Saturday, September 29, 2012

I’ll Take Yer Bait, and Raise Ya Two Cruisers…

or~  Planetary Incometerruptus…

(Do you see a face? I see a face and I can't get away from that image now...)
I wake in the POS to find Mab is up and has scanned down the daily sigs… and we have a schweet 1 hop static to Empire only 6 from Dodi. I am prepping for another day of staring at planets, factories and spreadsheets and Mab went to make a run when…

Mab > Um, we have a warp bubble up at the static. It damn near got me.
Tur > huh? on our side?
Mab > Ayup
Mab > On our side.
Tur > hmmm... is it an HBHI bubble?
Mab > I don't think so. I can't lay those eggs and you're the only one in here other than me.
Tur > click on it, it's like a ship, pull info
Tur > OMW
Mab > I'm half way to Dodi man. I didn't hang around in a Viator. LOL
Tur > there’s a Hound here
Tur > just cloaked...
Mab > Did you get a name?
Mab > There were 5 in local when I came through including a Cheetah
Tur > there's can inside the bubble.... decloaker... owned by Psychic Moose
Mab > Don't remember that name in local but I'm old.
Tur > Ima bomb the stupid thing... LOL

I was in my Hound and had warped to the hole at 100km… there was a sm warp bubble approx 40km off to one side with a decloakcan inside it. Not exactly a good understanding on warp bubble mechanics… (1) if you approach from an off angle, they don’t grab you and, so far, when I have been caught in bubbles, I always end up right on the edge not deep inside. So far I have never had a decloak can break my cloak… so far. Dint matter this time as I was not in line with the bubble to I was not affected by it.

After I landed, I approached close enough to pull info on the can while I was doing that a Hound uncloaked and cloaked back up very quickly. I ‘think’ he was flirting with the hole and grazed it uncloaking himself… I lost the chance to get info on him do to the can’s info screen getting in my way… crap.

So… I angle upward to put the warp bubble & can in line with a planet, close to 40km and prepare to make my bomb run… I type in chat but hold on ‘send’; put mouse on the planet, click align’ mouse back over the can and…

…35km > F1-decloak > F2-1st SeBo > F3-2nd SeBo > F4-Torps > click can to target and autofire Torps > Targeting completes as I mouse over the aligned planet; Torps Away! > … 31km… 30km > F5-BOMBS AWAY! [hit ‘enter’ in chat, “FUCKBEANS BANANNASLIPPERS FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!!!!”] as I R-click the pre-aligned planet and warp to 50… I watch my 2nd volley of torps fly past my bomb as I enter warp and cloak up… I land on the planet and immediately warp back to my original safe and then back to the hole at 100km. The can is gone and I did 800 damage to the bubble… I’m not gonna kill a sm warp bubble with bombs… oh it could be done, it’s just their so small you simply don’t get enough DPS on em from a single bomb even with 3 to 6 torps added… but they are effin with us… so I am effin back.

I make a 160km pounce ‘cause Mab’s blood is up and he wants to reship and come back in and take a shot at em! I am all worried about intel… how many are there? I only know for sure of one Hound but who else is cloaked up in here? Couple a tackle cloakies, mebbe a few T3? mebbe a cloaked BC, BS or two? It is obviously a ‘flypaper and bait’ trap… but who are we up against?

While Mab and I discuss this and I make the pounce a Manticore uncloaks close to the 1st bubble, drops a 2nd one and ejects another decloak can then warps off towards P6… I considered engaging but I was too close to ‘warpto’ and too far to ‘flyto’ range in time. But I did get intel and that it turns out was our Mr. P. Moose… so he’s in a Manticore and we have 2 confirmed stealth bombers in the hole. Ok, but is that all?

Mr. Moose is a member of Unacceptable Behaviour. He is listed as their “Diplomat”… (lousy diplomacy skills if you ask me but meh)… 43 members, primarily Roam PvPers (and primarily an Aussie corp which I like as I like Aussies in general) and it’s a fairly active corp… Crazy Moose is a 2011 toon w/ 17M SP… w/ a BC (Battleclinic) record of 306 to 91. Ok, it’s a semi serious corp w/ enough members and active enough that we could really be up against it… or it’s just a few of them onna WH Roam… but which?

