Friday, February 22, 2013

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Piloting #1

~or  The Insta-Undock and You...

This post, as so many do, began as a comment… for the genesis please read Blake’s “Sagain Kickout Station” over at K162Space. That post deals with what are called, Kickout Stations and their inherent evils… To synopsize, the Sagain V – Inherent Implants Biotech Production sucks. It sucks because, as all stations do, it unceremoniously boots yer ass out outta the undock at a fair clip… the problem w/ Sagain V-IIBPS is due to the stations ‘physical’ design, you are booted out past docking range every time. Blake couldn’t even get a shuttle to STOP inside docking range, so a Freighter or Indy doesn’t have a chance in H-E dubble toothpick… all the gankers gotta do is ‘keep’ you outta range, not bump you outta range… hence the 6 multi-bISK ganks in Feb alone.

Now, while I fully agree that the Sagain V-IIBPS station’s design is an issue (unlike ALL other designs where you exit via something that looks like a docking port, Amarr stations SHIT you out their ass) and, for me personally, is just one more reason I hate-all-things-Amarr... but... the main issue here is not Crappy Cruddy Poor Station Design +  Undock Mechanics (though the gods KNOW how badly I'd like to see those corrected) the issue is, as always, Piss Poor Piloting.

Mucked-Up Muthrfrakkin Mechanics can be overcome by Proper Prior Planning and Preemptive Piloting... as we have covered, you ALWAYS undock at wayyyyyy above the max velocity of a laden swallow, or for that matter an unladen swallow, or hell even an MWD/Nano fit swallow, much less a Freighter... or an Indy... Hmmmm… waitaminnit didyousay wayyyy “above” the max velocity right? Hmmmmm well now that means that if, I say “IF” you only had something to ‘warp-to’ without having to re-align… well, in that case you might just go to warp faster than that there MWD/Nano Swallow even!

So, The Perceptive and Prepared Pilot gets him a ship what goes really really fast, and makes some insta-warp BMs out from the undock… but not “Straight” out. Why not straight out? Well, I’ll tell ya… you have a few degrees of latitude from dead ahead in which the game see’s your ship as fully aligned so you set course not “DEAD” ahead, but say 3 or 5 degrees at 12’oclock or 3 to 5 degrees at 7’oclock or somesuch… then max burn out to say... 1200km and make a BM, then 2800km and make a BM and mebbe even 5400km too for good measure.

Why a few degrees off the straight and level you ask? Well, a few degrees at the dock can be tens of meters off of the ‘straight and level’ at a several hundred km out and up to a hundred meters off of the ‘straight and level’ at several thousand km out. The farther out your insta-warp BM, the greater the lateral separation between your landing zone and the landing zone for a ‘straight and level’ insta-warp.

OK, so why the weird BM range numbers you ask? Ever insta-warped out to 500, 1000, 2000 or even 5000km from a popular gank station?? If you have 'nough said, if you haven't do so some time and strangely enough you will often find a fast frig or interceptor, or two even, hanging out doing fuk all, at those very nice 'even' distances from the undock... Now why could that be Hmmm? Maybe because people are PREDICKTABLE, so don't you be a PreDICK… But, these gank scouts ‘tend’ to be on the ‘straight and level’ warpline from the station (<- see, PREDICKTABLE) so, a few degrees lateral offset combined with an uneven landing range puts you well out of any possible interception by said Ganking Scouts with “Warp to ME!!’ DPS support.

Follow this sage advice and…
(1) ALWAYS move valuable cargo with SCOUTS (yes, plural);
(2) undock and immediately spam the livin' crap outta 'warp-to' to one of your insta-undocks;
    (2a) then give the gankers the ASCII 'finger' in local as you warp right though them;
(3) never loose a cargo again...

Choose not to follow this simple advice...
(A) lose cargo after cargo;
(B) fail at EvE;
    (B1) cry and whine a LOT;
(C) rage quit.

Fly Safe and (catch a fleeting glimpse) of you in the sky! =/|)=


  1. [insert annoyed remark about Alts Online.]

  2. LOL ahhh... but it's an accepted and 'workign as intended' mechanic... =]


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