Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tug of War...

Just a funny from tonight's mission running...

The Directors of HBHI are met in the Real once again and for the last time for at least a year. For a weekend of fun and family, and some flying of the Deadly Skies of EVE.

As I type this up on one screen, on the other screen I am piloting my Noctis to Jita to sell off the L&S I have collected from this evenings missioning for the Sisters.

Tonight was the first time I had tried the new Mobile Tractor Unit, MTU... or Noctis killer as I see it. It's not a big deal really, but the old Noctis holds a special place in my heart, always has. I get the idea behind the MTU, I just always liked the idea of a guy having to actually DO his own Lewt & Slavaging... having some automated unit do it for you is... well, it's a hell of a lot like botting.

All botting really is is automating a task or tasks you see as tedious to free you to focus you active game play on the stuff you don't find tedious.

RMTer's run automated programs that mine ore in EvE, because they don't care to actually play EvE, they just wanna make ore and ISK for RMT. Mission botters run automated programs that fly their ships in PvE for the same reasons. Now we have CCP making us automated programs that do tasks we see as tedious... such as running a Noctis. So we have a CCP made bot, a structure that tractors and loots all our wrecks into a nice pile for us to salvage and simply grab the lewtz... meh.

Haven't been really interested in em until Strigon says from the bar that he is running one in his missions. So I figure I am playing solo, and I assume that was the target player for this mod, so I buy a few to try out. I anchor one and find it is wayyy too slow. I am running L4s solo inna HAMgu.

I finish the first site and pop back one hop to get my Noctis, now refitted with x8 Salver IIs, and when I land on the first wreckball... I have to wait for approx half the wrecks to be tractored into range of my Salvers... Hmmm, that really isn't optimal or even workable. OK, I read up and it seems you can anchor more than one so on the next site I drop two 5km apart and as we have company over, a fire in the fireplace, drinks, good food and my sons are home, I start running the site pretty much forgetting the MTUs. I AFK the site checking only occasionally to re-target and re-tap F1...

The site is dam near done when I notice there are like only 5 or so wrecks near the MTUs... WTF?? I watch and notice a single wreck is moving... it stops near one MTU only to be grabbed by the other and tractored over to it, only to be grabbed by the first and tractored back, only to be grabbed by the second and tractored back, only to be grabbed by the first and tractored back...  OH FUKKIN PLEASE!!!!  LOL

CCP can't even do bots right...too funny.

With these bots we all will Fly Wreckless... See you in the sky! =/|)=

PS... just to put-it-out-there as twere, a EvE Meetup in planned out our way for tomorrow night...  just saying...  =]

Dogfish Head Alehouse
Falls Church, VA

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