Sunday, October 23, 2011

I been Holeschooled…

Class, is in session…

Not a whole lot to write about since the POS bash back a month ago. I had decided to take a PvP break and went back to HB (my home corp) and moved back to the C2 wormhole and “Serenity Station”, the Planetary Orbital Station we call home.

Since then I have been takin it “easy”… Huh. Easy… I find it a constant source of amusement and amazement that I am most comfortable and at ease in our Class 2 wormhole… the ‘unknown deadliest space’ in EVE. Now a C2 wormhole like ours is not “the” deadliest space… there are higher, and vastly moar dangerous classes of wormhole… they run up to the mindbendingly deadly Class 6.

As stated ours is but a Class 2. And the Sleeper Sites, the Sleeper combat and resource, Mag, Radar, Grav & Ladar sites are soloable (with the right skills & ship & fit) in C1 and C2 WHs. C3 and up require moar ships and as you go up in Class you will need not only moar fighting ships but you will eventually need logi and maybe a Capital or 2…

The absolute best W-space write up I have ever seen, I include my fav quote here:

Wormhole Space Classes 

W-space systems fall into one of six classes: 

Unknown Space - Class 1-3
Dangerous Unknown Space - Class 4 and 5
Deadly Unknown Space - Class 6

Class 1 and 2 systems can be soloed.
Class 3 you want some friends with RR.
Class 4 you want lots of friends with RR.
Class 5 you definitely want lots of friends with RR and probably a capital.
Class 6 you definitely want a capital or two and lots of friends with RR.


Anyway… due to the above, I have always found it fascinating that I am happiest and feel the most at ease in wormholes. As I said the last few weeks I have been taking it easy and working on fueling the POS, completing and tweaking our Dethstar defenses and separating the local Narcoleptic Squads from their highly lucrative Loot & Salvage.

Then, one fine EVEning, one of our guys and one of the guys from our sister WH corp had been tempted by a decent run of sites in a C3 that one of the guys ha scanned down in an adjoining C2… I joined in and we ran a total of 11 sites and we found the warning above, Class 3 you want some friends with RR, was spot on.

 Here we have me watching as 2 of HLPs corpmates do…
something improbable with their Maelstroms

We were flying 3 well fit Shield  Maels and a Tengu but we really coulda used some RR… We had to warp out for repairs several times, something none of us has had to do running Sleepers in a long, long time… and once all three of us had to warp out of one site and my Mael had hull damage… LOL! We were able to complete the site and I came back to Noctisize all the L&S… and there is one other thing the write ups on W-space are spot on about… the harder the sites, the moar profitable they are. This C3 was no exception on that part… a VERY profitable trip.

So that’s about it… I wake up to the weird starlight AI’s Great Wall O Bubbles casts through the POS… Instead of Ship Spinning I just sit and stare at the stars of our W-space system and bask in the feeling of solitude and peace as I have my cuppa coffee and plan on what to do, what to do… in (one of) the most dangerous spaces in EVE…. Ahh… life is good. 

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. Weird, your two comments ended up in a spam section. I fixed it and they show as regular comments.

    q: “Why did you start your blog? What do YOU, the blogger, like to write about and why?”

    a: I started my blog because I enjoy writing and because I had been reading blogs for a while. I noticed many of the blogs I read though were inactive, and so I started my own, and while initially hoping for readers, soon came to realization that readers didn't much matter to me. I write because I like to write: I'm not getting paid. They day I cater to my readers and don't write what I want to write, I'm shutting it down. That said though, there's a happy medium, where readers and writer can be satisfied, and that's what I shoot for.

    a: I like to blog about null in a roleplay fashion. I'm a small person in the grand scheme of things, and as such as I have a small perspective. It doesn't make sense for me to try to encompass the whole of null in my blog when I am largely uninformed about any goings on outside of my alliance. So, my alliance politics, and then battles of interest.

    I get alot of fights, alot of kills, and alot of it happens in the same way. Some fights are more interesting than others, and those are the ones I report. When I write a battle report however, I do my best to drag the reader into my pilot's seat so that the reader can experience the battle from my point of view, a writing tactic no other battle-reporter uses to my knowledge at the time.

  2. You asked me to answer my own query, and I assume in reference to your blog.

    I like the way your blog is written already. The spelling throws me off sometimes, but I suspect it's a RP feature so I don't mess. to copy Taurean, I like entries about people's lives in a way that I can relate, and I can relate to all your w-space goings ons since I did live in J133577 (c2 wolf rayet) for a period of three months.

    The reason I dislike metagaming blogs are several. 1) there are alot, and they typically bandwagon each other. 2) most of the time they have proposals to "fix" the game, and lets be clear about what that really is: bullshitting. 3) metagaming is an omniscient standpoint, and tries to encompass everything in a relation. Bloggers that do have entries that do this are too long, and those that don't fail at the purpose of the omniscient view: either way, I don't want to read it. 4) metagamers don't stick with EVE lore, which only takes away from experience of the game. Silly as it sounds, I am building memories worth reliving, and metagaming has no place in that. Literally, none of the metagaming I've encountered built any memories, they only wasted my time.

    So, I hope that answers much of your questions. The main point to take away is that I like your blog because it's not a metagaming blog. metagaming blogs are impersonal and shooting the breeze, while non-metagaming blogs are 1st person limited, providing a relatable experience that can be quite enjoyable.

  3. All you said you were tryin for in your writing... you get. =]

    And I am very flattered... I do not think many people who are 'trying' to write, often get exactly the response they were hoping for... I am glad my bloggin is received in the way it was intended.

    And yes, I write 'coloquially', (how it would sound if I was speaking to you) like Mark Twain. I once ran into a guy who, unbeknownst to me, had read the 1st few months of posts on my blog... we ended up on TS and he LOLed hard and said "OH! Now I get it... you write like you speak! I will forever 'hear' your voice on your blog now."

    Like you, I hope to bring the reader with me onto the bridge as the Klaxons scream and the ship shudders from the impact of my enemies gunfire...

    to stand with me on the balcony looking out over the null-G dock at my Wolf...

    and up into my quarters in Serenity Station, sharing a Rum & Quafe, enjoying the lightshow as the K5 Red Giant shines through AI's Great Wall 'O Bubbles and casts it's weird, yet comforting, shifting patterns of chaos through the POS ...

    I hope to 'share' the experiences I have in my virtual life, here in EVE. But, like you in the end, I write cause I'm not sure I couldn't... =]


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