Sunday, October 20, 2013


I'm logged on and FLYING a SPACESHIP in EVE!!!!

Ok, I'm logged on and flying a metric-fuk-butt-ton of ships from the random stations they were dropped off at by one of my exceedingly helpful mates back when RL ganked my EVE time into oblivion... so if yer anywhere near Amarr tonight you might have caught a glimpse of ol Tur autopiloting back-n-forth inna ship thenna pod thenna ship thenna pod...

Most of SYJ has moved to NPC Null....    big fat ol Meh from yours truly... but it seems we, SYJ, Surely You're Joking Alliance, has KILLED Aniokis, workhole space, negsec... We were the Last Man Standing it seems in the VLWAC (Very Large Wormhole Alliance Club) and now we're the Last Alliance Leaving. Things had gotten real 'quiet' in Aniokis, that I can't nor won't deny... We would roll hole after hole after hole and find.... naught for our troubles. Either no one home, or them as were ran n hid the minute they caught wind of SYJ in da House... so along with the group failscade of a number of big W-space Alliances "we" killed wormholes.

So "we" ran to Nullsec.... oh joy. Needless to say, I dint. This all coincided with my personal life kinda failscading and job changes etc. ad nauseam and so I took an unintentional break from EvE. Not sure I am exactly "back" even now, but I found to my wonder and amazement that I had some FREE TIME this evening and lo and behold I logged on.

So I am gathering together those ships as made it out of the hole... and contemplating Tur's future...

Will it be NPC Null with Mab and the guys in SYJ? Will it be back to the hole which some in my little corp want? Will it be some foray into other as yet unexplored areas of EvE...
Might I go a'cursioning with an Alliance mate?
Seek solace and ISK as a temporary guest of some other (smaller) Aniokis group?
Try my hand once more at solo low class hole diving for fun and profit?
Spend a few weeks having my ass handed to me by Monsieur Javix and his band of ruffians?
Log off again in despair?

Right now I am consolidating ships and getting reacquainted with the stars and sky and where the FUCK is the "open Inventory" button!?!?!? As for the rest...

We shall see said the blind man...
We shall hear said the deaf man...
Mm Mm Mm said the mute...

Fly wreckless and see you in the sky =/|)=


  1. Thanx Hermie... and if you check back, your comment on 9/20 re my RAT mouse... it's dead... the mouse itself is fine the cord has a short and I can;t find the receipt or the guys at RAT would gladly send me a new one... go figger. =[

    1. Sorry to hear about the mouse - I imagine a shorting cable could have caused a few derps when gaming, and taken a bit to identify. I wouldn't like to think how much electronics I've got which hasn't lasted a month, and that I've just thrown instead of going through the hassle of replacing.

    2. I gotta admit I was pissed when I realized (1) it was not the mouse itself and (2) I had lost the receipt so something as stoopid as a broke wire was gonna force back to one of my carry meese... The ubiquitous BT MS Mouse you see everywhere... sheesh.

      Tell ya what though, when I can free up the $100 for the wireless RAT I am getting it... I LOVE the feel, response, comfort of the RAT I have. Adjustable DPI with a click was a DREAM... being able to fine tune the response on the fly... gods that was nothing but a big ol bag of win in the EvE client...

  2. Alt+c is the default (I think) to open your inventory, for your ship cargo hold, items hangar, ship hangar, ect. The new-ish UI has it all in a windows type layout. After awhile, i forgot about the buttons =P

  3. Got it... and as you might guess I had figgered it out... I was more making a snide remark on the complexity of EvE... I was gone no more than 2 months and getting back to my former comfort level was not as easy as I had assumed... EvE aint no bike... fall off and gettin back on can be difficult, EVE is HARD!


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