Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Am Finding Null To Be… Irritating.

or~  Oh, I Can’t Do That Here Either?…

HDF =Lochotic=    “Engage Cloak!”

Okay… I have moved to nullsec, first impressions are in…   meh.

I was all ready in my new Cloaky Loki, fitted with Interdiction Nullifier which means I can warp cloaked AND I can warp right thru/past warp bubbles so I “should” be able to just totally ignore gate camps. I had dropped corp from HBHI (again this was harder on me than it should be in just a game) and joined the corp from our Alliance that had left and joined an Alliance in null and rented a system and station there, if I had not joined their corp I could not ‘safely’ travel in null anywhere as I would be a ‘neut’ (neutral) to everyone and neuts are Kill On Sight in nullsec, at least the area’s I am going to be in.

So there I sat… cloaked 100km off the gate leading from the last losec system before entering nullsec on the route given me by a Director… Hmm. I look up at the Route S.A.R.A (Semi Autonomous Rational Array, the ships main computer) has set based on my orders... 15 hops though nullsec. Hmmmm… You see I have never been, willingly and/or by intent, in nullsec before. I have never had any interest in it. The politics sound awful… as I understand it very, very few make it solo in null… you are best off in a large corp/Alliance… etc., etc. All of which I have NO interest in whatsoever.

I order the jump into Nullsec.

Eventually I take the plunge. I warp out and back to the gate at 0 and, “Jump jump!” and I am OMW. On the other side there is one med bubble up off of the gate and a Blue tagged ship watching. I went directly to “break jump-cloak & cloak and warp” as I had been advised so I dint get to pull info on the guy on gate. On landing at the out gate, again one med bubble but no ships… SARA autojumps us and “break jump-cloak & cloak and warp” to the next gate. Through all 15 systems, same e same… SARA autojumps and I “cloak and warp” to the next gate. We pass through mostly empty systems. A few have one or two in local, but only one has a lot of people in it, but they are all Blue to me and I warp thru quickly anyway. It was only in the last system, our “home” system that I finally saw a real bubble camp on a gate… and even then there were no ships on gate, just a large number of bubbles… (and I was told this was not an impressive bubble camp, you should see ya-da ya-da).

I warp to the only station on OV and there are a few of the guys I actually know outside. I dock up and take stock. Some, not all, of my ships have been delivered. Meh… I start renaming them back to their original names and get the crew busy opening crates and shipping containers of ammo and mods etc. then oversee the on-boarding of ammo and supplies and the settling in of my crews and myself in our new quarters. I am at the time talking with my friends and a few of the corpies I have not met. A few are running some sites and the subject of salvaging comes up. I offer my services and the friend backs my claim of skills and such, but it is at this time that I find out the first really unsettling thing about null…

A bit of background first..
I am a very independent person. I like a small corp, where I am a Director and beholden to, at most, one or two other guys who I am equal with and in whom I can place complete trust. We had that in HBHI. Now, in this new corp… I have no roles (and expect none either) but this means I have NO SAY, and I cannot access ANYTHING (yes there is a general bay… meh). Both of which will eventually wear on me. Other issues have cropped up…

(1) Moving ships in and out is, in a word, irritating;
(2) ISK making variations is, again irritating;
(3) Selling & Buying stuff you need is really, really irritating.

Moving Ships…
Getting my ships down to the null home station was nuthing short of a pain in the ass. Get em all to the staging system, unload the holds, rename all ships to a set convention then wait on others to jump freight your ships from a lowsec staging system, then waiting on them to deliver is all very irritating as compared to Hisec. Granted in Hisec you do it yourself, either one-at-a-timing or get the skills and buy an Orca (which I am working on). But you have to wait on NO one but you… And even if I had my own Orca… still dependant on others for a cyno jump. May I take a second to state for the record, it is not the people I am irritated with, the Allies and friends who assisted were nothing but great… it is the process, the need for such a process that I abhor.
Strike One.

Tur’s Fleet

Making ISK…
One of my very favorite ‘things to do’ ingame is Salvaging. I have never understood why, but I really enjoy running the Noctis. It was my first dream ship and is still just about my favorite ship to work in. Turns out, loot & salvage in null ‘sites’ is most often simply ignored as, in comparison to the bounties, it is a low percentage of the income

 In Hisec, Loot & Salvage in missions, L1 thru L4 could be upwards of 50 to 100% over and above agent payout, bonus and bounties. And in W-space Loot and Salvage is EVERYTHING. You make not one red ISKie off of killing Sleepers… NO agent payout, NO bonus and NO bounties… if you dunt Lewt and Slavage you make NUTHIN, period. However if you do L&S your Sleeper wrecks, you can make moar ISK than in almost all of the other ‘Killing Ships for Fun & Profit” venues ingame.

I have salvaged two (large to me) wreck fields (again told... that's not a large wreck field, you should see ya-da ya-da), I asked what to do with it all and was told “Who cares?” Add to this the fact that there is virtually no open market to sell it on… well crap. There goes one of the things I enjoy most. In nullsec… this skill that I worked so hard for and enjoy so much, that I bought 40M of implants for, is simply not really valued at all. Great…
Strike Two.

HDF =Choppy= on final approach… with a full hold of trash.

And yes I can, and will, of course run sites and such… but running a Noctis is a LARGE part of my game… I dunt care how much ISK I can make in other ways… I will miss being able to contribute through the investment I have made into salvaging..

Selling and Buying Stuff…
As stated I prefer to run a Noctis… the guys said it doesn’t matter what I do with the L&S… OK, so can I refine and sell? Nope. This station does not have a refinery and no one wants to buy this ‘crap’. OK, so what do I do with it? The suggestion is made to can it all up for shipment (at some point) to Hisec where I can then melt & sell… Really? So what the fuk am I doing in null?

