… you KNOW there is NO WAY CCP is gonna make everyone, or even one group or even one player, perfectly happy… But they are trying to drive the game forward, for us ALL. Giving the widest variety of the type of players EVE attracts (it is a very niche game) the best possible sandpit to build castles, smash castles, rent out the castles and generally kick sand in each other’s faces with.

      The frig only holes are interesting for other players than you, so… when they pop through, kill them and be happy. I was doing PI runs last night… all cloaked up in my Prowler, it’s Anoikis ya know… and I landed at a POCO and what to my winderign eye doth appear? A Probe sitting at ‘0’ on the POCO with scan probes out… not moving, not cloaked… I called it out, the guys landed, bubbled ‘im up an THEN, he reacted… trying to burn out of the ‘dictor bubbles… with Sov right there, beside him… webbin, scrammin and poppin bubbles as he fool putters along…

      Like any good carnivorous family, we gave him to our newbie… Vlad popped his ship and we offered ransom for the chewey nugget in the tinfoil wrapper (his pod)… “100m ISK or?” he replied in russian, we tried to translate… he was sorta rude or dyslectic not sure which so, BOOM. Pod express home. So Vald gets his first ship kill and pod kill very much just like I got mine… dumbass inna T1 frig inna wormhole… AND the toon, was over a year old… he really shoulda known better.

      If yer into life in holes at all, contact me ‘when’ you get back… I’ll intro you to Sov and see if there is some fun to be had here… I warn ya though, we’re a weird little fambly… =]

      And yup… remember, familiarity breeds contempt… sumtimes ya just gotta walk away for a bit, get some distance in order to realize what you had. =]

      Sorry to hear RL is ruff... but it happens to us all. I have finally had a number of interviews, and one that I not only got the 2nd interview for but that I am also very excited about and really hope it comes through. Good luck man, RL can be a bitch, that's why we need EVE. =]

  3. LOL, Tur, Thanks for the 'pep talk' :) Great to hear about the interview. Good luck, brother! And yeah, 'when' I come back, I may just look you lot up :)

    1. Yer welcome man!
      Please do contact me when you... just be good to know yer flying again. =]

      and.... I got the job!!!! Taaa Daaa!!!


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