Common Eve Terms, Abbreviations & Symbology

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TurAmarth's Writing Style: (colloquial)

=]   :Symbolizes a smile, a variant on the std "colon+close paren'.
+]   :Symbolizes a alien smile, possibly Jovian...
=\   :Symbolizes frustration...
o9  :Symbolizes the head with the right arm held above the head, hand making a fist -- a Salute, "The Raised FIST of The Minmatar!"
Ima  :means, I am going to...
inna :means 'in a'.
moar  :same as 'more'.
spai  :same as 'spy'.
wunt :won't / will not
dunt :don't / do not
dint :didn't / did not
twere :as it were

Gaming Specific Emoticons:
o7  :Symbolizes the head with the right arm held at an angle with the hand at the brow -- a Salute.
\o  :Symbolizes an arm and a head -- a person waving, often Hello.
o/  :Same as above, only for lefties.  =]
\o/  :Symbolizes both arms and a head -- a person with arms raised, usually signifying "Hurrah!"
/o\  : Symbolizes both arms and a head -- a person with arms on top of head of with face in hands, usually signifying "Oh Noes!” or the dreaded 'Double Facepalm' of shame.
^o^  :Symbolizes both shoulders and a head -- a person shrugging... or a Space Bat... take yer pick.

EVE Specific Symbology:
1.0 to 0.5: Hisec, High Security Space; systems in EvE where CONCORD will react instantly and with full force against any infraction of the
0.6 to 0.1: Lowsec, Low Security Space; systems in EvE where CONCORD
0.0: Nullsec; Null Security Space; systems in EvE categorized as safety rating 0.0 are systems that have no Concord intervention, no sentry guns, and no security status loss for aggressive action--it's basically a free-for-all system.
-1.0: Negsec; negative Security Space; Wormhole Space, W-Space, Anoikis; systems not ‘in’ New Eden, but accusable from New Eden via naturally occurring wormhole phenomena; No CONCORD presence or response for ANY action taken in Anoikis; Land of the Sleepers and the almost Mythical Talocan.
AB: Afterburner. A type of module to make a ship fly faster.
AF: Assault Frigate. A type of frigate that is Tech2, with high resistances to all damage types. These are used for heavy fighting and are very sturdy.
Aggro: To "aggress," to show aggression towards. If you attack an npc, for example, all the nearby npc's will Aggro you (lock and try to shoot) and therefore you've taken their aggression. Usually taken into account when several people share a mission or deadspace: one may set up to tank the damage, and will take the aggro while the others kill the npc's.
Alpha: The first strike of a fight, the chance to do damage before real fighting begins. Alpha-strike often refers to the damage done by a hit-and-run attack, or the first volley by a ship with heavy damage but a low rate of fire, and can sometimes mean killing a ship before it can retaliate.
Alt: An "Alternate:" an alternate character for a player. A miner may have a hauler as an alt, and many players have untrained corp-less characters as scouts for low-security space.
Blob: A large group of players in a fleet, possibly using sheer numbers to overpower the opponent. Not always a good thing.
Bot: Contraction of Robot, a program that sutomated gameplay. IE a Mining Bot can be programmed to run a Mining ship, mine, dock, unload ore, go back and continue mining allowing players to make ISK without playing the game.
   NOTE: HIGHLY ILLEGAL in EvE Online; Directly against the EULA and TOS; a Permanent Ban offense.
BPC: Blueprint Copy: an item that allows the owner to manufacture a certain number of whatever item the BPC is of.
BPO: Blueprint Original: an item that allows the owner to manufacture unlimited amounts of whatever item the BPO is of. BPC's are made by researching BPO's.
BS: Battleship.
Cap: Capacitor. The capacitor of a ship stores energy to activate various modules.
Carebear: A player who avoids PvP combat--often derogatory.
CCP: Crowd Control Productions, the name of the company that created and runs Eve-Online
CEO: Chief Executive Officer; the leader of a corp.
CONCORD: The police force of Eve, made up of non-player characters.
Corp: A Corporation; an official group of players working together toward a goal
Corp Thief: Someone who steals from their corporation--often a spy, or someone who was intending to steal all along, who steals everything they have access to and then leave. These people are highly frowned upon, and even enemies will often band together to kill them.
Cosmos: A mission type that rewards the player with blueprints for Cosmos items. Cosmos items are named items that often surpass the quality (fittings and effectiveness) of T2 modules.
CovOps: Covert Ops: a ship type that uses a Covert Ops cloaking device to move unseen.
CPU: Central Processing Unit. CPU in Eve refers to the computer power generated by a ship. Various modules need differing amounts of CPU in order to be fitted to your ship, and there are special modules to enhance this output and certain skills raise it as well.
Dev: Developer, as in one of the Game Developers that works on Eve.
DC: Damage Control unit: a module that increases damage resistances on a ship, making it hardier; 2nd meaning: to get Disconnected from the game as in, "Damn, I DCed!"

