Friday, October 17, 2014

It’s OK, You Can Stop Shooting Now… Really.

~or “A Good Troll, If Troll It Was.”

Last night we went hunting in our (then) current static lowsec in Tirbam (0.2) in Tash-Murkon. Sov was scouting and found 2 Retrievers placidly mining a belt… There was a few minutes of the possibility of :Orca:, but that never transpired and we had a fleetmate who could not stay long so…  a hunting we did go.

Sov, our indomitable FC was inna Cheetah, Tsra was inna Prophecy, Endy inna Britux, NC1M inna Tengu and I was in my short point/sebo/missile Maladiction. Once we were all on the hole and after waiting a little bit more to see if anything better transpired, Sov decided we’d just take the targets that presented themselves. He had made a Close-In BM and as I was inna fast lock Inty he called me in first,

“Tur, jump, warp to the Close-In BM and get point on Herb Gunnison, Retriever… your target is  ‘HER’.” he ordered in that calm cool James T. style of his…

“Roger, jump, warp, get point on Retriever ‘HER’.” I jumped and warped as quickly as I could…

I landed just outside of the 10km short points range, turned, burned and targeted, got point called it and held point orbiting at 7k. Then I went ahead and started the missiles on ’im… just, you know, ‘cause…  :missiles:   =]

The moment I called point Sov called the rest of our gang in. They landed and point was called on Feng Yotosashi, then back up point on Herb… and as the DPS started landing, backup point on Feng was called… we had them cold…

[Caveat:  Anyone who has read my stuff knows I do not consider myself a ganker and I don’t like players whose primary motivation is ‘tears’ or players who are noob greifers, scammers and suchlike… at the same time please understand I am a wormholer and this was lowsec. All these guys had to do was warp off. That’s it. Dock up and we would have ignored them, not might have, would have. But they didn’t and, well… we decide to go for it in the hope they had continued mining because they had friends nearby who might or would jump in and give us a fight. The point of attacking the Retrievers was the hope of getting a better fight… not to gank miners… they were just the bait… ok? ok. On with the story and the weird reason why they actually didn’t warp off…]

Then, one of the stranger things that has happened to me out of a mass of very strange things that has happen to me in EVE… we see this in local…

Feng Yotosashi > hey guys we are not kos
Feng Yotosashi > =/

KOS?? Ohhhhh… What? Oh, Kill On Sight… ahh, I see… wait, what?? Are we in Provi?? Uh… nope… we are definitely in Tirbam, a 0.2 lowsec system... I actually had to dubble check. Yup, Tirbam, 0.2, lowsec… OK… that’s weird.

Then, while I am going through the above, and as these things go…  !BOOM!
[06:29:00] (notify) Warp Scrambler II deactivates as “Kiretsu Mk.1” begins to explode.

“Point the pod, point the pod.” Sov calls, I get lock, set and call point… Sov tells us to hold fire on the pod, annnnd… Endy pops the pod. Awww… he “says” he tried to stop the firing cycle… and that he ‘only’ fired once, “I swear.”… Uh huh. Pod thief.  =]

I then added my point and missiles to the second quickly dying Retriever and…
[06:29:19] (notify) Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile deactivates as the item it was targeted at is no longer present.

Now during all of this our comms chatter was… well, we were first spamming scan and watching local hoping for a spike… and also trying to figure out just whatinthehell Feng and Herb were talking about… (logs lightly edited for spelling etc.)

Sovereign Meari > gf
TurAmarth ElRandir > uh... what?  GD 
Bruce Wangchow > gd?
Sovereign Meari > "good death" 
Bruce Wangchow > hm
Sovereign Meari > well if someone doesn't fight back...
Sovereign Meari > >.<

All in good fun but then this… 

Bruce Wangchow > well you guys are not kos to cva, I even set you to neutral 
Bruce Wangchow > that's why I was not worried mining there, what happened? 
Bruce Wangchow > why did you attack us?


Tsra > ...
Tsra > do you know where you are? 
Sovereign Meari > I think he does.
Bruce Wangchow > yes I do
Sovereign Meari > I think he realizes he's in lowsec.
Tsra > ok phew 
Bruce Wangchow > well, people who are not kos don’t attack each other here, it's the first time I see this happening 
TurAmarth ElRandir > here??? in EVE??? what??? 
Sovereign Meari > well, unless I see CVA Sovereignty here 
Sovereign Meari > well
Bruce Wangchow > so you guys only follow that in providence?

Sovereign Meari > yeaaaaaa
Sovereign Meari > that’s right
TurAmarth ElRandir > are you serious??
Sovereign Meari > we follow that in provi
TurAmarth ElRandir > this is lowsec bro...
TurAmarth ElRandir > not Provi Null
Bruce Wangchow > I know man
Endymi Typhirr > Do you know where you are?  (for the second time…)
Endymi Typhirr > You're in the jungle, baby! You're gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!
Bruce Wangchow > but we have lots of cva not kos corps around, and they just won’t attack each other
TurAmarth ElRandir > well... we aren't them... so... KOS allatime!!
Bruce Wangchow > hm well ok then I guess, but that was a bummer =[
Bruce Wangchow > thought you guys were cool

Now that cuts… I am cool, just ask my bros.  =\

Tsra > nope
Sovereign Meari > er
Tsra > we’re nerds
TurAmarth ElRandir > this is just weird...
Sovereign Meari > well, I thought you guys were cool too
Bruce Wangchow > me too =/
Endymi Typhirr > why can't we be cool and shewt stuff? D:
Endymi Typhirr > :'(
Sovereign Meari > I thought you'd fight back
Tsra > but like those mean jock nerds
Tsra > who beat up lesser nerds
Sovereign Meari > bring 3-5 bc's from around system and jump us when we jumped you
Bruce Wangchow > haha yeah
Endymi Typhirr > I'm gonna admit I didn't intend to kill the pod…

We were by now back on the hole and jumped back home. We did come back a bit later and run a site… but that was that for the night.

We checked and neither Feng nor Bruce are in CVA either…
Feng is the CEO of Blackdrill Inc. [BLKDRL] corp, no Alliance, and Bruce is a member of same corp. BLKDRL is a 06/14 corp and both toons are new, Feng, 04/14 and Bruce 05/14… Feng does not have a bio, but Bruce does… this;

Not KOS: this is the CVA KOS site…

Sov was wondering if these guys had been fed a load of BS… or if it was a troll… ‘cause I gotta tell you, for a minute or two there we were somewhat confused… however, our DPS wasn’t.

Whatta weird and wonderful game EVE is…  =]

Fly Wreckless and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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