There is only Mab and I… I am no l33t pewpewer and Mab is… well, Mab may have built and sold thousands for all I know but he ‘said’ he never actually FLEW a battleship until he joined us… and he’s been ingame  FOUR YEARS. Mab fits up a cloaky armor Proteus, comes back to the losec side of the hole and said there were five guys in local when he passed through, now just three, he feels we are dealing with just the two guys… the two of us are simply NOT gonna wafflestomp any serious PvPers… but…

But they are IN MY HOMEHOLE… and they are anchoring bubbles and taunting and daring us by their actions… it is an affront and what’s more… I am SICK of PI and I wanna FIGHT! Ok… I’ll take yer bait and raise ya ifn I can!

I decide to stay in my Hound for now. I make another pounce at 200km wayyy off angle from the first… OK. Now what tactics do we use? How do the two of us, a dyed-in-the-wool-bear and a half-n-half wormholer in a Proteus and a Hound, engage and win against, at the very least, 2 experienced PvPers in a Manticore and a Hound?  Hmmm… ahhhh… ummmmm…. fukifIknow.  =\

But, we can just sorta take the bait and… well… fight back. But 1st… I make another bomb run on the bubbles and can more for fun than in any real attempt at a fight… I love the Hound and the tactics involved in stealth bombing. So I pop their can and warp back to the 160km pounce. I tell Mab to go ahead and jump in and hold cloak and see what they do… I tell him to watch for his jump cloak to break and then align to the 200km pounce JIC.

Mab jumps in and… warps to the 200km pounce. LOL. Moltke’s Theory of War (4th paragraph)… "No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength." (or, in Murphy English…"No Oplan survives first contact.")… of course… we hadn’t ‘really’, ‘technically’ been in contact with the eminy… yet. So… meh. Mab cloaks up and I decide to get a bit moar active… we are all cloaked up, probably all on the same grid… and we are all waiting for someone to make that one fatal mistake,

…so I take one big step forward.  =]

I warp to the POS and open the SMB and… sit and waste time staring into my closet wondering “What to wear, what to wear?”… Seriously. I felt like a girl on a date with the young man downstairs sitting uncomfortably with my dad as I tried to decide what to wear. Oh fer the gods sake!!! Eventually I decided on a nice Ruppie with a mix of guns and missile trimming. In actuality it and a Stabber I ‘had’ were both CCP ‘gift’ freebies I had brought in and specifically PvP fit for just such an occasion.

So what do I do? Well I warp out directly TO THE HOLE at 0 of course.  …  That’s right, not to one of our pounces, which would have put me on grid and in warp range of the hole and the bubbles and in control of my engagement… but NOOOO, I go and warp right into THE DAMN BUBBLES. Oh well… I did want to bait them out so Mab and I can kill em right? So I stood up on the bridge and yelled… (in my Best James T.) “Damn the Bubbles, full speed ahead!

… so I burn towards the hole and target and pop the decloakcan (which causes Mab to say, “You just popped my warpto Tur.” to which I replied, “We are in fleet Mab.” to which… “Uh, oh yea… we are.” says he… LOL). I then target and start in on one of the warp bubbles “…when what to my wondering scans do appear? But two Stealth Bombers uncloaking from my rear!” Actually they uncloaked at their optimal in different directions from me and so the dance begins…

Now as all who engage in PvP in EVE know it is, for some reason, a really great adrenaline rush… and one the things I have great difficulty overcoming is the adrenaline overload I get during pewage which causes me to do very very stoopid things. Stoopid stuff like I forgot to launch even one of my Faction Hobgob drones… I actually did get a ‘target lock’ initially on both ships, but then forgot to switch guns and missiles from the cans until after the Manticore gets me damped out and I lose lock and THEN I realize I hadn’t even been firing on them when I did have em locked… of course, once I’m damped, webbed and scrammed I’m dead…

And I hate to say it but you will have to wait for Mab’s bloggery to find out what he was doin as I was really quite too busy DIAF to keep an eye on him… I know Mab warped in but I think he was unable to target or get into range but he was able to warp out or cloak up or something after I lost the Ruppie… And while I ‘did’ lose the Ruppie I AM, it seems, getting very good and realizing exactly when I have lost a fight and that seems to calm me enough to correctly prep to get my pod out safely… I have no idea if I should be proud of this particular skill or not…  =\

