Sunday, May 11, 2014

OK, Now I’m a Betting Man…

Uh… something happened to my little blog. Something… I simply can’t believe…

I got a comment.
I got a response…
to my “Open Letter to CCP”
I got a response…
A  RESPONSE…   from

Uh huh, CCP Seagull herself herself… She dropped me a few lines of simple, clear txt which I first read on my phone this evening (sitting on a picnic table in my backyard after putting up some shelves for the missus for mums day…) and well… to put it simply, I almost fell off the bench.
I was honored and yes very… very surprised to say the least.

I write nothing more than a spotty, niche kinda, incoherent mostly, wall-o-text often, rambling EVE ‘journal’ really… and inna oft very colloquial style… with WAYYYY too many ellipses… so I know I’m no Jester, no Mabrick… no Sugar Kyle… man, like ten people follow me! OK? (LOL)… and well, it’s just that I know and am happy that my little blog aint a ‘big fish’ in the EVE metagame or EVE fanfic or even the blogshere, I mostly just write stories of my exploits… But occasionally though, I’ll read something in the metagame that hits home, and then my muse just grabs hold of my brain and squeezes...hard.

The end product of one such incident was, “An Open Letter to CCP”. If you haven’t, PLEASE read the post first as Andie Nordgren, Senior Producer, EVE Online Development, is replying directly to this and it puts her response in context.

And while I am going to post her comment on the original post (and take multiple screenshots and get the wife to snap a few Polaroids of me grinning like the town idiot next to the screen… suitable for framing…) I felt moved to get this very interesting and unexpected reply, to what I felt was a key question that no one had just flat out asked in no uncertain terms... I wanted to get it out there and not lost in the back pages of a small, though scrappy, little blog… Hell, it’s gonna be pretty lost right up on the old front page of my little rag as tis… (I do hope that this will be taken up and reblogged for exposure to the widest audience.)  =]

OK, so I asked a direct question about the "vison" for EVE Online that 'seems' to be exclusively nullsec centric. But I didn’t really, I mean I NEVER actually expected an answer… come on! I was just adding my 0.2 ISK and try to ‘stir the meta-pot’ some with my little ladle is all… Never did I, or anyone else, think I would actually get an answer from CCP… much less than by the one person more deeply in the know on this subject than maybe even Hilmar himself. So…

My question, stripped of the rhetoric, and ellipses…
Does CCP plan on solo, casual and small gang gameplay having a place, IE being involved, in this new vision?

Here is what CCP Seagull said…
 Hi and thanks for asking so directly. I do mean it when I say that the vision is a journey for every capsuleer to be part of. I want EVE to have more things to do for small scale groups and solo pilots - and all over space, not just in null sec. When I talk about player control, I mean the effects players have on each other all over space - in different ways - not just the null sec free-for-all - and I don't mean that the null sec model should be extended to everywhere. I know it can be hard to hear solo and small groups in the vision when for a long time "player driven" has mostly meant nullsec and huge corps and alliances - and I got some questions along the same lines in the vision roundtable at Fanfest. But both small groups and solo players are very important in the design work we are doing now and to our vision for the future of EVE. First project where this should be visible is the corporation and alliance system work we are starting after the summer - that will look deeply at small and medium sized groups, including corporations where all characters belong to a solo player. Stick around for that and give your input!
/CCP Seagull

May I reiterate...
But both small groups and solo players are very important in the design work we are doing now and to our vision for the future of EVE.

OK… looks like I got my answer, and I’m sold for now… and that’s all I have to say on that.

Thank you, Andie Nordgren, I am flattered, and I am very pleased… and I, and I think many others too, will hold you to this!!!

Fly Wreckless and… I WILL see you in the Sky  =/|)=

PS - comment up.


  1. More read you than just the 10 'members' on your google friends connect. I follow with RSS feeds, and I know a lot of others do too.

    All the same, I too both use too many elipses and also enjoy comments on my blog.

  2. Hmmmm... well, thanx but I am curious Foo, I get a fairly unambiguous "Yes" answer from CCP Seagull and you comment on ellipses? LOL

  3. I too keep up with your blog man! Even while I'm absent from the game :-) Anyway, good to see we got a response to a burning question that you and I both shared.

