Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Moar War!!

We are getting all settled in our new quarters here at Serenity Station. Over the last week our two members at large, TF & KK who were on sabbatical with the Executor corp for intense POS training, have returned to the fold. All of us have our prime and some have alts settled in the POS permanently so we will always have a live presence.

I had decided my 1st alt, AK, would be my WH Gurl and she is now permanently in residence at the POS. I have stopped all training on Tura and she is now skilling up for all the various WH related and required skills…. Scanning, both on-board and scanner probes; cloaking which is required for working in wspace and when exploring adjoining WHs etc.; Industrials, I want to get her into a Mammoth for hvy hauling… fuel, ore from mining, ships, etc.; PI, so she can start making fuel and strip mining the planetary bodies in here; and of course I need to get her into a Drake and other cool fighting ships… In other words, poor AK is gonna get her sexy toon ass hammered in the weeks to come…  =]

SL says he is NEVER leaving the WH again! Well… except for runs to Jita or Rens to sell our WH produce and buy whatever is needed, which we all will be doing as time and OL schedule decree. I know the rest of the guys feel pretty much the same as I do… this is HOME and a majority of time and our I$K making will be done in here… but we will also take part in the Alliance fun & games in Empire still. Run some missions w/ allies… take part in PvP Tournaments… Low Sec Roams, all the usual stuff, just at the end of the day I want to log off in here, and if I can’t due to distance to an event or whatever, I will prolly opt to stay inside and PI, mine or raid adjoining WHs.

Take for instance last night… I had both my prime and AK out in Empire setting things up so AK could bring my Hoarder down packed FULL of my stuff… and full for a properly setup Hoarder is not too shabby… Fully rigged and w/ 3 T2 cargo expanders she holds (from a base of just 5,100m3) 20,771m3… add the ‘cargo can trick’ and with 207 full std cargo containers in her hold she carries 24,911m3. Consider that a Mammoth fully rigged and modded carries 26,115m3 (w/o the can trick) I am not unhappy w/ her at all. Granted add the can trick to a Mammoth and you get 31,335m3 (which is only 2,143m3 less than a fully rigged and modded Itty Mk IV)… and is why I want AK in a Mammoth.  =]

For those who don’t know, the ‘can trick’ is simple… a Std Cargo Container takes up 100m3 of space in your hold… but it holds 120m3 of cargo… That’s right, it carries 20 square meters MORE ‘stuff’ inside itself than the space it occupies. So for every 100m3 of cargo space in your hold, fill a can and you can carry 120m3, it adds up. 207 cans in my Hoarder carry 4,140m3 EXTRA stuff… Plus add in that you can name the cans what they are, who they’re for, etc. etc. …

But I digress… So I have loaded my Hoarder, “Tughiril”, as full as I could and flown it out to a fairly deep SS I have in Dodixie, podded back to station, switched to AK, podded down to the SS, boarded and docked her. Then I switched back to Tura, bought 3 cans worth (4K per can) of std Scourge hvy missiles, loaded my Drake w/ CalNav Scourge (w/ 500 ready reloads in the hold) and headed back to the hole as soon as KK had the new entry system… not too bad, 14 hops and only 1 lowsec.

Once I got home I settled Tura in and swapped back to AK and started her on the run to the C2. Again got in OK and got her settled in. Now all I have left really is the arduous task of deciding what ships to bring down and then fly them here as all of my ships can’t be repackaged and hauled… I rig ALL my ships… costly in some cases, but worth it in my opinion. So I will have to fly in everything I want to have handy until we get enough ore and parts to start up operations with our Lrg Ship Building Array.

Now the whole time I am doing all of this my corpmates and allies in the hole are scanning down the adjoining WH’s inside the C2… Our WH is a static C2 which means it will ALWAYS have a WH to another C2 wspace. Plus as stated in prior posts, ours has a static lowsec entrance. One of the up to 4 WHs that can exist at any one time in our wspace, will ALWAYS lead to a lowsec Empire system. The nice thing about this is we most often have one WH to lowsec, the “door” to our C2 and we almost always have a WH to another C2 wspace… which can be raidable and if so, very profitable.

Last night we found we had a WH spawn that was to a C5… Yipes!!  RUN Forrest, RUN!!! You see wspace is classified as:

Unknown Space (C1, C2 &3)
Dangerous Unknown Space (C4 & C5)
Deadly Unknown Space (the dread C6)

To break that down into understandable terms…

Class 1 and 2 systems have sleeper sites that can be soloed
   (with the right skills, ship and fit).
Class 3 will want to run with some friends with RR.
Class 4 will want lots of friends with RR.
Class 5 definitely will need lots of friends with RR and probably a capital.
Class 6 definitely will need a capital or two and lots of friends with RR. 