Dictor: Interdictor, a tough T2 destroyer meant to place warp disruption bubbles in 0.0 space to stop enemy fleets from warping away.
DPS: Damage-per-second; a measurement of a turret's damage per second
DT: Downtime. Eve goes down for one hour each day around noon GMT (depending on the time of year) for server maintenence.
EANM: Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane, a type of module that raises armor resistances.
ECCM: Electronic Counter-Countermeasures: modules that lower the effectiveness of ECM.
ECM: Electronic Countermeasures: modules that prevent being locked by an enemy, whether they are the Burst variety (sent out to hit anything nearby) or the standard type that only affect your locked target.
EW: Any Electronic Warfare modules. These sometimes include Target Painters, for example, and other modules not normally considered strict ECM.
Facepalm: Means pretty much what is says… someone did something so terribad you cover your face…
Fail: EvE vatch all word for, well doing poorly at anything, being trollworthy.
FTW: For The Win. If something is "for the win," it's good.
FTL: For The Loss--bad. In scifi can also mean faster-than-light.
Gank: to kill someone. To get ganked by a pirate means you got killed by a pirate. Also refers to being killed in a surprise fashion, or by a large group.
Gimp: Similar to Nerf (see below) but done by a player. If one fits a battleships lowslots full of Warp Core Stabilizers, for example, he may prevent being warp-scrambled but has effectively "gimped" his fighting ability (the slots could be better appropriated to tanking or damage modifiers).
Griefer: A player who’s main gameplay is to attack player who cannot or will not or is incapable (IE a noob) of fighting back.
Gyro: Gyrostabilizer. A module that increases rate-of-fire and damage of weaponry. Often called a "Gyrostab."
HAC: Heavy Assault Cruiser: a name for heavy assault ships, a tech 2 cruiser with high resistances to all damage types. Very sturdy and used for heavy fighting.
Haul: To carry items, especially ore, in the cargo hold of a ship. Hauling ore means to take mined ore back to a station.
Hauler: Can be either a type of ship meant to haul ore, or a person designated to haul ore.
HP: Hit Points--the points counting the amount of health a ship has in Shields, Armor and Hull (Structure).
HQ: Headquarters.
Indy: Usually refers to Industrial ships (mining and hauling ships).
Inties/Inty: An Interceptor, a specialized ship that is meant to be small and to move very, very fast.
ISK/ISKies (in my blog I$K): In-game money; InterStellar Kredits.
ISK Farmer: Stereotyped as oriental sweatshop workers (and this is proven in non-Eve investigations to often be true) these are people who work, often full-time, to make ISK in order to sell it for real money.
   NOTE: This is against Eve rules and can get buyers and farmers both banned. Often ISK farmers will have some limited English, unlike macro-miners, but they usually retain nonsensical names (lovemymather, dus1982) and remain in starter npc corps; they also often work en masse, and twenty or more can be found working the same system. Often they simply run courier missions nonstop, and sometimes even have a few battleships for protection.
JetCan: A can jettisoned into space, usually referred to as such when the purpose is to mine into it.
JetMining: Mining by dumping mined ore into a jettisoned can. Usually a miner who jetmines has someone else to haul the ore, or will haul it later him/herself.
Jita: One of the major trading hubs, the biggest, of Eve, often filled with thousands of players, and well-known for (1) lag; (2) The Jita Riots, (3) Burn Jita, etc.
LOL: Laugh Out Loud; variant: for the LULZ, a bad spelling of LOLs.
LAR: Large Armor Repairer
MacroMiner: A character whose player uses a sophisticated program to make the character mine automatically so the player gathers ore to make ISK without having to do the actual 'work; involved.
   NOTE: MacroMiners are against the terms of service of Eve, and are hated by much of the hard-working Eve community; they can often be recognized by nonsensical names (hgvfhv) and the fact that they're still in an npc corp (newbie corp) after a long period of time; they also can respond to chat, but the chat does not usually make any sense whatsoever ("Are you a macro miner?" might be replied with "Do Not.")
MAPC: Micro-Auxiliary Power Core: a module used to increase a ship's power output.
MAR: Medium Armor Repairer
Minerals: Minerals in Eve are created by refining ore. Minerals are used to build modules, ammunition and ships.
Module, Mod: Refers to any item that can be mounted on a ship via the Fittings panel in dock. For example, afterburners, gun turrets and Warp Core Stabilizers are all modules.
MWD: Micro-Warp Drive: an advanced Afterburner that uses warp-drive technology. Cannot be used in Deadspace complexes, where warp drives are unuseable; cannot be used when the ship is warp-scrambled.
OMW: On My Way
One-Volley (One Shotting): To destroy an enemy ship with only one set of weapons fire--for example, a Caldari's first set of missiles blowing up a frigate.
Ore: When one mines from an asteroid, ore is placed into their hold. Ore can come in many types, from common to extremely valuable, and is sold whole or refined to get minerals.
