Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What’s in YOUR Hangar?...

or~  …Rixx’s Accidental Blog Blather #1.   =]

Picked up this “Accidental Blog Banter” from Drackarn over at Sand Cider and Spaceships, He gots it from Rixx Javix over on Eveoganda... Rixx lists what ships he has in his hanger, all 55 of them. At the end he asks "So, what's in your hanger?"

Drackarn weighs in with a grand total of 59 in his home hangar alone.

Ima add my acounting but just know this... afore I went down to null, I sold off a buncha ships in a fit of House Cleaning Gone Wrong...  so my total is down a wee bit from normal… so I am addin em ALL up… (except shuttles… I gots lots ‘o them all over New Eden)

whe I am:
x1 Hound-bumber
x1 Vigil-Ninja Salver
= 02

Staged out from Null:
x1 Cheetah-Cloaky W-Spaceboat
x1 Hookbill-RokketBoat (just plain old FUN!!)
x1 Jaguar-FAF (for fun)
x1 Wolf-HAF (for fun)
x1 Maelstrom-PvE T2 null Guristas anom runner
x1 Hurricane-PvP T2 null Guristas Belt runner
x1 Tornado-PvE null Guristas Belt runner
x1 Blackbird-Max Jammer (experiment)
x1 Loki-PvE T2 null Guristas anom runner
x1 Noctis-null salver
= 10

At home sys:
x1 Vigil-Ninja Salver
x1 Cheetah-Cloaky W-Spaceboat
x1 Firetail-PvP std. T2 (for fun)
x1 Thrasher-Throwaway Salver
x1 Typhoon-top wingy bit for true
x1 Macharial-a GIFT… fit for ‘cursions (never used LOL)
x1 Noctis-shmoctis
x1 Hoarder-POS fueler
x2 Mammoth-Hisec trashtruck
x1 Mastodon-lo/null/hole trashtruck
= 11

At mining sys:
x1 Rifter-PvP std T2
x1 Scythe-Mining Cruiser (yuch!)
x1 Vexor Navy Issue-PvP T2 for WarDeccin…
= 03


"What's in YOUR hanger?"

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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