Whatchu bloggin bout Tur?

This is a blog about EVE Online. A MMORPG, IE: Massively Multiplayer Online (Role Playing) Game.

EVE is unique in two ways.

One, ALL players log on to the same server ALL at the same time without sharding, the use of multiple servers. ALL players are ALL active on the SAME server at the SAME time in the SAME universe. A single server persistent universe.

Two, the concept of the sandbox based on a part of Chaos Theory called the Butterfly Effect.

These two conditions create a virtual world where, just like in the real world, the actions or reactions and decisions made by a player (or a groups of players) spreads through EVE like ripples in a pond... this can, and does, influence and react with the actions, reactions and decisions of other players throughout all of the EVE Universe. Just like 'cause and effect' in real life.

The basis of the sandbox is that like a child's sandbox where you have a defined PLACE to play and a malleable, player shapeable environment... Almost everything that happens, happens because the players DO things... make decisions, take action and react to the actions and decisions of the other players. It is a true virtual "reality" where player created 'cause and effect' are a vital and inescapable part of the driving force behind everything that happens in the game. IE we, the players, make things happen... not the reverse where the players "react" to a script already written.

"But, without scripts and quests and Dungeon Master or narrator showing us what to do, would we know what to do?" you ask...  I answer, "Are there are things to do in EVE?.... oh dear GOD are there things to do in EVE!"

So login, get yer ass off the couch, jump in a ship and undock! Believe me... you will find much more to do than you can ever imagine!

Fly Safe & see you in the sky... =/|)=