Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"The Backstory Of TurAmarth""
or "How TurAmarth Came to EVE", Part the First

OK... I am a geek. 15+ years as a PC tech vastly qualifies me for that title, actually I believe I deserve the longed for capital "G". My turning to the dark side took the oh so familiar route... I ended up in a job where the use of a computer was required, began to learn about word processing and Corel Draw 3.0 as I was an artist for a screen printing factory at the time. This led... just as that 1st cold beer inevitably leads to crack... to PC Gaming.

The day came when a good and trusted friend (isn't the evil always spread by a good and trusted friend??) told me of a game he had been given by a 'good and trusted friend' (See!?!?!) called "Wolfenstien 3D"... he said it was really cool and he could copy it to floppy for me. Now, anyone who knows of this insidious game went through exactly the same thing I did... I found myself desperately wanting to freely move through the game and not be confined to absolute 90° turns.

Then came the day... that same good and trusted friend called and told me of a game named, quite simply "Doom". Well... now THIS was a VAST improvement! And in Doom 1, "TurAmarth ElRandir" was 1st created, and has been my prime character in every game I have played in since.

Then came the day... that same good and trusted friend called and told me we could connect via a modem, to each other’s games... we could 'see' each other... we could explore the world of Doom 'together'... we could "KILL" each other...  over and over and over and over and...  oh yes dear Virginia, there is a God!

Needless to say my world went to crap. I was up till 2, 3, 4 sometimes 5 AM MOST nights...  weekdays, weekends, holidays, birthdays... there were the inevitable half-serious jokes about setting up a PC in the bathroom... with a small fridge close to hand. Now, at the time I was in my early 20's married to a young woman of uncommon generosity and patience... which I was finally able to wear thin.

Needless to say after a few months of this, I sat back one... um, morning... rubbing the kinks out of my neck with my severely carpal'ed up mousehand... when I spied my young wife's wedding band, and no, she did not have her slender hand resting gently upon my shoulder... it was sitting on top of my monitor. "Hmmm" says I, "This cannae be good."

I went to the bedroom and she woke as I entered. She rolled over and the thin sheet slipped down <skip forward past things not ostensibly of import to this blog> and then she, with a fine sheen of sweat glistening on her heaving <skip forward past more things not ostensibly of import to this blog> sighed and, leaning back and looking down at me said, "Well... OK, 'now' I don't think you are 'more' married to that game than me." Where upon she allowed me to place the ring back upon her finger.

Suffice it to say this was my 1st experience with gaming addiction and wifeaggro, two things that seem to be strongly related... though wifeaggro seems to have a myriad of connections to many, many other things in my life.

Fly safe and see you in the Sky =/|)=

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