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After Action Report: WSCA-YC113.01.17-TE:HBHI

After Action Report of W-Space Combat Activity
Captain TurAmarth ElRandir / Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc. [HBHI]

Waiting on The Word...
Time & Date: 07:00 to 08:15 EVE - YC 113.01.17
Location: 3 W-Space Systems; Home C2 of HBHI, D382 C2 & J113456-C4
Station: NA
Planet: NA
Constellation: NA
Region: Unknown Wormhole Space

Took part in 4 Combat Actions
Solo Kills: none 
Fleet Kills: 4 
Losses: none
Captures: 2


During daily operations in the home C2 Capt. ElRandir had scanned down all signatures. There were four Wormholes present. The A239 (Static Losec) was the same, the D382 (Static C2) was new, there was a K162 that led to Hisec and a K162 that led to “Dangerous Unknown Space” (unexplored).

NC1M [HELPeR] reconned the D382 and reported several ships running sites. We decided to run a WH Denial OP. Sovereign Meari [HELPeR], Tsra [HELPeR], NC1M [HELPeR], Wyatt Franz [HELPeR] & TurAmarth ElRandir [HBHI] joined fleet.

Ships in Fleet:
TurAmarth ElRandir - Hurricane
Sovereign Meari - Mrymidon
Tsra - Hurricane
NC1M - Falcon
Wyatt Franz - various

A Magnate, "Avantia Jovakko [K=PRO](Magnate)" was scouting for the Enemy Fleet. About 15 minutes after NC1M warped in and began scouting, the Enemy Fleet broke off Sleeper Ops and retired from the field exiting thru an unknown WH, leaving wrecks behind. We waited hoping they would return as there were valuable Sleeper wrecks left behind. Finally as the timer was running down, Tsra attempted to L&S the wrecks but to no avail. The Magnate returned and scanned down the K162 back to our C2. All of us but NC1M holed up in our POSes and acted as if we weren’t there.

The Magnate transited into our C2 and began scouting. Tsra and I undocked and I took my Hurricane thru the D382 and Sovereign Meari and I setup a CAMP (Combat Ambush Maneuver Position) on the inside. Anchored a Med Warp Bubble and we took up CAMP stations at the hole. Tsra went back into our C2. The Magnate eventually returned to the D382 and did not immediately warp thru. Tsra was able to scram, web and kill the Magnate and sequentially kill the Magnate’s POD.

Kill Records:

We disengaged the CAMP and fleeted up inside the D382. NC1M scanned down the Enemy Fleets exit hole and scouted in his Falcon. Inside the D382 he engaged a Drake, "Drake [K-PRO](Drake)", and a Hurricane, "JA netta diamond [K-PRO](Hurricane)", he called for reinforcements. We warped in on him, the Hurricane jumped thru the hole and the Drake broke and warped to P1, I pursued. Tsra, NC1M and Sovereign Meari warped thru to the C4. The Drake immediately warped back to the WH as did I. He warped through but I had to wait down the "polarity" timer.

I finally warped in and engaged the Hurricane with scram but he went down to Tsra before I could engage my guns. I then engaged the Drake, the pilot decided at now three to one odds to eject. We disengaged all DPS keeping the Drake scrammed and webbed. I warped back thru to our C2, ejected in my POD and returned to claim the Drake. I took the Drake as prize back to our POS, reshipped back to my Hurricane and returned to fleet inside the C4.

Kill Record:

Shortly after rejoining the fleet a Raven, "jonno aldeun [K-PRO](Raven)", an Augoror, "Gohan Katana [K-PRO](Augoror)", and "JA netta diamond” returned in another Hurricane, "JA netta diamond [K-PRO](Hurricane)". They landed on grid and attacked us. We primaried the Raven, once it was scrammed and webbed by both Tsra and I, I switched and scrammed, webbed and neuted the 2nd Hurricane putting all my DPS and drones on the Raven until it was destroyed. Tsra & NC1M concentrated their attack with me on the Raven then they took down the Augoror. After the Raven I turned all DPS and drones on the Hurricane and was eventually joined by Tsra and NC1M. At that point the pilot ejected and we disengaged all DPS but kept the Hurricane scrammed and webbed incase an Enemy pilot tried to retake the ship. Wyatt Franz came out in his POD and claimed the Hurricane as prize.

Kill Records:
After Action… wrecks and the spoils
After this engagement the Enemy hailed us in local and we returned GF. They then hailed Sovereign Meari privately and he enjoined them in a discussion of the recent engagement. They requested safe passage and this was granted.

During this convo the members of K-PRO requested assistance in the form of advice and training in tactics and fits and came to an agreement with Sovereign Meari. K-PRO is now BLUE to Astraeaus Alliance and they have requested our assistance and we may join them in future Sleeper Combat Operations in K-PROs home C4 in the near future.


Transited two Wormholes to fight and kill 4 ships & 1 POD and capture 2 ships w/ no losses.

Negotiated and accepted BLUE Treaty Status with the corp we fought.

"Avantia Jovakko [K=PRO](Magnate)" - scout in J103352
Podded - Avantia Jovakko, Magnate pilot
"Gohan Katana [K-PRO](Augoror)" - in J113456
"jonno aldeun [K-PRO](Raven)" - in J113456
"JA netta diamond [K-PRO](Hurricane)" - in J113456

Captured:"Drake [K-PRO](Drake)" pilot ejected - in J113456
2nd "JA netta diamond [K-PRO](Hurricane)" pilot ejected - in J113456

Tactical Review:
We are all well experienced and highly skilled pilots flying well fit PVP Ships. We have a year of experience flying together in fleet and in many losec and W-space roams, raids and fights.

We had 3 well fit PVP DPS BCs and a very experienced EWar/CovOps scout/jammer.

Katana Productions [K-PRO]-
A very VERY new corp with very inexperienced pilots flying a mix of PVE fit BCs and a BS.

They had PVE fit BSs & BCs, one scout killed early on and no EWar support.

We had the initiative, we were on the offensive, we used our CovOps scouting and EWar to full effect. We are experienced, work well together as a team and have a very good FC. We had strong PVP fit ships with multiple scram and web and Ewar available to us.

We had the upper hand from the outset.

K-PRO was in a C4 in W-space because they were avoiding the Corporate Wars incessantly waged against new corps in Empire which had taken a heavy toll on them very early in their corps history. W-space IS the deadliest space in EVE, but it is also very secluded and “apart” from Empire. Locator Agents cannot find you in W-space and I have yet to see any proof of anyone being able to actually search out a specific W-space System intentionally.

They were actually safer (IE from War Deccers and Empire gankers and pirates) in the C4, running sites in the Static C2 (they were NOT running sites in the C4, far above their capabilities ATM) and making the random Empire runs to sell off their L&S and buy ships ect. and returning to the C4.

However, this does leave them open to raids by people like us. As bad as it was, four ships lost and one corpmate pod killed. It was probably better than what they had gone through, and would continue to go through, if they had stayed in Empire.

A ‘course… then I wouldn’t have this nice new-to-me Drake…  now would I?  =]

Reppin th Spoils of War
Fly Safe (he he he) and lock you up in the Sky  =/|)=

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