Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project Atlas Gets Quietly Trumped…

~or, “I can’t Stop Watching…”

A quickie, while perusing my must read list I saw this from Ripard, and that led to this, which led to this, which led in a roundabout way to this on Das Mittens… which led to this quote…

How did you guys go about setting up the wormhole part of the map?
Squizz: Believe it or not, all that data is in the SDE.” (static data export)

Now I’m no programmer but are you telling me a MAP for ALL of Anoikis has just been sitting out there all this time?

I have turned off my screensaver and now have just 2 Firefox windows open… One running on the 22” showing Empire Space and one on the laptops 15” showing Anoikis Space…  and I just can’t stop watching…  =]

Fly Wreckless… though the Map says not… and see you in the Sky  =/|)=

PS  For those who don’t get the Project Atlas reference in the title.


  1. To be fair, I did know this going into Project Compass (we used the SDE to verify the readings we were getting from POSes before CCP turned off the locate feature in w-space). But I think most lore people (and CCP's lore devs) consider the SDE to not be canon. I think they want w-space much farther away from New Eden: where it ended up in game is merely a matter of programming convenience, not any particular lore-based desire to locate anoikis there. And as I note in the Project Compass final report, the locations of the stars make no particular sense. The various stellar phenomena (black holes, neutron stars, etc) aren't visible from other systems less than a light-year away from a system that shows it, and the distribution of systems doesn't make any particular sense.

    So yeah, while we've had a "map" of w-space for quite some time, I don't think anyone considers that official in game.

  2. As a wormholer from 6 months or so ingame, I have an abiding interest in all things Anoikii, especially the lore, Sleepers, Talocan and the ever elusive mystery of where we are in space as related to the New Eden cluster...

    I get the 'idea' that this data may not be considered official 'cannon', but look at how much of our 'emergent' gameplay is based on unofficial use/abuse/etc. of the game's data and mechanics... the EvE playerbase is not known for being held back by 'rules' or official policies, or even CCP's desired outcomes or uses...

    Ya gotta admit though, while we have many ingame and third party tools that use the K-space map, this is the first 'use' anyone has made of any map of Anoikis, and it is a very cool use too.

    1. Heh, yeah, I'm definitely not complaining about the result here. I love the map. But say what you will about emergent gameplay, CCP has kept a VERY tight lid on the game's storyline/lore. If CCP wanted Anoikis to end up where it is in the game database, they would have ran with Compass rather than shutting it down like they did :-s

      (I hate openID somedays... had to swap over to this ID...)

    2. Agreed... as I have read it CCP want's (as I see it needs) to control the NPC and overall Lore (storyline/history/etc.) giving us the background, or canvas if you will, to write our emergent stories in and on...

      Re Anokiks, I have always felt they want it to remain on ongoing mystery... I mean, if we figured it ALL out how boring (and WoW like/themeparky) would that be? There needs to be, and there should be, mystery in the depths of space.. especially hidden and hard to reach space...

      As much as I do like the Z-Kill Anoikii Map, I almost wish we still din't have any map for Anoikis... was fun not having any idea at all where we were... felt more like 'real' space...


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