Thursday, January 16, 2014

How I See EvE...

~or "How I EvE, Part The Second..."



This follows sorta in the vein of EvE Hermit's post, "How Do You EVE?"  I followed along as did a few others in the EvE blogsphere and posted a pic of how I play EvE here. This shows the physical way we each EvE... the rooms, desks, systems and screen arrangements, etc. we each use to play the game...

Now Rixx Javix has posted "My Eve Screen" which sorta fits nicely with Hermits post. This shows the layout of the game ON those screens. I find this as interesting as the physicality of How We EvE. Where we play the game is very important... but how we 'see' the game is more important.

I love my current setup. I'm on my 'spot' on our sectional in the Pub, feet up on the hassock, laptop on a comfortable lapdesk (I bought for the wife and that she never uses...). I usually have Netflix or something on the 50"flat panel up on the hearth with the game client on the 22" to my right and, on the left, on the laptops 15" widescreen, I have either;

(1) PYFA, my blog (and others) and other EvE related apps or...

(2) the EvE client stretched across both as you have seen above.

I use UltraMon to manage the dual screens, to stretch and resize the client across both screens and I have come to really prefer this layout. This allows me to have:

(A) in Station: the 'Active Ship', 'People & Places' and 'Station Services' windows are all on the laptop and off of my main 22" screen where I have just the 'Cargo Bay', 'Item & Ship Hangars', 'Market' and the 'Character Sheet' & its additional screens and...

(B) in Flight: the Ship and JUST the 'Ship Controls' with 'Selected Item', 'Drones' and any Locked Targets so just ship and weapons controls share the screen with my ship and stuffs in space around me and allowing me to have the 'Overview' and 'Active Ship' open on the laptop.

So...  How do YOU see EvE?

Fly Wreckless and see you in the Sky =/|)=

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