Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's MURDER Out There...

~or I'd KILL for Something Fun to DO...

Jester wrote up how he ran a site recently... first one he says he has run in a long time... and he was overall dissapointed. Well, I know the feeling. Tur is currently doing solo time in Amarr...

SYJ has deployed to NPC Null, which as those of you who know me know is something I will only consider doing the day that is the ONLY place left to fly in EvE... and on that day I will have to face the very real possibility of giving up EvE.

Which, personally, is where I feel CCP Seagull eventually wants to take us. The fall of the (stagnant uninteresting NPC) Empires to a day when ALL of New Eden is ruled by Empyreans... IE Null from corner to corner. My ONLY hope is that Anokis will remain a bastion of freedom for those who aren't willing to cow tow to the Man... as 'he' said, "...never have to be under the heel of nobody ever again. No matter how long the arm of the Alliance(s) might get... we'll just get ourselves a little further."

So, SYJ is in Null and HBHI kinda hit a few RL rocks in the road. We're a really small corp and the majority of us have simply not been on much at all... A few went to null w/ SYJ, a few dint... I even lost damn near a whole (!gasp!) month of SKILLING due to not loggin on enough to even play Skill-Q Online.

Anyway... I have been loggin in a bit more lately... it's just, there's nothing to DO. I have been soloing L3s in a .5 near Amarr ...  well, I have been waffle stomping L3s inna .5 near Amarr actually. Inna active shield HAMgu it is like running L1's inna Typhoon... Target, Orbit, F1, F2, read blogs... it is more time murdering than killing.

And among the long list of Worse Parts of Missioning is the ISK really and truly sucks. I made 1.8m ISK for the last site I ran...  "If" I L&S, which I dunt, call it 3m ISK per site avg... so a nights play might net me something on the order of 10m ISK for 3 mishes (more like 8 really)... sheesh.

After living the hi-life of a C6 Wormholer anything less than 300 to 600m ISK per an evenings playtime is simply just not worth the effort... it's like dropping back to minimum wage after making 100k a year...

The PvE in EvE really is horrible... even Sleepers... Yup, I said it... even Sleepers... with the right comp they are so predictable and rote in their tactics that even C6 sites could be a bore except you have to run them in fleet, with friends which made it tolerable... too much DPS and Ewar to solo even if you can multibox... at least as far as I am concerned.

On a side note, and a personal 'thing'... there has been much said against Ewar in EvE. Everyone knows 'everybody HATES' Ewar... yet, you all do realize Webs and Points, long and short, are Ewar right? And where would PvP be without them now?? but I digress...

PvE sucks... and it's all I have left to me ATM... and it's enough to drive a man to murder.

Fly wreckless and see you in the Sky...  =/|)=


  1. 300 - 600 per evening. What do you *actually* do with that money?

    1. Uh.... lets see.... Spend it? Uh yes, let's go with that... I spend it.

      In our time in the C6 I started a program of building and maintaining 2 fleets for Tur. One in the hole, of PvP and PvE specific ships for wormhole ops and one in Hisec, again PvP and PvE specific for Empire ops. The Hisec fleet was very heavy on PvP ships as that was what was needed mostly in Empire. The Hole fleet was bout 50/50.

      Yea... we made really good ISK... some of the best ISK/hour available in or near New Eden... Keep in mind the entire fleet made in that range EACH... and, what's more, with proper hole control, we were as safe as a carebear's dream while we whiled away the hours banking those millions and millions of ISK... C6 Wormhole ISK, BEST ISK Baby!!!!

      Gods I HATE hisec... =\

  2. Couple of thoughts.

    First - Eve is the absolute best game to leave for a while then come back to - as long as you play skillqueue online. I've stopped several times and have come back delighted to find that AWU5 opens up so many fits of that I can now use Tech 2 Cruises.

    Next the closest thing to a solo style with C6 income is solo combat site running in nullsec. There was an excellent presentation at Eve Vegas.

    Or just pvp in cheap ships. We do a lot of frig pvp and there are many other venues for doing so that are busier than our small corp. Generally in an evening I will lose 2-3 T1 merlins worth about 9m and collect more loot than they cost. So T1 Frig pvp is effectively free for me and is pretty good fun.

    1. Yea... unless you are leaving not cause you want/need to for ingame reasons...but for IRL stresses... then, not so much.

      As for site running in Null... well, that would mean Tur actually being IN Null.... uh, not so much again.

      And I have explored my PvP tendencies well enough to know 2 things... (1) I do like it and I do want to continue pursuing it... and (b) I like it BEST in fleet with my bros and I prefer Logi/Dictor/Scout support roles best...

      Kinda hard to be Logi or Scout when you dunt dual/triple box... and as Dictors are only useful in Null & Negsec... again, not a solo game... so meh.

      I have considered a stint in RvB again... but I'm kinda all 'been there done that' about RvB.... So Los Tres Amigos (the 3 Directors of HBHI) are tossing some ideas around... we'll see what we will see.... =]

  3. I spent some time in HS recently, its actually quite therapeutic for WH dwellers. Warp to a gate at zero km, jump knowing there are no bubbles on the other side. I even ran a few missions for SoE LvL 3 in a Myrm, its not too bad. I can't do that for more than 3 nights but it is nice to not always have spam dscan every 3 seconds..

    1. LOL... I do wish I felt as you do. I freak everytime I see local ping... I have lievd for YEARS without it, months at a time. And SOOOOOO many effin PEOPLE... it give me the hives and the creeps and jitters... And I stil spam Dscan... I can't not. Gods I am such a wormholer... Funny to be surrounded by people and yet be so alone.

      Did have some fun last night though... our POS went offline... outta fuel. First time in over 2 years that has ever happened to us. Very first time... So we had a rush "Buy and fit an Itty V and max load up on fuel!" "We have a pipe, 9 from Amarr, 1 Lo hop to 4 holes to Bastion." "Get on it guys." ... and we did and the FF came back up ok... sheesh. =]


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