Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Parallax View...

~or “My Notes on the Patch Notes…”

Browsed through the Frosty December (whatever) Patch Notes and dug out just those things of interest to me…


EVE has sound...? (sorry, I had to...)

Module Balancing:
* Module Tiericide on Remote Repair Modules. More details can be found here.

This is of interest to me obviously… but I am not a number guy so I usually wait for the changes to land then test ‘em out and see what I will see. However I am interested in how all this, “…remote armor, shield and hull reps all now have falloff (this falloff reduces effectiveness as you get further from your target)” will affect us in site running… and PVP.

* The presence of Drifter wormholes around New Eden has been increased.
Lots of changes to exploration, but I don’t do a lot of that so…

* Visual Damage System - Your ship will now display a shield when taking damage, if your attacker gets through your shields you will see localized armor damage.

Have seen the shields vids and prayed for something like it for YEARS!! Am very pleased to read that we will also see armor damage after shields drop… Yeah CCP!

* The battle between light and dark is over, the brightness slider has been implemented into the settings menu!

As long as this means I can adjust the brightness of those godsawful gas clouds in sites… then just Oh Hellz YES!!

* The following visual effects have been renovated:
    Ship & Drone engine boosters
    Warp Entry
    Wormhole Jump
    ECM Burst
    Sensor Booster
    Stasis Web
    Survey Scanner
    Tracking Booster
    Smart Bombs (EMP, Graviton, Photon, Plasma)

* Your ship will now accumulate dirt and grime over time. (Note: You can clean your ship’s hull through the fitting window.)

All the above just simply good stuff, ‘nough said. And I know, I know… Kill Marks… Look, I’m usually a Logibro or Hero Tackle so when WE get Kill Marks for assists then I’ll care.

* Three new ice Mining Lasers usable only on Expedition frigates are now available.
* The Micro Jump Field generator is now available. More details can be found here.
* Missile Disruption modules are now available. More details can be found here.

Good, mmmmmm... good…

Missions & NPCs:
Science & Industry:

EVE has Missions & NPCs and Science and...? (you know...)

* The brand new Expedition Frigate known as the Endurance has been released. More details regarding the Endurance can be found here.
* Four brand new Command Destroyers, which can utilize the new Micro Jump Field generators have been released. More details regarding the Command Destroyers can be found here.
* Four brand new Tech II Logistics Frigates have been released. More details on these ships can be found here.

All of these just make we wet.


Books for teh new ships of course…


Some care, me not so much.

* Grid boxes have been increased in size from 250km to 7800km.

This is huge… I mean HUGE… and not just 7800km huge either. HOLEE SHEET! Logged on, setup an all-fast-nothing-else interceptor and burned hard north... new off grid safe at the POS?? 13,395km... Yup... we do shit BIGGER in holes!

User Interface:
* Visual update to probes and d-scan cone.
* Added an icon to the Watch List for when you are targeting and have targeted a member.
* Interbus Ship Identification System has been renamed. (interesting… LOL)
* Broadcast section of the fleet window is expanded by default.

All good worthwhile changes.


* Expanded the advanced audio Atmosphere slider to include Incursion system entry sounds.

Oh thank the gods…

* Attacking Mobile Scan Inhibitors and Mobile Micro Jump Units no longer causes a significant security status penalty and kill right.

Corps and Alliances:


* Expanded the 'Camera bobbing' option to enable the deactivation of bobbing in hangars.   

Mac-specific Graphics:

Someone cares? I jest, I jest… (no I don’t…)

Missions & NPCs:
* Minor balance tweaks have been made to Drifter Battleships.

Factional Warfare:
User Interface:

I am sure there are people who care... I am happy for them. Seriously. I am.   =\

Fly reckless and see you in the Sky =/|)=


  1. You know Parallax was the November release, right? (And I already used that very title for my post on it.) Today's drop was under the name Operation Frostline or December Release, depending on who you ask.

    1. Oh hell... You know what? I don't care. I'm keeping the name and... and... it's cause of the view from thirteen THOUSAND kilometers from our POS. yeah, that's it... the View.

      So there. =P

  2. Hey Tur, hope things are going well.

    Not a specific item, but more of a general comment. Unsure what CCP did to tweak the visuals, but holy moly it looks GOOD. Do you know if they snuck something in along with the dirt/kill marks?

    Merry Christmas!



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