Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertiiiime!

Well. it's happened... I'm unsubbed for the first time in almost 4 years... and not doing anything about it... for now. Not all rage quitty nor any proof of apathy for Dimmy's Tale of Woe for EVE... nope, I am simply too effin busy is all.

Work-wise I am between contracts, again. Several months into my last contract the ubiquitous 'they' cut the WHOLE first level support team (6 or 7 FT employees laid off) and outsourced it to some firm in Mexico... Mexico?? and then they cut the only contractor on the support team... me (go figger huh?). It sorta sucks but, when life give ya lemons... make lemonade right? So we are kinda taking advantage of this as the wife went FT at her job several months ago so I am doing the SAHD thing... being a stay-at-home-dad... for now. Oh I am actively looking, calling, talking and putting out resumes and such just nothing much really moving much in my area (at my rate) ATM.

So of course there is the neverending honey-do list of yard, house, sailboat and such projects and chores... but we also have the pool up and usually full of kids, the hottub bubblin and the grill and firepit both have seen much use in the first half of summer, and I expect it will not slow down until we start heading into school prep for my young ones. Huh, young ones... both are starting Middle School, what we called Junior High in my day.

No idea what's happenin in the hole and really not even keeping up with blogs and the meta to be honest... again, just too damn busy is all... heck as I write this the kids are calling me back outside...  =]

Hope all of ya'll have a great summer... I am looking forward to getting back to the unfriendly skies of New Eden... but right now we got burgers on the grill and company on the way and the water is fine... See ya'll in a month or so.

Fly safe and see you in the Pool...  =/|)=


  1. I find what you are doing is both refreshing and a bit daunting.

    EVE is my chosen "Me Time" - the distraction from the world around me, and some much needed downtime. Not sure I like the idea of giving that up!

    Good luck on the job hunting front. I know you are in a different country, but it seems the middle class white collar jobs are getting a hammering around the western world. I fear we will get to a point where you either earn big money or poor money, with not much in between.

    1. Refreshing I get... but daunting??

      I know not about other white collar middle class jobs but IT in my area of the world has changed immensely since '911'... but thanx, I've got a good CV and even after 911 I have been able to hold my rate and even go up some... I know many that had to negotiate down and some that even left IT.

      And, uh... well... I guess I should 'fess up. I have been watching from afar as 'twere as my 11 year old dottir has, over the last 4 years, become as addicted to Minecraft as I am to EVE... and well she needed some help getting her system back on it's feet after a nasty infection and in doing so I... accidentally... played Minecraft... you know... just as a 'test'...


      So uh yea... I now have 3 worlds and finally found one that has a really wide variety of biomes and is frakkin immense and I found Minutor a mapping app that give you not only the explored surface of your worlds but also shows, layer by layer, EVERYTHING from bedrock all the way up to some height above the highest elevation... so, uh, ummm.... what PC time I can grab 'tween burgers and the beach is now devoted to.... MINING!!!!!!!

      Mining... something that in EVE was the ONLY activity that I felt could make me rage quit... oh gods just kill me now.... =]

    2. Daunted at the thought of not having EVE as a distraction I can go to.

      I already play Minecraft on and off - it can be addictive, and is particularly good for mindless fun. Both my kids (5 and 9) have loved it for some time. I'll have to look up Minutor.

    3. Oh I do miss EVE.. and my bros... and yea, not 'happy' about being unsubbed, so just making the best of it I guess...

      Minutor -
      Cartographer G -

      Both are very cool... but Minutor is the worst (best) cheat in history... =]

  2. Enjoy the Lemonade!

  3. I hope to see you back in about a month and a half- have a wedding we're prepping for atm so am very busy as well- and as you may know i'm moving just after that. Should be back up and creating content for our little piece of space sometime in mid august.

    1. I will be back as soon as (1) I land a job or (b) kids start back to school... the one will change our finances for the better and the other will leave me too much free time... =]

      Hope all are well, please take care of my stuff (I has a list!!!)(I actually do, really..) and if ya need to get in touch via txt and Strigon and AI can always reach me...

    2. wait... what??? WEDDING? What wedding?? Whos??? and moving where???? TXT ME!!

  4. Have fun, Tur. I'm in the daunted area with Eve Hermit. My sit down at the computer time is my destressor. I can't be gogogo.

    1. As I responded to Hermit, I still get in some PC time, just with everything else going on not enough to really 'do' anything worthwhile in EvE... and the job situation and expenditures on summer stuff means I had to decide whether to pay for EVE or use that $15 somewhere else for now... and with the price of gas etc. ... well, summer won out for now.

      And just so ya'll know... no, I am not happy I am unsubbed... not at all, but it's that lemonade thing again.

      As for 'daunted' equalling being busy... well, chillin out grillin steaks or burgers and drinkin margaritas with friends while the kids wear themselves out in the pool, on the trampoline and with the tire swing is not anywhere near my definition of gogogo... the last 2 months have all in all been major destressors for me... no 9 to 5... no bosses... no schedules but what I deem needful... Hell, if I could do this for the rest of my life I'd retire right now. =]


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