Combat Log Details:
-05:39:35 (notify) TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound) has started trying to warp scramble you! And so the dance started.
I had both my 425mm AutoCannon IIs and Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Assault Missile’s firing on that damned Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I [.U.B.] instead of either of the hostiles.
-05:40:08 ] (notify) You have started trying to warp scramble TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound). I got a lock and…
-05:40:09 ] (combat) Group of 425mm AutoCannon II miss TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound);
I thought I had switched BOTH guns and missiles, but…
-05:40:10 ] (combat)Group of Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Assault Missile strikes Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I [.U.B.];
From that point on my Group of 425mm AutoCannon II never even scratched TAZ D Monkey once until I asploded… My missiles, however, never once missed that damned stoopid warp bubble… sheesh.

Anyhoo… Now I know the Hound is piloted by TAZ D Monkey, corpmate of Crazy Moose and no other ships uncloaked or warped in on us during the engagement. Doesn’t mean they’re not out there waiting for bigger more ‘spensive fish, but with a Proteus on the field I felt they would have brought the ‘pain’ had they had more to bring… so as I warped my pod out of the cloud of wreckage and debris that had been my el-cheapo throw-away (and now somewhat completely destroyed) Ruppie… I felt somewhat confident we were  dealing with a two man WH bomber raid… cool. We just might get in a good fight, or at least we won’t get wafflestomped by a hotdrop fleet of Tengus.

So, Mab warps back to one of the pounces cloaked up and I warp back to the POS, reship to the Stabber and warp back to the hole, again at 0 again landing in the bubbles but this time it’s on purpose cause I know they will attack and I want another bite at the apple…I just hope that this time the faster Stabber will stand a better chance of getting in close enough to overcome the damping. I close on the Ruppie wreck waiting for a reaction… nothing for like a minute so I put the damn damn on the bubbles again…

Combat Log Details:
-05:46:33 ] (notify) Orbiting Wreck of: HDF =Rapture= (5000m);
-05:47:47 ] (combat) Group of 425mm AutoCannon II strikes Mobile ya-da ya-da;
-05:47:49 ] (combat) Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile hits Mobile ya-da ya-da;
-05:47:49 ] (combat) Federation Navy Hobgoblin hits Mobile ya-da ya-da ya; (Yes, I remembered to launch my One Lone Drone!)
-05:49:47 ] (notify) TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound) has started trying to warp scramble you!
-05:49:54 ] (combat) TAZ D Monkey (Caldari Navy Nova Torpedo) hits you for 250 damage
-05:49:57 ] (combat) Psychic Moose (Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo) hits you for 209 damage
But THIS time!
-05:50:03 ] (combat) Federation Navy Hobgoblin misses TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound)
As I am trying to target them …
-05:50:14 ] (notify) The Manticore. is too far away, you need to be within 22244 meters of it but are actually 27309 meters away;
Finally at least the drone gets a hit!!
-05:50:15 ] (combat) Federation Navy Hobgoblin hits TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound) for 34 damage
Now during all of this I have still been…
-05:51:06 ] (combat) Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile hits Mobile ya-da ya-da;
-05:51:09 ] (combat) Group of 425mm AutoCannon II strikes Mobile ya-da ya-da;
While my drone has been…
-05:51:11 ] (combat) Federation Navy Hobgoblin hits TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound) for 39 damage;
Yea… the WHOLE engagement I was still shooting the damned bubble… but, in my defense I WAS ready to switch targets but I was again damped and webbed and scrammed and never got a lock… and DIAF again… still and all, I AM getting to be quite the EXPERT at getting my pod out safely…

I warp to the 200km pounce thence back to the POS… this time though, they probably won’t come out an play… but let’s see how they feel about a Drake. I warp back, BUT THIS TIME to 10km off of the 200km pounce… and align to a wreck (yes, of mine) near the Manticore which is still uncloaked in jump range of the hole…

Combat Log Details:
-05:55:39 ] (notify) Aligning to Wreck of: HDF =Back II=
Now I have made some real mistakes tonight but this one tops em all… You see I am a bit pissed that I forgot my to use my drones when I had enough to make a difference… so I IMMEDIATELY launch ALL 5 Cal Navy Hobgob IIs… and THEN warp to the wreck….

