Monday, September 2, 2013


I just looked at the date of my  last post... I knew I had not posted in a longish while but damn.

Things are going on IRL... finished up a contract, job hunting, interviews, call backs, regrets you dint make the cut, and TA-DA!!  landed a new contract before the old one closed... then wrapping up things at work, prepping  for a week w/o pay tween jobs, and spending time w/ dottir afore skool restarts on tomorrow... I been BUSY man...  (and Ripard Teg went to Iceland and just MOVED n shit and all it did was slow him down a little... sheesh)

Plus other factors of a moar personal nature are effecting my online time... hell all I been loggin on for this past month was PI, one night of sites and Skill Queue Online... oh well, so it goes sumtimes huh?

Hopefully once I get settled in the new job and a few other things get settled out a bit, I'll have more free time... I'm still here, just RL>EVE is all...

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky =/|)=