They scanned the C5 w/ the onboard system scanner… 27 sites! and no sign on dscan of any inhabitants… It’s a C5, of course there are no inhabitants… it’s DEADLY in thar!! But we were safe enough w/ that hole present as no one was going to use it to venture into our wspace!

They scanned down the new static C2… and it was occupado… so my friends went about the hairy task of closing a WH. Now closing WHs is a subject I should devote a full page to, but I’m here now so here goes…

Mass Collapsing Wormholes

First, study THIS link… then consider your options.

You have a WH, a C2 in wspace with a life expectancy of 16 hours, max mass allowed per jump is 300,000,000 kg, total mass allowed over its lifetime is 2,000,000,000 kg. 

"The Massamatix Strategy”

You simply add up the mass of each ship, plated BSs, Indies, Orca whatever, taking into account the effects of an AB if you decide to use tem and try and determine, massamatically, the number of hops required to breach the 2B kg mass limit on the last hop back in.

The issue here is that there's a random factor on the total mass [+/- a few percent afaik]. Plus, it's difficult to know FOR SURE that no one else has gone through unless you are 100% certain that you probed the hole first. 

“The Free Willy Solution”

Instead of worrying about figuring out the 'exact' mass amounts and number of jumps by what ships with or without ABs on... first you have an Orca go “out” and cloak up on the far side of the WH then you jump a couple of BS’s or Indies with ABs on back and forth and carefully watch the state of the WH and react based on that. After each jump a pilot ‘gets info’ on the WH looking for the warning:

"Has had its stability reduced, but not to a critical degree yet" - This means the wormhole has seen a decent amount of travel, and has less than 45% of its total allowable mass left.

Now you use no more than 1 or 2 BS’s or Indies without ABs on and carefully watch the state of the WH looking for the warning:

"This wormhole has had its stability critically disrupted by the mass of numerous ships passing through and is on the verge of collapse." - This means exactly what it says. The wormhole has had most of its total allowable mass used up, and has less than 5% left. Collapse is imminent.

As soon as the WH goes critical any pilots on the “outside” (should be no more than 2 plus the Orca) jump in and then the Orca jumps through with AB going (for the additional mass to ensure closure) and closes the hole.

As long as you're careful you should never strand the Orca on the wrong side, and you should be able to close a WH reliably.

Note: If a wormholes mass allowance has been reduced to only (e.g.) 1kg before it collapses, it will still allow your Orca through.

Note: It is ALWAYS good idea to scan down any other WHs inside the WH to be closed or at least have the ships involved have probe launchers and probes fitted…. JIC. 

“The Short Straw Option”

Run an Orca or plated AB fit BS or 2 through until it goes critical (on the verge of collapse). Then take a noob alt in an insured, BS fit only w/ and AB and run him through a couple times. If he gets stuck, he simply self destructs, wakes up in empire, and makes his way back in at the first opportunity.

Not ideal, but it's better than having a prime and a valuable ship stuck on the wrong side.


My guys went with the “Massamatix” and it worked out ok… the last ship ‘in’ closed the hole… this time.

Now forcing the static C2 WH closed automatically spawns the new C2… and they quickly scanned it down and explored… Ah HA! Now this is more like it! While there was a POS, it was all quiet, no activity and a LOT of nice fresh sleeper sites… oh joy! Dreams of I$K danced in our heads as we each checked out and loaded and prepped our ships. WH RAID!!!

This is the real joy of a C2 w/ a static C2… C2s are far better I$K faucets than C1s but FAR safer than C3 and up WHs… and with a static C2, you get many opportunities to raid the static hole if they are (1) unoccupied [not often the case] or (b) occupied but with everyone asleep…  shhhhh… It’s like having a C2 w/ 2 full systems and 2 full sets of sleeper sites. And if you aren’t happy with the current selection of C2, you just close the hole and see what the next one has to offer.

So off we go… we had my Drake, SM in his Tengu, NC in his Falcon, SL in a Abbadon and KK in his Armageddon.  We ran, 6 site I believe, I ran 2 with my Drake and then went back and got the Noctis from SM and ran the loot & salvage for all the sites as the guys finished up ahead of me, timed it just about right. Dropped off the Noctis, and took “Spirit of ShitFit” (my Drake, ‘nother story there…) back to Serenity Station… I sat for a few and just gazed at the stars, then logged off to bed.

 So… there you have it in a nut shell… (well, a coconut shell mebbe) a day in the life in our Wormhole…

Oh… and the title you ask? Where is there anything in here about the War you ask? Well, that’s just it you see… the war did not exist for us in the C2. Actually, when I logged in that day, we all got the notification that the war had been invalidated (CONCORD was stopping it due to non-payment of the War  Charges by the deccing Alliance…) but our attitude was… who cares?

You see, In the C2… if yer not a corpmate or an ally or an invited friend… you ARE a Legitimate Target, plain and simple. Empire wars mean nothing in the Wormhole…  No Moar War.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky =/|)=

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