  4. OSLO!!!!!!!! Man good to hear from you bro!!! Look, we are doing great inna C3... come out and stomp some Sleepers when ya gets back!

    Do ya need a Buddy Bring-Back?

  5. Wow! Getting a prayer answered from the Gods in Deep. I suppose you'll be walking around in a hoodie now. ;-)

    Good job. This result will affect everybody's writings.

    1. I know right!?!?! I was very surprised... and gawdawful plaesed lemme tell you! I mean I doubted CCP even knew I existed... I mean,not in a bad way, I just don't have that kinda blog you know?

      I can't wait to watch the ripples in the metasphere... =]

  6. Wow, I am impressed. CCP Seagull said exactly what we all wanted to hear. Solo and small gang is still a thing in EVE.

    With you getting direct feedback, quickly and fairly unambiguous, remind me why we pay for CSM members to fly to Iceland? They have not been able to get anything clear out of CCP about the roadmap.

    1. YOU are?? Imagine how I felt! LOL!! And yea, it is a pretty clear statement that Hisec, Lowsec and solo, casual and smallgang playstyles Impending Death's have been greatly exaggerated by some...

      That was shy I posed the question in as clear as set of terms as I could... no one else was. We were all running hard around the elephant in the room, but no one was pointing right at it... so I did.

      YOU hear me Dmmy, ya troll? LOL!

  7. I'm glad she answered you. I've been fighting a small battle since I got elected to remind people that I am a small group person and consider fleets with 10 people 'big'.

    Keep screaming into the dark Tur. Just don't do it crazy sauce style.

    1. You keep on fighting the GF Sugar! Now that you have a seat at the table... make it count!
      And I really do consider myself a small gang player even after my time in SYJ... the big (to me) fleet of 20 to 40 are fun and all... but a small gang of just 4 of us raiding a C4... now THAT is exciting!!

      I will keep on keeping on... you too!! And there is NOTHING wrong with crazy sauce, it is normal on my side of the sky!

    2. Hi to you both,

      Suspect the crazy sauce is at least partly necessary to live in WH space permanently ;P

      That was a surprise, and a very welcome one. But this is kind of a "thing" in the blogosphere now. Ardent Defender pulled the plug as you're probably aware. I can't begin to guess at the number of folks quietly doing the same thing (and I sincerely hope that isn't the case). I also sincerely hope that Jester is being extra-ordinarily careful. More from the perspective that being ex-CSM and widely read, that his postings are likely to carry extra weight.

      Anyways, words from on high are awesome, but for my part something a little more tangible such as a Dev post about the upcoming changes would be best sooner rather than later.

    3. Yesssss.... roast Slaver hound with Crazy Sauce... YUM!!!

      And no... I dint know AD unsubbed... I am saddened by this news... I wish he and Mord Fiddle had more faith... but I can't say that with CCPs PR focus on Diverse & Group playstlyes... IE NullsecEmpires... so I understand their feelings, heck all the poor PR control was what prompted my Open Letter in the first place.

      I however am keeping faith with CCP Seagull... I will wait patiently until we do get some solid info on the Corp & Alliance changes and I will, as she requested, give my opinion and input.

    4. I too am keeping the faith. For the moment. But I suspect it's more from the point of having played EvE for so long, it's damn near part of my DNA as opposed to anything new done by CCP.

      As far as what CCP Seagull has mentioned, what is the likelihood of actual NEW gameplay as a result of Corp/Alliance changes? Shifting to a dynamic mission system would definitely do so for example, but Corp/Alliance changes?

      I too, believe that CCP have some seriously sexy stuff going on in the skunkworks. A hint here and there for the solo/small corporation players would do wonders from a player perspective - and no doubt help markedly with retention.

      Put another way, not everyone is as patient as either you or I. Totally applaud CCP Seagull on her reaching out, but the message also needs to be spread as far and as widely as possible imho..

    5. Some "new" gameplay that might arise from corp/alliance changes is being able to feasibly rent out the facilities of your POS to other members of the alliance without risking all your precious BPOs while doing so. That alone would be a huge boost to many industrial corps & alliances that I talk to.

      The current state of roles & what you can do in those roles is pretty sad.