I can only wonder what they thought as they watched a Drake launch 5 Faction Hobgoblins… and warp away leaving them 200 km behind…  =\

-05:57:45 ] (notify) Psychic Moose [.U.B.](Manticore) has started trying to warp scramble you!
-05:57:54 ] (notify) TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound) has started trying to warp scramble you!
This time however things go a little bit better… FINALLY!!!!
-05:58:20 ] (combat) Group of Scourge Heavy Missile strikes Psychic Moose [.U.B.](Manticore) for 104 damage
And MABRICK is in the FIGHT!!!
05:58:49 ] (notify) Mabrick [HBHI]<AST>(Proteus) has started trying to warp scramble "TAZ D Monkey [.U.B.](Hound)"
The Manticore finally pulls range and gets me damped out again…
-05:58:53 ] (notify) The Manticore. is too far away, you need to be within 33366 meters of it but are actually 33611 meters away.
And then, I can only assume the Hound jumped the hole because…
-05:58:56 ] (notify) Targeting attempt failed as the designated object is no longer present.
I am no longer scrammed so I warp down to the 200km pounce and RECALL ALL DRONES…
-06:00:08 ] (notify) Attempting to reconnect with nearby drones.
Then I warp back up to the fight…
-06:01:03 ] (notify) Approaching Manticore. … who promptly disappears…
-06:01:04 ] (notify) Please wait...

It was really late and both Mab and I had to hit the sack… and as much as EVE^fun than RL, as we all know it is still RL>EVE. So I spend from 06:02:25 to 06:04:04 killing the bubbles… and we dockup and hit the sack.

The Wrap Up…
HBHI (me) lost 2 T1 (free) Cruisers to 2 Stealth Bombers… but, we got in there and did the best we could (worrisome I assure you) but still and all… you don’t get better at something like PvP by staying docked up now do you?

And “The Mabrick”… Four Year EVE dyed-in-the-wool Carebear veteran, and I am proud to say, my friend… got his PvP cherry busted… and said he liked it!!   =]

Fly Safe(ish) and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

Thursday, September 27, 2012

“Oh My Aching Dendrites…”

or~  There is No PI For Dummies…

Can PI, Planetary Interaction, be explained in simple terms, or, is it really just too complex to ‘boil down’? The title of this post comes from a comment which was left after my last PI post… I have no idea if the commenter meant it, as in “Crap that sounds complex.” or if he was trolling me because I obviously was making more of a mess than anything close to profit… either way I felt it was quite apropos.

(And no, the title pic has nothing whatsoever to do with PI... it's just a cool pic of me and my boss on a Collision Course during a IBCO bash 'cause we were so bored... )  =]

I have spent basically the last month learning PI. And I would really like to make a simple Guide on to how to do it… but there’s a Catch 22. You can’t explain PI until you understand it but the real problem is you also can’t explain it to anyone who doesn’t already understand it... that and you can’t get out of combat by standing at my desk in the buff requesting a psychological exam, because requesting a psychological exam is proof that you are not crazy and as you are not crazy you are, by definition, fit for combat duty… now shut up, get out of my office, put some clothes on and go jump in a Rifter.

The simplest rules I can come up with are:

“Proper Prior Planning Possibly Prevents Piss Poor Performance” and
“It’s ALL about the Totals”.

The problem is you can’t actually effectively PLAN something you don’t UNDERSTAND well enough to PLAN it… and without that the second one sounds like it’s either about a breakfast cereal or its half of a voodoo curse… (which it sorta is…)

There is a lot of math in PI. Not a lot of high math just a helluva lot of ‘this’ makes so much of ‘that’ in 15 minutes and I need this much of ‘those’ in order to make ‘that stuff’ but that takes 30 minutes and then I need several of ‘them’ combined, another 30 minutes (or is that one an hour?), in order to put ‘x’ number each of ‘those three things’ together, which takes another hour, to get JUST 3 OF THE THING I WANT TO SELL!!!!! OH and for the better “things to sell” you need to get stuff from several planets and move em around n shit… you can easily get completely lost in the math’s IF you try and work from the ore extraction UP to the final product.

