Friday, September 16, 2011

I quit… You hear me, I dunt wanna be a Pwndawon no mo...

I have reached the end of my patience. I am no longer interested in bein a Pirate. I’ve had it, I quit…
So what happened you ask? What happened that pushed Tur to walk out on the training that could ultimately lead to the glory and honor that is the right of every Je-die Knight?

Uh…. Nothing is what happened. Nuthin at all. IE I spent, what, 3 weeks in Empire actively looking to kill or get killed. I was actively at War the WHOLE EFFIN TIME. I actively pursued my war targets. I was not a bit shy about engaging. We even ended up with a 4500 man Alliance declaring War on little ol us… and in all that time I got into exactly 3 fights… 0 kills, 0 losses. Bah humbug.

Either I am doing something severely wrong, or PvP in hi-sec is a lot like bar-hoppin in order to get laid. And by that I mean that the ONLY time you even have a chance at pickin up a hot chick in a bar is if yer married… or not lookin at all. If you are there to “get laid” ALL OF the women in range of you immediately know it and treat you exactly as you deserve to be treated… like you dunt exist.

If you (read “I”) go to Empire space in order to get into some PvP… good luck. I know I was well enough versed in the arts and ways of the can and wreck flip that I myself… (before I gave up missioning for GOOD and moved to the Wormhole to do battle against the Nefarious Forces of Naptime, AND make some REAL ISK…) I myself used to love it when a Pirate landed on grid when I was in a mission and flipped a wreck or 2 to try and provoke some Pew Pew…

First I’d simply ignore ‘im… then, if he started looting and or salvaging my wrecks in earnest, I’d start targeting my wrecks, wait till he was close, fire on MY WRECKS and asplode ‘em right in his face. This, of course lost me the loot & salvage, but I would rather lose it all than allow some assrat pirate to benefit from my labor… plus, I had the great joy, in a few cases, of extracting pirate tears. Got a few of em quite pissed off… smackin in local, callin ME names after THEY tried to steal MY L&S… LOL.

So here I found myself one night not long ago… all worked up and wanting to go and gank a guy who simply dint wanna play my “game”. And what was that game? I flipped his wrecks and waited to see if I could get some pew pew… I am become one of the assholes I had lol’ed at so often…

Add this to the simple fact that the whole time I was in hi-sec, I made not one red ISKie from PvP. The ONLY ISK I made the WHOLE time was from rattin in Decon and Balle while looking for pew pew. And that was a paltry embarassin small amount of pocket change. I had to break off twice and go back to the C2 to make ISK so I could try out new ships etc.

I, of course, asked my ‘teachers’ if this was the way of it… and basically was told, “Yup…”.
“IF” you can get the WTs to pay up a ransom you can make some ISK.
“IF” you can get them to come out and fight (and if you win), you can L&S their wrecks and make come ISK.
“IF” you are willing to wait and play the gate and station games then you “can”, sometimes, get some PvP… but it (pirating in hi-sec) is not as easy, at least for me, as I have understood it to be… so I quit.

I was bored and so I applied to HB, my home corp., and asked the guys to let me back in!! They did. I went home a few days ago. I immediately started runnin sites and making some ISK… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Home!

Last night Spiro (member of the corp. we share the C2 with) and I ran a total of 10 combat sites in a random C2 that had popped in our WH. We garnered a total of 29 Melted Nano Ribbons… 29 MNRs are worth approx 190M ISK (at current Jita quick buy prices) all by demsleves… and they are not all of the L&S one gets from Sleepers… a nice tidy haul ifn I do say so myself.

Then came the fun part… you see this particular C2 was unoccupado… Oh there is a Control Tower in dere… a Medium Amarr spike… a Medium Amarr spike that is OFFLINE… and one, count it ONE Small Lazer battery that was incapped… ZOMG!! I wrote to AI, who was offline, and told him ‘bout this C2, said I was gonna holesit and see if he wanted to sell it.

He came on a bit later while I was scanning down the WH’s inside the empty C2… he did some research and said it would be a hard sell as the PI was worthless. Crap… oh well, I decided to explore the 2 WHs I had scanned down before headin back to our C2… and, well, those of you who know WHs, know what happened next… I popped through one of the WHs and it popped closed behind me. Crap… LOL

And so my second Great Wormhole Adventure begins! I was tired and it was late so I made a SS and logged off for the night. I am in my Cov Ops ship, a Cheetah… no weapons, no tank to speak of but she is my scan frig with a Sisters Probe Launcher and a full load of Sisters Core Probes on board… and I am a scanning GOD!!!  I will find my way out and home again, or I’ll lose my ship, get podded and wake up in Dodie laughing all the way.

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I bet you'll find your way out :) be an ass on your way out and trigger every site you actually scan down. I do that sometimes, if the wh residents tick me off by say trying to defend the hole when i just want to move through.

    yep, hi-sec war is like that. I lasted a month before moving to null. we had just come out a wormhole when we started that.

    I wouldn't call hi-sec wardeccing pirating though ;)

  2. I am curently doing the high sec war thing, but i spent a year in low sec pirating, and ill tell you that that is the best pvp i ever got. You can go A -10 and have people line up to kill you, or B join anti pirate corp that get in line to kill the -10 people.

    there are plenty of other experiances in pvp to be had

  3. Tru, I did... LOL! Scanned down 2 C4's in the C2 I was stuck in afore I found thier Stat C2... popped over and scanned down that one's stat C2 and made it back to Empire OK. Never saw a livin soul the whole time...

    Then a mate was explorin our Stat C2 and the lowsec from there, which was closer than our Stat low, so I went down to 1.0 lowsec for the very 1st time… then through the crazy marble and home again…. =]

  4. Yo Heri, Our Alliance grew very fast and was Dec’ed almost constantly… we ended up losing several corps, among them our best PvP corp (a former null corp taking a break in Empire) and all of this led to the eventual disbanding of our Alliance…

    I was actually lookin at getting into some kinda lowsec corp, but then a mate told me about ‘Red-v-Blue’ ( which sounds very interesting.

    So I have applied to Blue Republic [B-REP] and we will see what we will see… I will, of course, post here on my progress or disappointment as things develop… =]

  5. Tru, I agree that War Dec'in might not be 'died-in-the-wool' pirating per se, but it is (supposed to be) hi order griefin if it's all you do... LOL

    Just dint work for me... too much hurry-up-and-wait and not enough Pewage...

  6. I have heard of RvB but never did any resurch, you will have to tell me how they are :D


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