    6. As someone who has live out of a POS for several years can attest... it's a lot like taking up permanent residence inna tent... There are some conveniences you simply learn to do without. But hell... I hate station living too... no damn windows and a frakkin broken door in every room... oh please!

      However, after CCP Seagulls reply to my Open Letter, I hold much greater hope for the future now than I have in a while. Corp & Alliance revamp is next... then... POS revamp!!! I can't WAIT!

    7. Mara - I'm already part of an alliance that rents ME and PE slots out. Which you can do from the safety of your own corporate office given the current mechanics. In other words, the BPOs do not leave your control.

      The indy changes may actually nerf that capability, or at least create a situation where the BPOs may need to change hands... with all the associated trust and collateral (and more trust) issues. Getting a headache even thinking about the kinds of roles/permissions that it might take for things to work like that under the new scheme too...

      All I can say is I'm noticing a significant downturn in activity pending those changes. On another note: if people are needing things researched before the the changes, send 'em to me.

  8. Nice to hear. Also nice to see that our ramblings are sometimes read by CCP. We'll watch and all that, but kudos to Seagull for taking the time to respond to one of us small fish out here in the corners of the blog community. That said, i think there is still a place for the NDA'd CSM.

    1. That to me was the most exciting part... that anyone at CCP read any of my drivel simply amazes me... much less CCP Seagull herself herself! LOL!

      I agree we need the CSM as the players lobby group... I just wish we had better balance on CSM9... less Nullsec and a better W-space turnout this year... I feel shame for my brothers in holes... ah well, there's always next year. =]

  9. I doff my blogger hat to you my friend. And to CCP Seagull, for proving what a jerk comment I made about CCP on your open letter post. It seems I underestimate her verve. It's not the first mistake I've ever made. It won't be the last. I just have to remember to be a leaf in the wind. See you in the sky.

    1. Awww, heck man, wasn't a jerk comment... if so then my whole Open Letter was a jerk POST FFS... I will admit to being extremely EXTREMELY surprised as you might well imagine.

      LOL.. just remember what happened to the Leaf in the Wind!

      See you in the sky my friend.

  10. I think you are more widely read than you are aware. In fact, I dont even need to blog myself because of the frequent EvE Blog community. You are doing a great job, keep it up!

    Resident and Follower of Bob

    1. Thanx man... that means a lot.

      And I know more than the 10 "followers" I have read my drivel... but TBH, I really doubted I was 'widely' read if you know what I mean. Mine is more a journal than a metablog. I am not the respected Industrialist that Mabrick is, nor the respected PvPer that Ripard is... I'm just a guy inna hole, making my way in this weird little 'verse... and occasionally scribbling :stuff: here...

      As such I am always flattered, and actually a bit surprised, when I get comments... so getting a response from CCP Seagull was... well, lets just sat that lady made my month ok.... =]

    2. Don't fret about being some 'thing' in the blogsphere. I write whatever comes into my head and falls out of my fingertips. Seeing that covers guides to things I do in game all the way to semi-epic poetry about my in game neighbors I'm pretty fond of writing whatever you want to write. :P

  11. "leaf in the wind"..... that always brings a tear to my eye


  12. Words are meaningless, unless backed by actions. All actions by CCP are demonstrating the precise opposite of what the Ayn Rand acolyte said in her comment to you. Bottom line, the new indy changes are a huge nerf to high sec income, and will drive people into solo corps because of the BPO trust issues. Plus, if they make missions more like Incursions, and end up nerfing solo income / hour in those, either by making the NPC's and AI tougher or some other nerf to income, more people will quit Eve.

    I don't think CCP, the CSM, or much of the blogsphere, gets it. There are a LOT of people who get home from work or school, and have maybe an hour or 90 minutes, tops, to burn in a sitting. If they are forced to spend time and more importantly, risk ships, to find people to run missions with, that will simply drive more people from the game. It will not retain more.

    You don't think that high sec sub base is not at the breaking edge now? While I am sure some of the subs lost in the last year (yeah CP, we know why you won't release the numbers this year) were from null sec players idling supercaps they don't need in peacetime, most came from high sec.

    The current indy changes are not going to help that at all, and if high sec gets more difficult to play with a nerf to solo play, in any form, just watch the exodus.

