Wednesday, September 19, 2012

“Tur… uh, Tur?”

or~  “Serenity, I May Have a Problem…”

“Where oh where has our Little Tur been?”
“Why he’s out inna a Prowler beating His Little Face in…”

P.I. …  PI …. Planetary Interaction… How to Get Rich Slowly whilst Going Insane at a Slightly Faster Rate… I wish to create, run, chair and join the EOPIAA… EVE Online Planetary Interaction Addicts Anonymous (I hope we has poker chip!!).

So you can follow this…
ECU – Extractor Control Unit [which runs the…]
EHU – Extractor Head Unit / AKA ‘heads’ [which feed the …]
BIF – Basic Industrial Factory [which feed the …]
AIF – Advanced Industrial Factory [which produce ‘Thing Of Great Value’ “X” which creates…]
FUBAR – Fukked Up Beyond All Recognition (the condition of my brain ATM)
ATM – At The Moment

I have officially replaced my original enjoyment of the old POS fueling system with the delicate and demanding intricacies of PI. The problem is… I am so fascinated by it that now I usually login, check that I am safed and cloaked up, ignore mail and chat, minimize all std HUD screens (also disabling all chat ‘blinks’) and open Science & Indy to my main Factory planet… and that is where I spend ALL of my time now. Zooming from planet to planet, checking EHU efficiencies against BIF needs against AIF needs… tweaking here, twerking there…

One of my Lava planets makes ONLY Reactive Metals & Silicon. I have 2 ECUs running up to 7 EHUs, feeding a total of 8 BIFs with 2 Launchpads…

I need small amounts of Silicon ONLY for Miniature Electronics used to make Smartfab units… but I use huge amounts of Reactive Metals in a variety of processes on several other planets.

I have 1 ECU running 5 heads extracting Base Metals… this ECU is over on the far side of the planet so it has a Launchpad and I daily (or twice daily… or hourly… or I just sit stare at it and wait for it to complete a cycle so I can…) move all the ores up to the POCO and then back down to the other Launchpad centered in the Factory Group. (see pic below)

I have 1 ECU running 2 heads extracting Felsic Magma which is part of the Factory Group. The Felsic Magma feeds 1 BIF for 20 units of Silicon every half hour… the Base Metals feed the other SEVEN BIFs for 140 units of Reactive Metals every half hour. This setup runs my Grid at 99.94%...   =]

I tend to run my heads at 1 day 15 min cycles so I like to try and set them up so they over produce… in case I miss a restart my factories don’t shut down and wait… I can’t STAND that. Really… I can’t… make me irritable and rude to the cat. So I happily have approx 108,000 units of Base Metals and 10,000 units of Felsic Magma stored up with more going in each cycle. (see pic below)

This is just one planet and it is my EASIEST planet to work with… I have 4 other planets each higher in complexity and dependence on being cared for and fed and tended to… I may have lost my mind.

Now here’s the REAL capper… I am making…

Enriched Uranium – which I give to corp for fuels, obviously.
Smartfab Units – ISK 43,700 ea (according to the OV Est.)
Biotech Research Reports – ISK 53,000 ea (ya-da ya-da…)

I have, after what… 3 WEEKS of messing with this shit… amassed/created/built/manufactured:

468 Smartfab Units, approx value:   ISK  20,500,000.00
732 Biotech Res Reps, approx value: ISK  38,000,000.00
For a grand total of:                     ISK  58,500,000.00

To put this in perspective… 

Last night was a little unusual as at one point we ALL were actually OL at the same time… Strigon and AI were champin at the bit to go raid this C2 we had pop in our hole and then run some of the 9 sites we had in here. I was (and still am) against raiding C2’s because I feel it is a pure waste of time and ammo…

Yea, yea, yea I know we can hilariously wafflestomp any C2 Sleepers now that we have upped our game and are used to the tactics and DPS of the Nefarious Forces of Naptime in C3’s… but one of the main reasons we wanted to “up our game” as ‘twere is that the ISK is much better as you go up class…. Running sites inna C2 to me is now…. well… it’s sorta like… slumming. It’s like the Mafia strong arming kids on a playground for their lunch money… I felt it wouldn’t be worth it.

And I was right.

We ran “8” C2 Sleeper sites… value: ISK    79,500,000.00
We ran “5” C3 Sleeper sites… value: ISK  255,000,000.00
My ‘cut’, and this is AFTER the 25% corp Tax (we all agreed on), and AFTER splitting 4 ways…
ISK  79,640,625.00

[Didja see that? Didja notice that my CUT, after 25% taxes, came to MORE than we made AS A GROUP in the C2??]

So… what we can deduce from this?
That a few hours spent with friends shooting Nasty RED Crosses nets me…
79.6 million ISK…

And that 3 WEEKS of playing EVE Solitaire (and I am not counting the MILLIONS of ISK lost in tearing down and rebuilding PI Installations) nets me…
58.5 million ISK…

So someone please… effin PLEASE tell me WHY I am enjoying PI so damn much!?!?!?!?!
The worst part is… do you know what my first thought was when the payout hit my wallet?
“Hmmm… you know, I really need to completely reconfigure my main Factory Group… and now I can afford it.”  Sheesh…  =\

Fly Safe and see you in the Sky  =/|)=


  1. You like it because at the end of it all the trials and tribulations you get to say this...

  2. Hmmmm, perhaps I'll ignore PI as a reason to get a second account..... Then again - nice point Mab.

  3. LOL... all I can say is if yer in this for the "I MADE THAT!" then PI is one way to do it AND it is true EVE Solitaire... so many l33t PvPers would have everyone belive EVE cannot be played solo... Really getting into PI and Industry almost forces you into a solo game.

    As for a 2nd account, I'm like Mab on that one... I do have my A'Lts I use on my main but a 2nd account is to,me, like buying PLEX... it's cheating... 'to me', I hold it 'gainst no one else... it's just my preferred playstyle.

  4. Still trying to talk myself into it but I can't shake that whole thing about "diluting" the experience. In the end I probably won't do it and I'll soldier on!

  5. Hmmm... can't say as I have ever thought on it deeeply enough to define 'why'... but I guess for me, it's like my take on 'morality' in EVE...
    "If it feels wrong, dunt do it." And anyhoo... I have enough trubble bein just Tur (with Hiril and Angel thrown in occasionally)... =P


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