Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wormhole Rules & Wormholes Rule

Asleep at the Gun

2011.04.24 04:43:11
Today I 'woke' to a lovely day in the Alliance C1 Wormhole (WH). The sun was shining, the forcefield was shimmering, the wifeaggro was at Condition Green and I had a valid bookmark (BM) out if needed... not a bad start to any day for me in EVE.

Now as an Alliance member while I have access to the POS, I don't have corp access to the Hangar Bay so when in the hole I and my corpies "live" in our ships. So, I check the temp settings in my POD, opened comms and 07'ed them as what were on, but no corp or Alliance members were online who are currently in the hole w/ me.

I was in "ShitFit" my PvE Drake. Started spammin dscan, SOP, nuthing out of the ordinary w/i 2 bla,bla,bla million KM so I decided to head out and (1) swing by a number of old BM's I had to clean up off my BM list then head out of the hole and run some L3's out of my home station to re-raise me Security Status (secstat) from the hits I had taken in our last few lowsec roams, I am not an outlaw at -0.03, but if you don't stay on top of it you could easily find gates and stations in hisec showing you their Dislike Per Second afore you know it. I been hopin to put together some low-to-null sec rattin runs with my corpies and allies (avoiding the avoidable PvP) cause the higher the bounty on the RATS the higher, and quicker, your secstats go up, just haven't gotten OL times in sync yet.

So I pop out to the 1st BM, a Grav site I "thought" was an old one we had already cleared.... and, of course, it wasn't. Crap... Crap, crap, crap, crap... You see Tif, the ally who is basically in charge of PI and Mining ops in the Alliance WH has been handling all of that really well and I simply didn't like having just popped a mining site w/o his OK or knowledge. While sitting there waffling over whether to in-mail him and keep on w/ my BM clean up, or what... Tif appears on scan, fly's up in his Covetor and asks me "Tur, WTF you doin in my Grav site?"  =]

Well, I esplain my mistake and he sends out his mining minions, and starts in on a nice juicy rock... I figger I'll fly CAP (Combat Air Patrol) so I go 20KM vertical and settle in to overwaatch as he mines. Well as anyone who mines knows, mining is the single most boring I$K faucet in all of EVE... at least I am one of those that feel this way and I am not even mining... I am WATCHING someone ELSE mine. Needless to say I was, well.... bored to deth. I was spammin dscan and such but I also ended up deep into an audio chat with a noob, Alri, not new just to EVE but also a new Ally and a new good friend.

2011.04.24 04:43:11
Well to unnecessarily drag out a relatively short story, needless to say I was really very surprised (though I am sure many of you are not by this point in the narrative) when I realized Tif's Covetor had become a white triangle inside of a cloud of smoke and there was a Arazu popping it's drones out and another ship (I didn't catch what the 2nd one was) but my attention was on the Arazu... I immediately fired up the MWD, approached, activated all 3 Invulnerability Field IIs, the DCU II, locked, fired missiles and released drones on the Arazu.

Now, as usual in PvP things were happenin really, really fast. As I 'begin' my approach I watched my shields go down to 75% faster than I had ever seen em go in ANY L4 or Sleeper site OR PvP I had been in yet with "ShitFit"... I made that snap decision you make when you realize you are simply going to be the 2nd wreck on the field and not the Sword Of Truth and Vengance you had originally set out to be ... I aligned to the POS relay point and began spammin the warp button.

I made it back to the POS and Tif was there, he had got away and was ok aside from the lost of the Covertor... and bein somewhat pissed at me... I was all riled up ans wanted to go find the Arazu and actually see if I would lose to it, my earlier decision being a snap decision made during battle and mainly based on the fact that I knew I was PvE fit and not PvP. Anyhoo... my corpies and Allys all agreed I should stay in POS as I had no back up available ATM, so I bowed to peer pressure and stayed in the POS... but I will wonder to my last day if I could have taken him, "ShitFit" tanks like a brick.

Fly Safe & see you in the sky... =/|)=

Enforcing the Rules

2011.04.24 14:40:40
Woke today, as is not uncommon, alone in the POS. Per pavlovian response to being IN the WH, started spammin dscan... nuthin out of the ordinary in range, 'nother lovely day in the hole. It is so strange that I am in -1.0 space, and yet... everytime I wake in the POS... I feel 'safer' here than anywhere in Empire. The rules are so clear. You are a corpie or an Ally, or you are a target... period. And the neighborhood is so very exclusive. "If" you have neighbors, THEY are corpies or Allies, or targets, clean and clear and simple.

So, I still hadn't cleaned up my excess BMs due to the incident the night afore where I'm still feelin deep guilt over the "ganking of my friend Tif's Covetor while I was on overwatch", thing... so I head back out to try once more to clear off the old BMs and "...what to my wondering eyes doth appear? But a Hurricane running a Sleeper site in our WH.

Mmmm... OK
(1) is he alone? I narrow dscan to 30° and localize him to near Planet VI Moon 1. Warp there and set scan to 'system' and immediately get a 'Green' Perimeter Ambush site, Ah HAH! While doing this I have been watchin him and it will be him and 1 wreck, then just him, then him and 1 wreck, then just him.... so he is site running, which means PvE fitted and unless he is "Bait", which is very possible as we had a gank in the hole just last night... it is also possible he is a loner running sites. The immediate Loot & Salvage if each wreck leads me to feel he is more likely alone than bait.

(B) I am in "ShitFit", my PvE fit Drake I have no Ewar, no webbers, no scrammers & no neuts... can I take a PvE fit 'Cane? Ain't but one way to find out as I saw it... I immediately warped to the site at '0'...   =]

2011.04.24 14:40:34 ] (notify) The Hurricane is too far away, you need to be within 69000 meters of it but are actually 116687 meters away.

I am however within 20KM of an Awakened Escort Sleeper who, of course, immediately starts in on me... screw him, I fire up the MWD and burn hard @ 800M/s towards the site ninja 'Cane, as soon as I get in range I lock him up and it's "Missiles AWAY!" I free my Drones... but before they can even start to warp to the Cane, he choose the better part of valor, and...

14:42:24 (notify) XR-3200 Heavy Missile Bay deactivates because its target, Hurricane, is not locked... he runs away to fight another day.

So now of course I go ahead and complete the site, Loot & Salvage and, as RL calls, I settle back at the POS happy that I have, to some small degree, recovered a modicum of self respect for running off a site thief, even though w/o tackle mods there was no real chance of me killing him if he decided, as he did, to exit stage left.

Fly Safe & see you in the sky... =/|)=

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