    1. WOW...I am graced by The Dimsdale hiself hiself... (I was waiting for this....) OK

      I, unlike you, am willing to wait to see if the words ARE backed up, not grab my pointed white hoody, fire up the cross and verbally lynch people before ANYTHING has actually happened.

      Its things like "...Ayn Rand acolyte...: that make you out to be an ass, cause if :words: were meaningless, you would have no need to be so juvenile.

      Bottomline, again I will wait to see the fallout, and I know some nullsec Indy people... people I respect and who actually know what they are talking about... and who have good reason to believe the Indy changes are not the nerf bat or Falling Sky you'd so love them to be...

      They are completely overhauling Corps and Alliances so... once again... I will wait until I see how things actually go before jumping on the CT train about BPOs and Roles etc. .. (not that I'd ever do that anyway.)

      Incursions are still very popular and one helluva lot more fun and profitable, even after the changes, than missions... and risking ships? Dude, it's EVE... if you want to be safe, please... go play WoW.

      Of course you don't think CCP, the CSM, or much of the blogsphere, gets it... You are the Only One Who Does... that's a key necessity for you to sit on your high horse and look down on people who know more than you... And I, for one, am willing to wait and see if CCP Seagull walks the walk as regards solo & casual players... those with constrained or limited playtime. She said they would, and for now, that's good enough for me.

      Sub base breaking? Not from where I sit... and you don't KNOW shit about exactly who and where players are unsubbing from... this is the kinda shit I can't stand from you... lies and made up bullshit... CT and tinfoil.

      And dear Dimmy... what are you going to do if... IF... CCP actually does do as Andie Nordgren says? Gonna grow a pair and say you were wrong? I doubt it... and THAT is what I can't wait for... =]

    2. @TurAmarth: Hey, its your blog. You want to insult me, knock yourself out.

      But the fact is that subs dropped this year, and from what we know, this is unprecedented. Further, solo players who do high sec industry ARE getting hammered, it is only a matter of degree.

      High sec mission runners get nailed with the 45-50% removal of lot income, plus their LP becomes devalued when they see slot costs for manufacturing from LP based BPC's, and everyone is facing some inflation on any item that is still going to be built in high sec , specifically ships where razor thin margins are the norm.

      Incursion runners get hit with the same inflation.

      Miners, well the jury is still out on them, but clearly, to get perfect refines is going to take a lot more skills and an expensive implant. We also don't know how much demand for high sec minerals will drop, as null sec, if it needs any at all, will want compressed ore from high sec.

      And precisely how does Corps and Alliances help these solo players, who have neither the time nor inclination to join a corp, let alone an alliance? Or perhaps should CCP just cut loose that part of the player base?

      And as for waiting, I am not going anywhere. I grind enough to buy my plex each month, though it grows more difficult after every release. But what about all the real casual players, which folks like me are clearly not?

      We keep hearing words about player retention, and the NPE. Then we read blogs like Jesters who clearly implies that it is in CCP's interest to ignore the group I speak of and focus on their hardcore players.

      Yeah, we shall see indeed. Why don't you pin this conversation and do a blog on it 12 months from now, after the June 2015 release. Actually, with the 10 mini-releases, just revisit this 12 months from now. I will be around still. Let's see how much CCP has lived up to its word then. I am sure the Dust 514 players can chime in about CCP's credibility.

    3. Dimmy,
      It is, and I will as long as you deserve it.

      I do find it interesting that you feel insulted... and yet, you repeatedly call Alexander Gianturco, a person you have never stated that you know personally at all, 'the failed lawyer' in an intentionally denigrating and demeaning manner... you call Andie Nordgren an 'Ayn Rand acolyte'... again another person you do not actually know and again, in an intentionally denigrating and demeaning manner... You don’t like being insulted, but you feel free to publicly attack both of them.

      You accuse, without ANY merit or proof, some players in the Nullsec Coalitions and some CCP employees of conspiring together to allow RMT, something that is against the EULA and ToS and I can guarantee is against CCP employee policy and a firing offense... Not only do you accuse them of allowing it, but you accuse, again without any shred of merit or proof, that CCP employees actually assist in this and that the nullsec players use it to do things like pay their mortgages... and without proof, it is all mere supposition and fabrication... IE Lies and more lies and I HATE liars.