But… with all that said, IF you decide to get into PI (I suggest you stock up on valium and your fav liquor first) so, the ‘X’ number of this for 15 mins and the “Y’ number of those for 30 mins and 3 times the ‘Z’ number of them all really does boil down to is… making sure you have the TOTAL output of your basic ores equal or greater than the ‘need’ for the products from the Basic Industry Factories… and that those products are equal to or greater than the need for the Advanced Industry Factory(ies)  ya-da ya-da ya-da…

As Mab said, plan backwards. Figure out what you want to make, your Final Product, and work BACKWARDS from there.

Biotech Research Reports and Smartfab Units are my market items. I make them strictly to sell them for profit. Let us begin with the ‘easy” one… Here is my breakdown of Smartfab Units Production. I run 2 Advanced Industry Facilities to produce 6 Smartfab Units per hour, approx 144 units per day.

For just one of the products I need, Chiral Structures… I need to extract a total of 576,000 units of raw Non-CS Crystal ore EVERY 24 HOURS… this is the key to every step taken after in production.

How do you get that? Almost ALL simple conversions, raw ore to 1st level products take 3,000 units of raw ore in a 15 to 30 minute cycle. So…

I am running 4 BIFS making Chiral Structures from Non-CS Crystals, OK…
3,000 x 4 = 12,000 units needed every 30 minutes,
x 2 = 24,000 units per hour,
x 24 = 576,000 needed every 24 hours.

What the above shows it that I am currently extracting 262,919 units on this planet and importing 400,000 units of Non-CS Crystals from another planet for a total of 662,919 (I store the excess in the POCO) I then convert the required 576,000 units of ore into 3,840 units of Chiral Structures which are combined with 3,840 units of Silicon used to produce 480 units Miniature Electronics which are combined with 480 units of Construction Blocks to make 144 units of Smartfab Units over a 24 hour cycle… sheesh.

I import the Construction Blocks, Silicon and part of my Non-CS Crystals from other planets.

For the Construction Blocks, you do the same as above, figure out how many total you need to produce and do the math backwards until you know how much ore you need… then find a planet that provides that ore in the greatest abundance and extract, refine and process as much as your Grid allows. In my case I have 3 AIFs making Construction Blocks on a planet that is very high in Heavy and Base Metals, the ores needed for Construction Blocks, I am able to extract, refine and make enough Construction Blocks to provide not only the needs for my Smartfab Units, but also for the Biotech research Reports I make on another planet…

The Non-CS Crystals are a raw ore.
The Silicon is a P1 made from Felsic Magma ore.
The Construction Blocks are a P2 made by combining Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals.
Toxic Metals are a P1 made from Heavy Metal ore.
Reactive Metals are a P1 made from Base Metal ore.

In each case the most important part of your plan is extracting the correct amount of the required ores to create the base products required to feed the production chain all the way up.

It is one helluva balancing act and there really is no one ‘perfect’ setup… for any given ‘Product’ there are several setups that can be seen as optimal based on your idea of optimal… All of which leave you sittin at your computer, with scratch pads and excel spreadsheets full of data while playing EVE Solitaire… trying to find the most ‘optimal setup’…

And now I, and you, know why Mabrick… mumbles.   =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

“Tur… uh, Tur?”

or~  “Serenity, I May Have a Problem…”

“Where oh where has our Little Tur been?”
“Why he’s out inna a Prowler beating His Little Face in…”

P.I. …  PI …. Planetary Interaction… How to Get Rich Slowly whilst Going Insane at a Slightly Faster Rate… I wish to create, run, chair and join the EOPIAA… EVE Online Planetary Interaction Addicts Anonymous (I hope we has poker chip!!).

