Wednesday, January 30, 2013


or~ Change is The Only Constant in The Verse… 

I have EvE block. It’s much like writers block, only specific to EvE. By this I mean I still spend an inordinate amount of time thinking, reading, talking, etc., etc. about EvE… but I have not been PLAYING much at all.

There have been a few outside influences that have affected my OL time… got a new job after 14 months, one liking muchly I am so it is drawing a lot of my attention, but that’s OK and as it should be… I have been focusing more on my house, dottir and housefrau (LadyAggro, the wife), again all as it should be… yet…

I find myself, in that special quiet “me” time after dinner, after Lego’s or TV, after ‘brush teeth’ and ‘where’s blanky?’ and  ‘HUGZ!’ and ‘Get-to-bed-dammit-or-Ima-get-yer-FATHER!’ … and later, after the wife has shut down her laptop and headed off to do same (only with somewhat less drama)… I find myself reading blogs, tweets and running down EvE related links halfheartedly at best… and then I realize its halfpast really late and I haven’t even logged on once. So I log on and… nothing. I don’t even ship spin… AND in addition to HBHI’s joining “Surely You’re Joking” [HAHA] Alliance I have recently had several personal “Ah HAH!” moments…

(1) I crossed the skill line for Heavy Interdictors and got me a Broadsword! AMAZING EHP,  vurra nice DPS and IT BLOWS BUBBLES!!!
(2) I got a replacement Talwar, the new Minnie Missile Dessie which I like a lot… I even ran a few L2s innit just for the LULZ… it tanks well for a Dessie and Blaps the fuk outta NPC Frigs and even makes quick work of NPC Cruisers… does have trubble w/ blobs of Frigs AND Cruisers, but it’s a Dessie, not a Duck.
(3) I (bought the books, sheesh, and) crossed the skill line for Freighters! Now if I only had a Fenrir… =\
(4) and, I finally replaced my Long Lost Loki… the one I DIAFed in whence Leroying in to AI’s defense when he was kilt in Mab’s Domi back when Mab was moving into the hole w/ us.

I had not bought one since as I had the figure of 600M ISK rooted in my brain as the cost to replace her… until I glanced at the hulls in Jita and was reminded that the ‘hull’ is only 200M, it’s the subsystems that bring her up to 600M (and keep you from assembling her) and I HAVE moar than a full spare set of SUBS, so I bought a hull and while it is not the exact fit I want, it will do till I can afford the few other SUBS I need to swap out.

The corp bought me the Broadsword back before we went over to the Dark Side, became a Padawon Learner Corp and joined with SYJ [HAHA] Alliance… I was gonna bring her to the party and we were going to try and coordinate a two pronged strike on the hole camp… but… we ransomed, took a knee and joined em first…  so meh.  And I owe the corp one now…  =\

And yet, with all this I find myself having to pull my attention away from re-running every episode of ‘Mad Men’ back to back on Netflix… though with our Mrs. Reynolds (Christina Hendricks) in those tight dresses and nuclear bra’s (as Joan P. Harris née Holloway) this is not too hard to imagine…   sigh…

So… where was I?  Oh yea…  The last ‘thing’ I did ingame was a few night back when I ran scout/webwarp for Mab and then running those few L2’s in the Talwar… which I even switched out to my Trusty Duck when the Tally got blobbed cause I dint read the MishRep and triggered all waves… yuch. I warped the Tally out with her ass on fire then I warped the Duck back in to ‘0’ and sat there like a fat dumb pillbox dealing out her painfully slow DPS while never going once below 50% shields…

That’s it. That’s all I’ve done… and what’s worse is the WHOLE rest of the corp is moving into the SYJ C6 (in the med POS we are “allowed” to live in) as fast as they can. AI and Strigon have already run sites and started making C6 ISK… Mikey has already been out mining… Mab, as his last post told you, has been busy (using our CEO’s Obelisk, AI has some RL stuff going on that is gonna hamper his OL time for a while) so Mab has been doing Haulage for Corp to consolidating all our otherworldly goods back to the HQ afore he joins em in the new hole… and under the new… rules.

Hey… I think that’s it. It’s the whole living under other’s rules thing that got my panties inna bunch! Other’s ideas of what we can and can’t do… where we can and can’t live… and how, and in what POS… and… and… CRAP. I am actually sorta working this out AS I TYPE… It’s like I popped the hood on Tur’s brain, and we all lean in to gaze in wonder… that it works at all…  =\    “Look there, see that?”… “He got AUTHORITY ISSUES.”  “Yup, it’s gunking up all the works, slowing ervything down…” Yup, thas the problem allright.” “’Thority Issues.”