      But you can't see that your being offended... is prompted by you being far more offensive.

      And as for all the rest... Yes, CCP is changing how the game works and is played. And I for one, say Kudos to them, because if the game doesn't change, it gets more and more stale and uninteresting (which BTW, is why I think we are seeing a drop in overall subs…). And they are coping with original code for what were at the time totally new ideas such as Industry and Sov and Corps & Alliances and this code is TEN YEARS OLD...

      It NEEDS to be replaced and updated and all of that should be done, as I now believe it is, with an eye to Lessons Learned over the last 10 years, and also with an eye to a vision of what the game should be over the next 10 years. And no, I do not now believe that vision is null centric, but is inclusive of all game playstyles. And I will continue to believe this until proven wrong, not until I assume so.

      The main issue seems to me to be the same issue that has always existed in EVE... the carebear vs the grieferbear. You just take the carebear argument to juvenile heights is all. You seem to be unable to discuss these issues, and I am not saying there aren't issues, there are... but you seem to be unable to discuss them in a mature manner... You always dive deep into the tinfoil and Conspiracy Theory pool... and that just muddies the waters and makes meaningful discussion harder... not better. IE your comments are a waste of internet resources until you stop name calling and ranting and discuss things as an adult. does Corps and Alliances help these solo players, who have neither the time nor inclination to join a corp... (1) you cannot BE in EVE and not be in a corp, NPC if nothing else. And how will it help?

      I quote CCP Seagull...
      First project where this should be visible is the corporation and alliance system work we are starting after the summer - that will look deeply at small and medium sized groups, including corporations where all characters belong to a solo player.

      I repeat, "...look deeply at small and medium sized groups, including corporations where all characters belong to a solo player." Sounds to me like they are heading in the right direction... so let's put away the tinhat and wait for the Dev blogs shall we? So we can... Stick around for that and give your input! which I most certainly will.

      to be continued...

    4. I find it interesting also that you say, "Words are meaningless, unless backed by actions." in order to make light of CCP Seagull's very direct and positive comment but you then make a liar out of yourself by saying, "...we read blogs like Jesters who clearly implies that it is in CCP's interest to ignore the group I speak of and focus on their hardcore players."

      Now, I like Ripard...I believe he is an honest and decent guy who has, as he sees it, the best interests on the game in mind... but, he is NOT a CCP employee, and he is no longer even a CSM member. But I find it most interesting that you will lean on what he ‘says’ as if it has more meaning than what the Senior Producer of EVE Online Development has to ‘say]. Now I don't know about you, but I can guarantee you, I will take at face value what Andie Nordgren says over Jester any day... IT'S HER JOB.

      I actually can't wait for the point releases that will come over the next year... Industry, Corps & Alliances then POSes!!!! (a huge one for me) then War & Sov... Why don't we set a date, you and I? After the each point release, that includes one of each of the four main reworks listed here, I will, of course, post on each in turn... please look for those posts and comment accordingly.

      And Dinsdale, I will never block you from my comments as long as you are not overly rude (in which case I may edit and still post), and I will gladly engage in a discourse, any discourse with you, as long as it is meaningful, sticks to the facts and knowledgeable statements and does not include tinfoil arguments and Conspiracy Theories based on unproven assumptions.

      Two last points...
      Again with the tinfoil and CT man!! The whole DUST 415 rage was, same as Incarna, a gross overreaction by the playerbase. It was stated, very clearly at Fanfest, that DUST 415 is NOT being shut down. That work and development will continue on it and that Project Legion is just that ATM... a project, and one that has not even been green lit yet so I will, WAIT until the proof is in... I will wait if and until DUST 415 is actually announced as shutting down BEFORE I will discuss that as a fact, not a theory and...

      You do realize, don't you... that you are one of the 5 to 10% right?

    5. Boy I hate to say this, but Dinsdale is right. Jester made it very clear on his blog that small groups and especially solo players are absolutely not CCP's priority. This statement by CCP is simply vaporware until we actually see hard evidence and even an apology. CCP must be scared after hearing about and seeing all the people who don't matter to CCP, silently unsubbing and moving on. Who stays in a game where they are obviously not wanted.

