Friday, August 10, 2012

It Just Gets Stranger When Yer Inna Strange Land…

or~  What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been…

I have been away… still am actually. Spent the last week plus in parts very very southwards from my home in VA. My dottir & I have been visiting family and family friends. We stopped over and visited my CEO and son in SC on our way to FL week afore last then made our way to northern FL. Half way through the visit in FL my wife’s Jeep Commander, which  we drove as we needed the cargo m3, well it hadda little problem. Seems the Transfer Case is gone… or at best tottering on its last legs… oh joy.

I took the gamble and got it back up to SC and it’s now parked at my son’s place… we are taking the train home on Sat… and, when the new-to-me replacement rebuilt TCase is delivered I will come back down and my son and I will do the swap out.

I am not the most prolific of us who blog about EVE, I hold to no schedule, I write when there is something to write about and when the muse manifests itself and writes thru me… But I felt I should let them as what do follow me know why I have been, quiet, lately… (my last post on POSes actually started as just a comment on Stabs POS post… but my muse took over again and I ended up with, well… you know.)

As for what has been going on for HBHI in EVE… not much actually… all of my corpmates have been a bit moar busy with RL>EVE stuff than is usual and I, being on this long strange trip, have not been OL nearly as much as is my norm. But also things have sorta quieted down for us in the hole too. We were seeing a LOT of traffic thru our hole in the first weeks and took a few losses due to getting raided or being “ToO” (being someone else’s Targets of Opportunity) while soloing sites, but nothing we can’t handle… it’s EVE and it’s W-space… if we wanted to play it safe, we wouldn’t be here.

Other than that it’s been relatively quiet for us, we’ve made some decent ISK, then had a vurra nice 1 hop to Hi Static Lo last night so I got the L&S to market and brought in a couple of loads of ice prods for fuels and other stuffs we had on the shopping list. I stayed out to fit up and bring in an Armor Phoon… but the hole closed afore I could get there, so I we scanned the stat and, it sux… big time, like 6 null & 1 lo hop to Hisec… crap.

But something weird too… something we have never seen before. A Hisec cluster of 17 systems, all pretty green with one yellow and 4 losec systems, but… they were on the other side of that 6 null run to the rest of Empire. Now we have seen moar than a few losec islands… and even a Hisec island or 2… but never a whole Hisec Archipelago of systems trapped behind a long string of nullsec systems. Now this is all in NPC held space, so it’s not ‘owned’ by any of the null Alliances, but still… whatta weird thing CCP did there...  (There aint no arguing Creationism vs Evolution in EVE, CCP did at some point say, “Let There Be Light”, or, “Okay, Boot It Up.” as twere…)

[Note:  Insert Graphic Here?]
(I did a graphic too… really nice star map view shot of “The Lost Hisec Archipelago”… cleaned it all up of all and any text and clues… and then realized, there are people, out there, who will see that pic as a challenge and try and locate “The Lost Hisec Archipelago” in the EVE Cluster… which would lead to our current stat Lo… so, sorry, no pix this post.)(Mebbe later after we roll th hole…)
(Edit: hole popped, here's yer pic!)

The Lost Hisec Archipelago
Every time I see something like this… every time I sit in awe of this virtual ‘verse where we live out these, our alternate lives… I hear The Dead’s haunting lyrics, once again…

In RL as it is in EVE…
What a Long Strange Trip This Is…

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

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