Saturday, October 30, 2021

He's Only Mostly Dead Jim

 ~or "This Changes Everything."

Yup, that's me...  dead me.

So, in order to bring Death of a Spaceman to fruition, one must have Medical Gameplay to fulfill the requirements of Mortality and so create Heredity and Generations. Of course gamers being gamers Medical Gameplay kinda naturally leads to, I am sorry to say Medical Griefing (this was fixed)... and, believe it or not other even stranger Medical Shenanigans... like suicide.

You see I have been playing exclusively on the PTU since Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 dropped and I have even cleared the keybinding for "Backspace" so I can no longer "reset the game" or "restart from last save point" with just one keypress.

I did this because I have opted to play the game as it is "intended" to be played, like it was "real". I have been playing like I not only do not want to die, but I am actually trying very hard to not die like it was, you know... death, with costs and consequences and the whole at some point not being Tur anymore... ever again.