Monday, June 6, 2011

POSitively.... Wonderful!

OK... my last post was all about how my corp lost 2 Lrg Minmatar Planetary Orbital Stations before they even got anchored and onlined... the first was lost to a gank outside of the station is was purchased at... the second one made it safely all the way to the inside of the C2 WH it was to be setup in when it was lost to some form of glitched game mechanic which sent my Hoarder, being flown by my out of corp alt, directly to an Allies POS, which then promptly killed my ship as an unknown...

Well, during the course of my bloggin about that particular occurrence, my corpmates scraped together enough to buy, you got it, another (read 3rd) Lrg Minmatar Control Tower and 8 shiny new Med Artillery pieces and 5 Med Autocannons... They made the run and got them in the C2 while I was offline. So when I came back online everything was there, stored in our Allies Hangar ready to go.

So... the time has come at last. Now if we can just (1) get it to a moon, (2) get it anchored, which take approx 30 minutes, get it fueled and onlined, which will take another 30 minutes and completes with the raising of the forcefield, at which point we will have a POS with a shield base strength of 45,000,000 HP.

This is more than an hour... exposed.... inside a C2 Wormhole. The thing to keep in mind is this is a tiny little single system piece of nullsec, actually -1.0, etherestate. Now the C2 we are in has a static lowsec WH. This means this wspace can have a variety of WH's, from those that lead to null, to some that lead to hisec, but it will ALWAYS have at least one that leads to lowsec.

This means two things... (1) we don't get very much hisec traffic at all... it tends to be a rather quiet WH in that respect, (b) though we don't get as many visitors as a C1, when we do.... they tend to be of the more deadly type.... either coming in from lowsec or even null... so in one way we are safer here than in Low or Hi sec space... we are not surrounded by a butt ton of people from noobs to '03 players, but IF we did see anyone not "us".... it was most likely gonna be Trouble with (as you can see) a capitol "T"...   But, nothin' to it but to do it right?

So we discuss locations with the corp what owns this particular piece ‘o wspace, you see a CT can’t be anchored anywhere but 100Km off of a moon… don’t ask me why I didn’t write the code… heck I’d give anything to be able to go into orbit round a planet or moon and ya can’t do that here… but you get to fly THROUGH them allatime… go figger huh? Anyhoo, we agree on a moon selection and I fly out to take a look around… you know, see if I like the view… and I do.   =]

Bring it on I call back and SL loads up the CT in his Badger Mk II, warps to me and kicks her out the hold… now I have been hittin Alt-F9 ever now and again to take pix (screenshots w/o any of the overviews or icons) of the operation for posterior sake… yet for some reason I didn’t take one of the POS in its packaged state and I so wish now that I had. It looks like an immensely large sack of potatoes. I clicked and selected “Anchor” and watched the Spike as it very quickly grew out of this ‘bag’. It builds vertically both top and bottom out of the ‘bag’ with the bag simply disappearing in the process. In the space of only a few seconds the Spike was up and the anchoring clock began its count down.

We had a small group there watching over the process… myself & SL and our ally SM. I was in my Stealth Bomber a Hound named “Kilroy”, which is very fast at 3000+M/s which allowed me to move around the site very quickly and of course, being a stealth bomber, she can warp cloaked and is fully equipped for scanning. SL went back and filled his Badger w/ a full load of POS fuel then hopped out in his pod and went back to get another Indy, a Bestower and another load of fuel… SM joined us in support in his Maelstrom.

So there we are watching as the Spike anchoring timer counts down and watching DScan and in general feeling pretty good about ourselves… After a while SM warps back to his POS to get us some fuel we are short on and comes back in his Mammoth. Finally, anchoring completes! Yea! Step 1 done… SL loads up some fuel and starts the onlining process, and we begin another 30 minute countdown…

Things are going pretty smooth, we’re approx half way through the onlining when I notice that there is an orange icon now on the field. For about a second and a half I assume it is KK, my corpmate who has a slight negative sec status due to some low-sec roams which he has not worked off yet, but right as I take a closer look SL yells out “There’s a Loki at the POS!!” Then it hits me that the orange icon is a Loki and not KK and it has started firing on the Bestower… I try to get “Kilroy” out but I get hung up on the POS and can’t cloak as I am too close… the Loki kills the Bestower and turns its attention on the Badger Mk II, I am almost free of the CT when the Badger asplodes… then he locks up and quickly kills my Stealth Bomber.

As I warp out SM’s Mammoth is getting locked up and the Loki starts trying to Scram him… but he had enough time to get up to speed and he gets away as I follow SL back to the POS in my pod. SL immediately jumps into his Rokh and warps back to our POS as I jump into the first ship I know I can fly, a Slasher… I am so upset I don’t even look at how it is fitted cause no matter what it wouldn’t last 20 seconds against a Loki… I just want to get back to the POS and see what has happened. So I warp back to the POS at 100Km… On the way I hear SL call out that the Loki warped away as soon as he landed… and that the Control Tower is OK…. whew. Now it is my understanding that the CT is invulnerable during anchoring and onlining… I’d really hate to find out the hard way that that had been nerfed or glitched by some of the latest patches.

So I fly in from 100Km out (and discover the Slasher, a Minnie frigate I had not flown yet, is one damn fast little ship) and SL is there patrolling in his Rokh and there are still 3 wrecks on the field… We were able to return fast enough to keep the Loki pilot from Looting and salvaging them. It is then that I notice the Slasher I am in is setup as a T1 salvager… well, you take the good w/ the bad… so I start salvage and recovery operations on the wrecks making several trips back to the other POS to empty my hold. On my last trip SM offers to lend me a ‘Cane so I would have a fighting ship, I accept gratefully and head back to the POS.

I return to the CT just scant seconds after onlining completes and the forcefield goes up for the 1st time. We have our very own Planetary Orbital Station !!!! (in actuality CCP calls it a Player Owned Station but I so prefer the former appellation…)   =]

We finally have a home of our own… now… where 'round here can I hang my hammock?

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky =/|)= 

PS. The attack on us took place on 2011.06.04 07:21:25, just 3 hours later at 09:21:00 that EVEning, SL, Tis, SM & NC killed the Loki pilot in his Loki and a mate of his in a ‘Geddon…

I had logged but the word from SL is...
They came back, well the 'Geddon showed up while I was sittin by the tower (in his Rokh) and he (the 'Geddon) started firing on the spike... then SM showed up in his Jaguar and the Loki foolishly uncloaked so we then waited for Tis (in a Maelstrom) and NC (in a Falcon) to get ready and then we sprang our trap...  We killed both the Loki and the Armageddon.

Good work all!!

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