So you can follow this…
ECU – Extractor Control Unit [which runs the…]
EHU – Extractor Head Unit / AKA ‘heads’ [which feed the …]
BIF – Basic Industrial Factory [which feed the …]
AIF – Advanced Industrial Factory [which produce ‘Thing Of Great Value’ “X” which creates…]
FUBAR – Fukked Up Beyond All Recognition (the condition of my brain ATM)
ATM – At The Moment

I have officially replaced my original enjoyment of the old POS fueling system with the delicate and demanding intricacies of PI. The problem is… I am so fascinated by it that now I usually login, check that I am safed and cloaked up, ignore mail and chat, minimize all std HUD screens (also disabling all chat ‘blinks’) and open Science & Indy to my main Factory planet… and that is where I spend ALL of my time now. Zooming from planet to planet, checking EHU efficiencies against BIF needs against AIF needs… tweaking here, twerking there…

One of my Lava planets makes ONLY Reactive Metals & Silicon. I have 2 ECUs running up to 7 EHUs, feeding a total of 8 BIFs with 2 Launchpads…

I need small amounts of Silicon ONLY for Miniature Electronics used to make Smartfab units… but I use huge amounts of Reactive Metals in a variety of processes on several other planets.

I have 1 ECU running 5 heads extracting Base Metals… this ECU is over on the far side of the planet so it has a Launchpad and I daily (or twice daily… or hourly… or I just sit stare at it and wait for it to complete a cycle so I can…) move all the ores up to the POCO and then back down to the other Launchpad centered in the Factory Group. (see pic below)

I have 1 ECU running 2 heads extracting Felsic Magma which is part of the Factory Group. The Felsic Magma feeds 1 BIF for 20 units of Silicon every half hour… the Base Metals feed the other SEVEN BIFs for 140 units of Reactive Metals every half hour. This setup runs my Grid at 99.94%...   =]

I tend to run my heads at 1 day 15 min cycles so I like to try and set them up so they over produce… in case I miss a restart my factories don’t shut down and wait… I can’t STAND that. Really… I can’t… make me irritable and rude to the cat. So I happily have approx 108,000 units of Base Metals and 10,000 units of Felsic Magma stored up with more going in each cycle. (see pic below)

This is just one planet and it is my EASIEST planet to work with… I have 4 other planets each higher in complexity and dependence on being cared for and fed and tended to… I may have lost my mind.

Now here’s the REAL capper… I am making…

Enriched Uranium – which I give to corp for fuels, obviously.
Smartfab Units – ISK 43,700 ea (according to the OV Est.)
Biotech Research Reports – ISK 53,000 ea (ya-da ya-da…)

I have, after what… 3 WEEKS of messing with this shit… amassed/created/built/manufactured:

468 Smartfab Units, approx value:   ISK  20,500,000.00
732 Biotech Res Reps, approx value: ISK  38,000,000.00
For a grand total of:                     ISK  58,500,000.00

To put this in perspective… 

Last night was a little unusual as at one point we ALL were actually OL at the same time… Strigon and AI were champin at the bit to go raid this C2 we had pop in our hole and then run some of the 9 sites we had in here. I was (and still am) against raiding C2’s because I feel it is a pure waste of time and ammo…

Yea, yea, yea I know we can hilariously wafflestomp any C2 Sleepers now that we have upped our game and are used to the tactics and DPS of the Nefarious Forces of Naptime in C3’s… but one of the main reasons we wanted to “up our game” as ‘twere is that the ISK is much better as you go up class…. Running sites inna C2 to me is now…. well… it’s sorta like… slumming. It’s like the Mafia strong arming kids on a playground for their lunch money… I felt it wouldn’t be worth it.

And I was right.

We ran “8” C2 Sleeper sites… value: ISK    79,500,000.00
We ran “5” C3 Sleeper sites… value: ISK  255,000,000.00
My ‘cut’, and this is AFTER the 25% corp Tax (we all agreed on), and AFTER splitting 4 ways…
ISK  79,640,625.00

[Didja see that? Didja notice that my CUT, after 25% taxes, came to MORE than we made AS A GROUP in the C2??]

So… what we can deduce from this?
That a few hours spent with friends shooting Nasty RED Crosses nets me…
79.6 million ISK…

And that 3 WEEKS of playing EVE Solitaire (and I am not counting the MILLIONS of ISK lost in tearing down and rebuilding PI Installations) nets me…
58.5 million ISK…

So someone please… effin PLEASE tell me WHY I am enjoying PI so damn much!?!?!?!?!
The worst part is… do you know what my first thought was when the payout hit my wallet?
“Hmmm… you know, I really need to completely reconfigure my main Factory Group… and now I can afford it.”  Sheesh…  =\

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=