Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertiiiime!

Well. it's happened... I'm unsubbed for the first time in almost 4 years... and not doing anything about it... for now. Not all rage quitty nor any proof of apathy for Dimmy's Tale of Woe for EVE... nope, I am simply too effin busy is all.

Work-wise I am between contracts, again. Several months into my last contract the ubiquitous 'they' cut the WHOLE first level support team (6 or 7 FT employees laid off) and outsourced it to some firm in Mexico... Mexico?? and then they cut the only contractor on the support team... me (go figger huh?). It sorta sucks but, when life give ya lemons... make lemonade right? So we are kinda taking advantage of this as the wife went FT at her job several months ago so I am doing the SAHD thing... being a stay-at-home-dad... for now. Oh I am actively looking, calling, talking and putting out resumes and such just nothing much really moving much in my area (at my rate) ATM.

So of course there is the neverending honey-do list of yard, house, sailboat and such projects and chores... but we also have the pool up and usually full of kids, the hottub bubblin and the grill and firepit both have seen much use in the first half of summer, and I expect it will not slow down until we start heading into school prep for my young ones. Huh, young ones... both are starting Middle School, what we called Junior High in my day.

No idea what's happenin in the hole and really not even keeping up with blogs and the meta to be honest... again, just too damn busy is all... heck as I write this the kids are calling me back outside...  =]

Hope all of ya'll have a great summer... I am looking forward to getting back to the unfriendly skies of New Eden... but right now we got burgers on the grill and company on the way and the water is fine... See ya'll in a month or so.

Fly safe and see you in the Pool...  =/|)=