Monday, December 23, 2013

How Do You EVE?

In response to Kane Rizzel's "How do you EvE?"... and Raziel Walker's response to same...

Others who have shared their setups:
How Evehermit does it...
How Noob does it...

This is just a silly but potentially interesting quickie... I'm still here, just, you know got some RL>EVE n shit goin on... will write an update soon.

The above links show how Raziel and Kane play EvE. Here is how I do it... This is in my Pub (I married a Brit so a 'Bar' is the thing behind me one sets one's pint, or in my case a Cuba Libre, on and leans against whence pontificating... and a 'Pub' is the place where the bar is...)(anyhoo)...

This is my view of EvE... Triple screens; 22" Main on the left, 17" Secondary on the right and the 50" Distraction up center there on the hearth...

My system is a maxed out nothing-special-here HP sittin onna lapdesk as my ass, gravity and multiple Cuba Libre's work together to slowly conform my "spot" to perfection on the new sectional...  ahhh...  =]

So.... How do YOU EvE?

Fly wreckless and see you in the Sky... =/|)=


  1. I can't play on a couch and laptop myself but it sure looks cozy and comfortable, even more so with a Cuba Libre in hand. /me goes off to grab one of my last two cold beers trying to imitate.

  2. /me raises glass/ =]

    My dottir and wife are also usually on their laptops too... Boo plays Minecraft and Carren plays a bevy of other games such as Candycrush (or some other type of Mindlesscraft...) In the winter we often have a nice fire in the hearth... and yes, it is really REALLY comfortable... =]


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