Blog Disclaimer and Comment Policy

Y‘all should read this… butcha won’t.

Everything on the site is my personal opinion (with the exception of any comments written by others, which are their personal opinions). I have and hold strong personal opinions on many topics... Religion, Politics, Sex, Law, Jeeps, Sex, Food, etc., etc, ad nauseam… Most of these opinions will not be found here as this is a blog about EVE Online… but you never know.

As regards the opinions, statements, tales and recountings I do and will post here it is highly likely that you may not, will not or could not force yourself, to agree with them or how I choose to express them…

This is not my problem… and it never will be.

I make no claims toward being even-handed, fair, or nice. I write what I want here. Any offense or difference of opinion anyone chooses to take is not and never will be a reason for me to stop writing as I choose.

I will post as I please. No one else gets a vote. If you try to suggest that I am somehow “wrong” or you are somehow moar “right” than I am or that you and or others of your ilk “should” have a vote… I may be rude to you.

I post under my EVE Online Main Character Name. ALL other names have been changed to protect the guilty. The innocent can go jetcan themselves… they’ll be automatically released in about an hour.

Want to agree with me? (Schweet, send me I$K...)  =]
Want to disagree with me?
Either way please feel free to post a comment…

But write carefully, as stated your failmail will be graded. I reserve the right to edit all comments, and to moderate any comment threads, as I see fit. Your comment is highly likely to be edited, moderated or deleted if:

-it contains phobic content (based on race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc);
-is a personal attack or threat toward myself or another commenter;
-is entirely unrelated to the entry topic;
-features more than a “fair use” amount of someone else’s copyrighted work;
-has such poor grammar and spelling that it annoys me, (I do not have poor grammer or spelling, I write colloquially...) ;
-is an obvious piece of trollage, (however exceptional trollage may be retained and graded);
-or if I find it or you obnoxious and decide I’ve had enough.

Don’t like these rules? Don’t comment. Simple.

Fire away at me. You need to be aware that I respond to tone as well as content. If you’re polite, I’ll be polite. If you’re a asshat, I’ll up the asshattery. If you argue poorly, I may correct you. If you want to gauge my levels of tolerance, watch how others comment to me and triangulate accordingly.

A good rule of thumb is to comment as if the person  (me or others) to whom you are commenting to or on, is in a T3 Crusier, is flashing RED, has you webbed & scrammed, has launched Ogre IIs, has corpmates on grid, has a very short temper and has CONCORD for his legal representation... think about it.

I do not generally moderate comments before they are published aside from the special case noted below. If your comment is dropped into the moderation queue unexpectedly, you have probably triggered a spam filter, either by using a black-listed word or phrase or by posting three or more links in an entry. If this happens, don’t panic; I’ll release your entry sooner than later. If your comment is not released in a day, I am simply busy and have not checked in yet or I may have accidentally deleted it. Sorry. Please post it again.

Special Case Regarding Moderation: If you’re getting on my bad side by making bad comment posts, I will warn you to behave. Behave. If you don’t, you may be put in the corner (IE dropped into the moderation queue, where I will read your comments and then decide whether to publish them or not). If you behave, you’ll be let out eventually. If you don’t, you’ll be banned.