Saturday, February 18, 2012


or~  Second Impressions of Nullsec…

As stated earlier, I dun’t know a “lotta” of the pilots in our new corp much less the Alliance, and I am like the kid at a dance… I can be very outgoing, AFTER I have had the ice broken… not so good at breakin it myself though. If my guys, or the guys I already know aren’t on, I am uncomfortable just blurting out, “Can I join you?” to a group of people who are to me, strangers.

But, night before last, I had spent almost eight hours in hospital with my eight yr old dottir…  once she was in home abed, I needed a break from RL and a cool down period badly so, I took the plunge and did just that. I had done some site running with friends in the last few days, but last night no one I had flown with before was on and I just asked. I ended up running four sites with a guy who had been ingame since ’03 (he was still younger than me in RL, lol), he was very cool and was amazing in his Tengu… and he was impressed with my Mael and DPS (once I had em in my optimal, I was hitting in the range of 1500 to 1900 DPS) even if I couldn’t tank the sites solo like he could… very cool, very laid back and fun to fly with.

[Your group of 800mm Heavy 'Scout' Repeating Artillery I hits Pith Dismantler, doing 1987.4 damage] …granted that 1987 was done Sumo style, I was within 500m sittin on its face beatin on it with all 800mm barrels… lol.

Running Guristas sites is similar to Sleepers in that they are open sites, no gates no “spatial effects are screwin up your gameplay” bovinefeces. But, as the Bounty Cycle was split AND we weren’t running ONLY the highest paying sites, my net split hovered around +/-5 M per cycle. Then I Noctised three of the four (having not BMed the first… sheesh), returned and dumped all of THAT into the evergrowing pile of looted mods in my personal hangar bay. I asked for ‘some’ GSCs to put everything into and I got… one… and I filled that on the second day. As there is not where here to melt everything it is all just piling up all over the place… (strike 3 point 5) and I have to wait (strike four) on someone (still not sure whoall I can ask) to Jump Freighter it out for me (after I get a few moar GSCs) … (not counting strikes anymoar…  too depressing).

So while I have been told I there is very good ISK to be made from the L&S… I aint gonna be ‘making’ it anytime soon… I am trying to be pragmatic about it… doesn’t matter if it is in my wallet of not… there is no market down here to buy shit from anyway… so what’s my rush?

The big thing here is the Bounty Cycle, and I dunt mean how often you fluffy warm clothes come outta the dryer… I mean, we try to complete sites inside the 20 minute timer between bounty payouts. Like any ISK making endeavor in EVE, the moar pilots you have along, the less each makes per split, offset by the quicker the sites go down, hence moar sites completed. So far I have not been involved in any mining ops… though the Corp bylaws state ‘all’ must attend and join in both sites and mining. I can now run a Retriever so I can pitch in to some degree at least (I’m 29 days from a Covetor or Hulk, and interestingly enough, only 24 days from an Orca…  hmmm)…

I may push the Orca skills so I can assist on the Hisec side of moving stuffs in and out for the corp… then people can wait on me… (if you are of the impression I dunt like waitin…   yer right).

Fly Safe and if see you in the Sky, yer probably a neut  =/|)=


  1. save up all that salvage for a rainy day, live on the bountys and when you realy need monies get me to jump it out and you will have a little suprise at the amount of isk you suddenly have!

  2. And as for savin it up.... DOOD!! IT'S RAININ RIGHT NOW!! LOL!

    As you may know by now, I have worked out a solution with (name withheld) and the corp is gonna buy it from me for now for rigs and mfg. so we're good. Keep in mind a LOT of this is a huge change for me... for my whole little corp.

    We were Kings (Directors) in our Kingdom (corp) for moar than a year now... and now we's just peons, little cogs inna big hearless machine... and that is a hard hard change. =]

  3. i wouldnt go so far as to say a 'big hearless machine' more like a well constructed, well oiled vastly productive small machine :)

  4. after tonight... (and 210M ISK in one site)... yea, OK. I'll buy that... =]


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