Ore Thief: Someone who steals ore from JetCans in asteroid belts.
Named, Best Named: Named Modules are specialized versions of standard modules that require less fittings and/or work better than their standard counterparts. Examples are Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters, which are named Afterburner I's.
NBSI: Not Blue, Shoot It--used by most corporations and alliances who operate in low-security space, especially 0.0, who kill intruders. The "Blue" refers to the blue tag that those with high standings have on one's overview; those allowed to pass through the low-security space would have their standings set ahead of time so that they have a blue icon on the low-sec corporation's overview.
Nerf: To lower the effectiveness of. When the dev's lower the rate of fire for a gun, for example (so long as the gun wasn't overpowered to begin with), they've Nerfed it. The term takes its name from the Nerf company's soft foam toy weapons; thus it means made inneffective.
Nos: Nosferatu. A type of energy-draining device that transfers drained energy to the ship that uses it.
NPC: Non-Player Character; any of the enemies in Eve (shown with a red cross for a ship symbol) or for that matter any non-player character at all, can be called an NPC. The term usually refers to NPC pirates.
NRDSI: Not Red, Don't Shoot It--the opposite of NBSI, occasionally a motto adopted by the "good guys" such as anti-pirate corporations who prefer to allow strangers to do as they please within the low-security space that the corporation controls. It means that their members hold a policy of "don't shoot unless the intruder is flashing red, i.e. a pirate"
PG: PowerGrid. The amount of power a ship produces with which to mount modules. Some special modules increase a ship's powergrid output, and certain skills raise it as well.
Pirate: A player who attacks and ransoms and/or kills other Eve players for money or fun.
PvE: Player versus Eve--the style of play that pits a player against various non-player elements, such as missioning or ratting.
PvP: Player versus Player--combat between two human characters. A person who specializes in PvP is a fighter pilot, often security or a pirate.
PDU/PDS: Power Diagnostic Unit or Power Diagnostic System: a module that increases a ship's power output, among other things.
Podded: To be podded means to have one's lifepod destroyed.
Popped: To be popped means to have one's ship destroyed.
REV: sometimes used as an abbreviation for Revelations
POS: A Player-Owned Structure (aka Planetary Orbital Station)(or Station); a station or structure in space deployed by players rather than by the game's developers
Rat: NPC pirate.
RCU: Reactor Control Unit: a module that increases a ship's power output.
ROF: Rate of Fire, usually how fast a turret fires
RR: Remote Repair, using mods or drones to repair the shields, armor or structure (hull) of another players ship, during or after combat.
Rep, Repping: slang for repairing shields, armor or structure (hull).
SAR: Small Armor Repairer
SeBo: Sensor Booster, refers to ships fitted with Sensor Booster(s) to increase targeting range and/or decease targeting lock time.
Sec: Security. This can refer to a low-sec system (low-security) or sec-status (security status of a character)
Scram: Scrambled, i.e. warp-scrambled. If you are warp-scrambled, someone is using a Warp Scrambler module to prevent you from warping away.
Sleepers: A race believed to be extinct, who once inhabited Anoikis (Wormhole Space); their automated/robotic/drones and Ships (up to BS class) roam the space in Anoikis and guard, protect and fight anything that approaches any Sleeper artifacts or stations.
SP: SkillPoints. See the Skill Guide for more information.
Stab: See Warp Core Stabilizers.
Tackler: Someone who is first on the scene of a fight and uses scramblers and webifiers to "lock down" an enemy combatant, making it easier for the tackler's allies to kill.
Tank: A "tank" is a ship's combination of modules, etc. that prevent or heal damage to it. A good tank may use armor hardeners and an armor repairer, for example, or a shield extender and booster along with an Invulnerability Field. Other methods that may be called tanks on occasion include boosting a ship's speed to near-unhittable levels or using electronic warfare to prevent being locked.
Tanking: Using a Tank to absorb damage without losing HP.
Terribad: Terriby Bad… worse than Bad or Terrible… total Fail.
Troll: Both non and verb, a Troll is someone who posts or says crap for the LOLs, trolling is to post or say things of a negative nature or to lie for the LOLs.
T2: Tech2. Tech2 items are of Technology Level 2, and though are harder to manufacture and generally much more expensive, they are usually of much better quality; however some Named modules can approach the quality of T2 items.
Web, Webbed: Stasis Webifier/Stasis Webified: a module that places a web of entangling energy streams around a ship, greatly slowing it down--and thus making it easier to hit. The Web or Webber is the unit; being Webbed means one has been webified.
WCS: Warp Core Stabilizers. WCS's are fitted to a ship to help prevent being warp-scrambled.


Fly safe and see you in the Sky! =/|)=