Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Polls are Open…

~or, “Rock the Vote for CSM9"

I have been very busy ingame these last few weeks so I have not spent any recycled electrons here on the current run for CSM9, I will correct that today.

The CSM, the Council of Stellar Management, are YOUR elected representatives to CCP. The CSM is a player-elected council who represents the views of the members of the EVE Online community to CCP.

Functionally the CSM is a lobbying group FOR the playerbase of EVE Online. They have no power or authority inside CCP, they cannot make or enforce any changes to our great game, but the CSM is a very involved stake holder group that has been given privileged access to the Game Developers and Executives inside CCP to give CCP a more detailed, and rational (IE whine, rhetoric and troll free) understanding of the views, needs, desires and feelings of the EVE Online playerbase.

There are 14 player elected representatives on the CSM. 2 have a permanent seat at the 2 annual summits. The summits are 3 day meetings between the CSM and CCP staff. These meetings are mainly set to cover whatever issues the CSM deems worthy to discuss with CCP over current and future mechanics, gameplay, patches and expansions.

The CSM reps are, or can be, YOUR voice at-the-table so to speak… YOUR voice. So if you don’t vote, you can bitch all you want if things disappoint you, but it will be partially your fault for not at least trying…

You want change? You want to possibly influence CCPs direction for the game? Then get on yer ass, get logged in and get involved and at least VOTE for those who represent your views and desires… or if you feel no one really represents what you want then get more deeply involved and run for office yourself.

I have voted in the CSM elections since I joined in Nov of 2010, CSM7 & CSM8. I voted my ballot for CSM9 the day the polls opened. Here is that ballot and…

Here are my endorsements…

 1. Sugar Kyle – Lowsec, Pirate, Industry, All Playstyles
 2. James Argent – Wormholes
 3. Asayanami Dei – Wormholes
 4. Karen Galeo – Wormholes
 5. Ali Aras (Incumbent) – New & Independent Players and Small Gang
 6. Mike Azariah (Incumbent) – Casual Playstyle and Hisec
 7. Matias Otero – BNI, The long-term growth, keeping the game fun, the potential of the Sandbox ideal 
 8. Mangala Solaris (Incumbent) – RVB, continued Balance Changes & Quality of Life ingame 
 9. corbexx – Wormholes
10. Steve Ronuken – Industry
11. progodlegend (Incumbent) – Ship Tiers & Rebalancing, Mechanic Changes, 0.0 Meta
12. corebloodbrothers – Provi null-NRDS
13. Xander Phoena – Communication CSM/playerbase to CCP & Nullsec (non Alliance)
14. Psychotic Monk – Griefer & Hisec: War Decs, Baiting, Safaris, Scamming, Ganking, Mission Thief

My recommendation reflect my playstyle and the space and game I play. As a 3 year wormhole veteran and self styled Anoikis Mercenary, I of course have a W-Space heavy ticket, with 4 slots given to those representing my playstyle… but note that Sugar Kyle is in my #1spot.

I have been following Sugars blog since she first posted…and I am very impressed with her knowledge, energy and passion for our game… but what made me place her at #1 is the same thing that did it for Ripard Teg last year… Sugar is not just a Lowsec or Nullsec or even W-Space candidate… Sugar Kyle truly wants what is best for ALL of us who fly the deadly skies of New Eden… no matter where, or how, we fly.

Now get out there, read up, talk to your corpmates, make a decision and…

Fly Wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I just wanted to say thank you Tur.

  2. No thanx needed dear lady... All I ask, is what you have already said yer gonna do, represent the players... let CCP know that Nullsuc is NOT the only or best way to play EVE...

    I fear this new Industry Expansion is designed to force/coerce players into Null... and there are many, possibly too many, who it will force OFF the server rather than play the game the way others want them to... even if those 'others' are CCPs own Devs and not just the Nullsuc overlords... Unlike real life, we have a choice to play or not, and if CCP wants to grow its playerbase then they MUST cater to ALL playstyles…

    They must give us the widest possible “choice” of how to play the game… solo, casual, small gang, social, large gang and mega gang, and having 4 distinct ‘spaces’ to play in should be expanded… I still firmly believe true First (2nd, 3rd) Person Avatar gameplay, in the form of WiS would have, and still could, create a whole new playstyle and playerbase (IE INCOME) to EVE Online and for CCP…

    While I strongly agree Reward should equate to Risk... it should be scaled across ALL security spaces... no ONE space or playstyle should be the ONLY one... I know for a fact if the CFC of some similar group or deep enough change in W-space mechanics allows large entities like the CFC et al to pwn W-space... I won't 'toe the line'... I'll unsub... and so will one helluva lot of people.

    They should NOT be reducing/nerfing/eliminating gameplay options… they should be increasing them.


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