Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pater Nulla

The EVEning Prayer

CCP, which art in The Land of Ice,
(Don’t let this go to your heads…)

To Thy New Eden we come,
Thy DPS to be done, in Hek,
As it is in Jita.

Give us this day our daily Adrenaline Rush,
And forgive them their piratical ways,
As we cloak and warp from harms ganking grasp.

Lead us not into Gate Camps,
But help us as we try our best,
to camp gates, against them.

And deliver our cargos from evil,
For thine is the Server, the Sandbox,
The DPS and the Tank,

For ever and ever…
(or at least until the wife gets home...)

This We beseech thee in Chribba's name,
Allow not the tears and whines
of the small and the weak,
the griefer and the bear,
to change the Rules of the 'Verse,
in which we live, and die, this our Virtual Life.


Si non potes comminues, derident eos ...

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