Corpie - “Oh and while yer at it Tur, you need to tank for Guristas.”
Me - “Oh OK, where do I get mods?”
Corpie - “Uh.. check the General storage Tab, if not there, mebbe some of the guys can scrounge some mods up for you.”
Me - “Uh guys, there is some stuff on the market, who can I buy from?”
Corpie – “Don’t know… but check the station and make damn sure they are in our Alliance… you’ll get killed if ya don’t.”

HUH? So no ‘Market’? I check the market and there are some things, limited and pricy, for sale in the region (but not at this station), and you have to do ‘research’ in order not to accidentally get killed just runnin out for ammo…? Screw that…
Strike Three.

I aint been here but one day and I am not enjoying this. I am told, “Hey get out there and run some sites! Give it a chance.”  Uh… can’t refit, ship setup for Sleepers, can’t refit as there is NO effin market and the Mods I want are NOT in the effin General bay, and I HATE bein beholden to others… and don’t wanna run sites in null inna ship with a half assed effin fit.

So in order to refit my Mael for Guristas, tank and ammo, I have to make a run BACK to Hisec… or wait on and hope for the kindness of strangers, something I dislike intensely. I am now in a large corp which is part of a large Alliance… again both are situations I dislike intensely. Basically I am “taking one for the team” as it were. I am here only because my corpmates wanted to do this.

I’ll admit it… I’m spoiled. I got to live the nullsec life, hell better than null… -1.0 sec status, NO-local, no sec hit for ANY engagement, regardless of who aggro’ed who, owned our own POS, and made damn good ISK… PLUS I had access to the Hisec market, without any sec stat issues, and the higher security for hauling (as compared to Lo, Null and W-space) afforded to those who live in Hisec when out buying or selling goods.

Action on the undock at Dodixie Station

So far… null aint’ measuring up for me personally… but, I’ll give it a week or so afore I rage quit and go back to W-space where I belong. But then… I’ll have to wait on somebody else to get my ships n shit out I guess…

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I know what your saying making isk here in null is nothing like wh isk. Though I am salvaging and melting everything not named, and jumping out all the salvage in the carrier once a week. At least where we are we get armor plates.


    1. Well... it's my 1st day and that post was a real "1st impressions" post. If null was a chick, I prolly wouldn't ask for a 2nd date... but...

      Tonight I left to get mods to refit my Mael specific to Guristas (Kin & Therm, tank & DPS) and then hadda nice talk with one of the guys I trust the most. He was running sites solo in a uberfit Tengu and making like 20+Mil per bouty cycle, say 25 or moar Mil every 28 to 30 minutes. OK, now that I could get into.

      Plus he said he felt I should do the L&S and can it all up for freight out to hisec. Then, make a list of the stuff really worth trucking out and save than and the rest goes to Alliance and gets melted and used for Ammo and the ship repl progrom... lotta work, we'll see.

      I am separating the Salvage frm the loot and saving it all for sale. No armr plates here but I took 2 sites worth up with me today and pulled 10+M ISk from that alone, so meh. I did join in on 3 sites tonight, so considering it was now split, 1st 50/50 then 33/33/33 I still made 23M ISK... again, meh. So what... call it 35M in two days... we'll see what we shall see.

      We are in a cul-de-sac, only one gate in/out and deep inside the Alliance territory, so it has been very quiet and 'safe' in nullsec terms for running sites and salvaging.. It is very interesting to have local back full time... only used to that on store runs.


  2. Usually a populated area will have a trade hub, where everyone will go to that station to sell mods.

    You can buy mods from whoever. You needs mods, you buy them. If your alliance can't provide them, they can screw themselves. Besides which, I'm sure they've bought mods from reds. If they are that much of nazis about it, they are spending their time rather unwisely. It takes alot of time to verify someone's trades, nevermind an entire alliances.

    If there is no open market, that means you have the ability to start your own market. Why not start selling stuff on the open market? salvage all those wrecks and sell the salvage on the market to rigs builders.

    Moving is always a pain.

    When certain items don't get filled on the market, it usually falls to corp leaders to fill market requests. For instance, blasters and small lasers seem to not be seeded by the marketeers, so I often have to ask my CEO, who does logistics for the corp, to get the items on his next run to Jita.

    1. We prolly do have a local hub of some kind, but no one here has said anything about it. As far as I can tell, we make up shopping lists and get a freighter capn to make runs for us. I will give the idea of selling it off myself here some thought and ask around if it’s Ok. Interesting Idea…

      Yea, I hate moving, and even though I was the one who started the whole “we need to up our game and move to a C3” (or a C2 with a stat C3), I did not EVER want to move out of W-space and come down to null. But, as I have said, I was outvoted and my corpmates mean the world to me here… so it’s off to null we went… And yes, I know you love it down here in REDville Tru… =P

      I still have an awful lot to learn though. I am sooooo effin glad I was right and got my Loki BEFORE coming to null, the cloak and Interdict Nullifier rocks for transits to from null. I flew right past several camps (and through moar than a few bubbles) yesterday and today. I’m still careful and nervous in the service when I am outside of our home system, but I feel confident that as long as I dunt screw the pooch, we will get from point “A” to point “B” intact.

      My focus right now will be working up a shit-n-fit that can tank and run these sites solo… for that soooooo sweet 100% Bounty cycle. =]


  3. Just watch out, i have sean gate camps that can make a grown tengu cry lol.

    Im not a huge fan of 0.0 i prefer low sec, but there are ways to make plenty of isk and fun out there if in the right alaince.


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