Sunday, September 2, 2012

(OOC) Breakin’ a Take…

or~  "Jeep", Made with Pride in The Minmatar Replublic.

I am takin a bit of a break from EVE ATM as I have mistreated my poor ol ’99 Jeep TJ (incorrectly called a ‘Wrangler’ by the unitiated) to the point where even ductape and bailing wire aren’t holding her together anymoar…

So I and my Bro-in-law, wheelin partner (and ASC Master Mechanic, Yae!) Bry are spending the whole three day weekend in his shop with four of our family's five jeeps up on the lifts. Two (both my wife's) are just getting basic checkups, one, the XK (an '06 "Commander") was throwing T-case “Imminent Failure” codes and the other one (her '06 TJ) had been stolen, recovered and needed a detailed going over. The other two, mine and my nephews XJ ('98 “Cherokee” to the unwashed masses) are getting various and multiple repairs, replacements and upgrades, some badly needed some far too long put off for other issues.

While I am able to login from Bry’s house, we are pulling 7&7s… (7 AM to 7PM) all three days so I will be just checking skills and PI etc. I actually fell asleep reading a blog post last night and woke to find my laptop on the floor… thankfully undamaged as far as I can tell.

As for EVE, ever since Mab said we can make Nanite Repair Paste to sell on the market from in here… THAT is a really worthwhile passive income I want to pursue so I have been getting deeply involved in making the attepmt to finally understand PI… which is not nearly as much fun to write about as it is to actually do.

Hopefully things will pick up after my Heroic Return Home in my TJ, “Bessie”… (which had to be flatbacked up here after our last wheelin trip…)   =]

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. I'm pretty sure spending a weekend with a spanner in hand fixing jeeps with a master mechanic counts as an acceptable excuse in the boy's club that is Eve online.

  2. LOL thanx Stabs... 'cause there aint much in this world or any other that I emjoy quite so much as wheelin with my family and frens... =]

    (Search Facebook for "Daily Driver Jeep Club")


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