Monday, September 19, 2011

Once again, unto the breach dear friends…

OK, Ima give it one more try… Once again I will jump corp and go in search of Hi Sec Pewage.

Over the last week or so I have been very satisfied wakin up in our POS, the Red Giant starlight diffused and casting its weird illumination through AI’s Great Wall of Bubbles (you gotta see it to believe it)… I have a cuppa coffee while deciding whether to;

Rid our system of the local Legions of Lethargy… (make some I$K)
or, scan down the daily Stat C2 and see if a raid is in order… (make moar I$K w/ possible pewage!)
or, scan down the Stat LowSec and see if it leads anywhere interesting… (meh)
or, mebbe make an effort to finish the Deth Rings (our POS defensive mods array)… (yuch)
or, putter around the POS, do some laundry, the dishes, tidy up the Storage Bays (dubble yuch),

or, as I so often end up… have another cup and just sit lost in the view from our Control Tower enjoying the deep, abiding sense of peace and safety I have (for some weird indefinable reason) when I am in our POS in the Class 2 Wormhole we call home.

After coffee I usually end up doing some quick POS Maintenance, check fuels, etc., then I most often take the Easy I$K route, DScan the local Sedated Stormtroopers and keel them. Simple, easy peasy. I board my Drake and I can semi-AFK solo any site in here… granted it takes a while solo… but the split is 100%... pure profit.  =]

Anyhoo… after a week or so of this I was starting to get the itch to take a stab at learnin PvP again. You see we don’t get raided very often at all in the C2 and I tend to do most or all of my Empire runs in a cloaky.. with my skill level and experience, this is ‘almost’ an assured safe passage even right through gate camps if you know what yer doin.

As for raids in our C2, the Stat LowSec entry greatly reduces the likelihood of our WH getting randomly scanned down… it seems most of the random scanning done in EVE is in HiSec as lowsec is (1) supposedly much moar dangerous and (2) has far fewer pilots per square AU to do any such scanning… The greatest number of raids and trespassers we have encountered are WHers like us who have had our C2 spawn in their WH… then they pop over to see if we are worth raiding… LOL.

So while I live in what is often considered, and for many reasons can be, the most deadly space in EVE, I have actually had far fewer opportunities for PvP here than I have ever had in Empire space, and I aint had all that much there neither... so you do the math. Hence the state of calm peacefulness I experience when in the hole... On the rare occasions when we do get raided, it is often a welcome patch of excitement in an otherwise humdrum (read SAFE) day…

Thus while whiling away the time thusly I have been pondering on how best to scratch my ‘pewage itch’. I, of course, have also been keepin up with the goings on of my corpmates, various friends and associates and one of the guys I was corped up with in HiSec has joined the Red vs. Blue permawar...

Two separate corps that have permanently and mutually war dec’ed each other but work and act together as one corp for the mutual benefit of all members… an interesting concept. RvB was setup specifically with the idea of using War Dec mechanics and some basic, simple rules to give its members as much PvP action as possible… say what?

It amazes me that in a game purported to be as incredibly violent and dangerous as EVE… a game so violent it drives a sizable percentage of newbie players off grid and out of the game back to WOW cause they skeered. And here we have a group of players who have gone to some lengths to create, run and maintain two separate corps as one corp for the express reason to give its members as much pewage as possible… interesting.

But, from what Fer was sayin and the killmails he posted he was getting into a lot of good fights and a little research said his gloating had some basis in… virtuality (lol). Now this has me interested but not by any means hooked. I mean I had just spent several weeks ‘desperately seeking pewage’ and I left Empire with a bad taste in my mouth, now I’m back in the C2 and life is easy… gonna take more than a few killmails to get me to go back out thar, well, for anything other than a store run, however…

Fer made an offhand reference to the effect that Tis should consider staging a couplea salvage ships out his way… said the salvaging was amazing due to the sheer number of battles and fights… huh? Whazzat? You see the very 1st skill I took to L5 was salvaging. The 1st really expensive (to me at the time) ship I bought and fitted was a Noctis, which I proudly named ChopShop. I, for reasons I cannot for the life of me describe or understand, LOVE running the Noctis.

I loved being the salvager for my mates when we’d run L3 and L4 missions (still do when we do raids in the WH)… my absolute favorite thing was to get them to give me an OK to warp in and start salvaging before each room was cleared, but after the NPCs were at a safe range from the warpin. My challenge was to clear all the wrecks before the rest of the NPCs were killed off… to the point where I was pulling wrecks AS they were killed by the fleet… what fun!

So the thought that I could at least get some large scale productive, and hopefully profitable, salvaging work in with the hopefully real possibility of decent pewage... uh, KK, I’m in.   =]

So, I run a few last sites, make a few hisec store runs to sell off the L&S and buy some fuels we are getting short on, fuel up the POS, do the last of the laundry, fill and start the dishwasher, undock and head back to Dodi. I decide to fit out a Sebo/Salvage Thrasher. I will wait till I see how things go afore I risk a Noctis on this venture. Then I set course and head out to Autaris.

On arriving in Autaris I get settled in at the B-REP HQ. I exit the station and immediately see a wreck, a R-FED frigate that had been looted, I warped to 0, insta locked the wreck and put 2 Salver IIs on it… pop! I hadn’t been insystem more than 5 minutes… shiney! I docked back up, bought and fitted out 2 Tackle/Speed Rifters. Took a look at local and set B-REP corp as blue to me and R-FED as red to me. Then I popped back outside and started making my std BMs. Several at approx 160KM out from the station and the same off of each gate, a few longer range ones horizontal and vertical, plus a few deep ones just off grid from station.

All of this time I am seeing evidence that this might just be da place... There are ‘GFs’ in local, wrecks appearin and dissapearin on scan, and not the usual HiSec butt ton of NPC wrecks either, plus I watched 2 good fights. Yup,looks like dis be da place! I dock up, write to the guys in my corp to let em know I am jumpin corps again, put in my application to B-REP, and so begins my second great pewage adventure...   =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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