Sunday, April 10, 2016

Not Dead Yet...

~or, “RL >EVE…  sux."

I’m still out there… even loggin’ on occasionally, runnin sites, getting jumped, lost ships, even killed a few… just not a lot to talk about really. Personal life stuff is working out better, which is good for me, bad for ya’ll…

And I know all ‘bout the Goon War, The Casino War, World War Bee, whateverwar… I even sorta brought up that mebbe we, my gang, might wanna consider mebbe leaving th’ hole for a bit to… you know, join in the GoonStomp and mebbe get to say “We were there” n shit… my guys weren’t really going for it though. We’re wormholers, Anoikis is our home and the space we love best and the goings on in Empire… well, we just don’t care that much really.

So, I’m still here… and I am just not doing anything much that’s prompting my muse is all. Still love the game, still play it more than any other, still care… just not motivated blathering wise ATM is all.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. whateverwar +1

    Good to know you're alive!

    1. LOL... yea I'm still here.

      You saw a post or 2 ago I was in some deep kimchee with the separation et al... Well, we separated, I have my own place... we put the BS behind us... and we started dating. And it's been really really good.

      So that's where all my time has gone. And it's been well worth it. All those years of her HATING EVE and my blogging and all of it.. "poof!" gone. She supports me, she supports my gaming and blogging and even told me that all those years she had been secretly reading my blog. And some of it all, her anger etc. was partly... envy.

      Life is so gods damned weird.


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