Now, don’t’ get me wrong, I am the one who has pushed hardest and longest for something like this. I WANT us to be in a good Anoikis Alliance… I WANT us to up our game… I WANT us to have more people we can trust and rely on. People who can call on us and know we will come (if RL lets us)… I just also want FULL AUTONOMY for my Corp... IE: I want no interference or limitations on our freedom to choose our own way… and I think I am starting to realize… that THAT shit dunt go hand in hand now do eet? For us to HAVE on the one hand, we must GIVE on the other… this is called compromise and I DON’T WANNA compromise… I WANT it all my way and I WANT IT NOW…    by the gods, when in hell did I become Veruca Salt??

My Boss said they’ve setup a Medium POS real quick and I am to plan and setup some reasonable defenses and some Industry Mods for it… An EFFIN Med POS simply AINT worth the time and effort I’ll tell you for nothing! “Reasonable Defenses”  on a Med POS?  Inna C6 wormhole?? a C6 Wormhole where other Anoikis corps actually can jump IN CAPITOLS???  HA HA… Plus I really don’t wanna go in and do all that work JUST to take it all back down when they (IE SOMEONE ELSE) decides that we “pass muster” and are “approved” and can be trusted in a REAL treefort of our very own.

Well...    Obviously SOMEONE needs a ‘tude adjustment! …  and I’m beginning to think it might be me.

I just soooo dunt wanna WAIT for someone else to see what I already KNOW is true. Yet… I am possibly the most adamant of the three HBHI Directors that we should never make ANYONE else a Corp Director, for the sake of security… and that’s all the SYJ Leadership is doing. Protecting their own… I just HATE having to knuckle under to other’s ways and rules… chafes my ass it does. And yet… when I have thought on the lengths we go to, to keep HBHI safe from sedition, thievery, the Tonto’s of the ‘verse and inner rot… I can fully understand their position… just dunt wanna put up with it as I KNOW “we” are trustworthy! … Ahhhhgh.

I think my subconscious is waiting until I can go in and setup our real home… either good ol ‘Serenity Station’ or possibly, a Domination POS (strangely also named “Serenity”, go figger huh?) so as to not waste my time and go though the ignoble knee taking while the pack circles and sniffs to see if they are gonna let us run with them… hence I sit in hisec… ship not spinning while I watch Christina Hendricks incredible figure sway across the screen…

Guess it’s time to get off my ass… quit watching hers… and get back in the game.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I can see that joining the people who screwed you was the practical thing to do but I thought at the time it must be really humbling.

    Ultimately we play these games for ego. My 2c is you should join someone who will shoot these guys instead then at least you have a goal - blowing up the dicks who chased you out of your C3.

    Dan Ariely comes to mind, Revenge is irrational and counter to self-interest but there are solid reasons why we're vengeful by nature.

  2. Mab... yea. =P

    Stabs... yer reading me wrong or I'm writing me wrong... It was not, and IS not "humbling"... They did not 'screw' us... we feel no sense of, nor need for, 'revenge'. WE opened the communication with the intent to see if there were 'other options', and yes, by that I mean among them, ransom. They broached the topic, but after we started the dialog. Then, WE decided to move out and WE applied for membership. I am a Director and HBHI has a Unanimous Vote policy, and we were unanimous.

    Joining SYJ may possibly be the next greatest thing to moving to Anoikis that HBHI has ever done. They are a great group of guys who play a professional and honorable game.

    And... I feel a serious 'attack' on us was, IMHO, inevitable... we were one small corp alone in a C3 wormhole, and while SYJs motive wasn't conquering our hole, it was related to the 'small corp alone inna hole' thing... and TBH, if they dint do it, someone else would eventually. So no, it's EvE and this is life and death in EvE.

    We fought back, and we... most of us, would have continued to until we lost it all rather than fold. Its EvE and It's a game. But, it is also an amazingly complex and highly social game... and we had a lot invested, timewise, in the POS, ships, etc., and getting back on our feet would have taken real time... ransoming saved our investment AND due to having the balls to fight back, we once again won a modicum of respect and because SYJ members and leaders ARE professional and honorable, this said 'here is an opportunity'... not 'you just got gobsmacked'.

    No Stabs... not humbling... My issue is WAITING on 'others' decisions, and the compromises required to be a part of the whole instead of going it on our own... and the freedom, and risk, that going it alone entails. No this is just me and my age old 'thority issues... they been kicking my ass, and making my life vastly moar difficult than required for YEARS man. =]

    Uh and I disagree that we are vengeful by nature... you don't see wild animals killing each other over being publicly humiliated... no, that kind of asshattery takes Emotionally clouded RATIONAL THINKING... ahhhhh, Hurray the human brain... creator of Religion, Flat Earth, Jester's Trek... and EVE Online!

    The Above Post and Comments were Brought to You By The "Ripard Teg for SCM8 CHAIR" committee.


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