      If CCP really is changing course, then fantastic! I'll be watching, and I'll be back. Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath.

    6. Uh... no Jester didn't. He did say CCP can walk and chew gum at the same time and would work on both Large groups and others... he never said solo & small gang were not A priority, just not the priority at the moment.

      ALL just statements by anyone are vaporware until actions back them up... that's an oxymoron man. And an apology? For what? creating EVE? for making the best damned sandbox SciFI MMO ever? IMHO CCP has naught to apologize for.

      And focusing on solo & small gang players after iterations that favor large gangs is not changing course anymore that focusing on BSes after working on BCs is changing course. I am hopeful but wary too man,,, I wanna SEE something real too, but for now, I will keep the faith and that won't change until I have a reason to change it.

      And I wanna know where all this hype about mass, or even large numbers of, unsubs is coming from? Ref some numbers for me... if you have any. And please don't point to the PCU... PCU is how many are logged on, subs are how many paying accounts there are.

  13. It was great to finally get some attention from the higher-ups at CCP. Seriously. There's times when I wonder if CCP even sees a fraction of the stuff we write and post (even on the forums, which I detest and please, CCP, can we have a way to contact you directly instead of by forum?).

    I think you nailed it, Tur, when you said in response to a comment that not every player will have the patience to wait years for things to be done. It's good to see that Seagull has a definite vision of where she wants to go, but she's fighting CCP's well-deserved rep for promising the moon and never delivering. Dinsdale has a point when he says actions speak louder than words. It's not that I don't believe Seagull, it's just that CCP has a track record of proving they can't seem to stay the course. Expectation management, etc.

    That said, I think the direction Seagull has laid out will be Pretty Damn Cool once it's done.

    As long as we're not forced to group up to make a living, cool. Let us, the players, choose, while providing the wherewithal to allow the people who only have an hour to log in and play the game (and, incidentally, pay CCP).

    I think the real elephant in the room is how CCP will deal with the null groups. They have soooo much wealth and capacity for control, that I can't see how any new area will be accessible to anyone but the big null folks. A pretty good argument can be made right now that the limitless accumulation of wealth along with sov and jump bridge mechanics makes nullsec off-limits to those who don't want to be part of the big boys. About the only solution I can see is a drastic forced reduction in the assets of those folks. And I say that as a former sov warrior/renter. But that would be hugely unfair to all those folks, too, so what is CCP to do?

    At any rate, yeah, we all need to take a breath, and actually wait for things to develop before we jump ship. I think Mord is wrong to proactively quit based on his assumptions of how the game might be, for example. Plus, I'll miss his EvE blogging :(

    Now, if only we can make it so that w-space isn't the red-haired stepchild when all these change are being thought out... :)

    1. Yea... I was pretty floored to actually get a very real response you know?

      All good points, yes action speak and CCP has stubbed it's toes more than once, but what they are doing is inherently very difficult. To create a virtuality like EVE and then make changes to such a massive construct of code without totally hosing it is well... I amazed they have delivered all that they actually have over the past ten years to be honest.

      That said, I too am very hopeful that they will be able to hold to the vision and keep solo, casual and small gangs very much in the picture.

      Null is weird... I believe it is exactly what they wanted and really really not. They wanted the players to really OWN space and fight for it... and they do, but I believe I really believe that the large groups of players coming into the game from the Reddit and Something Awful etc. forums do not have the same investment in the game that the rest of us who join in the way CCP designed do... As Mittens put it,
      "A community-born player is able to entirely skip the dreaded ‘mining veld in a Bantam’ phase." hence...
      "In practice, this means that Goons, Broskis and Redditors can be outright bastards to everyone else in the EVE - besides their allies, of course - and get away with it. The game’s normal culture of honor doesn’t apply"
      This worries me. They don't invest in the game, they don't take the time the rest of us EVE-born do to learn the game... by skip the dreaded ‘mining veld in a Bantam’ phase they miss something... its almost like skipping childhood. They don't care about the game, they care about each other and they come into the game knowing ALL the 'pubbies', IE regular players, HATE them deeply because they are :goons: or whatever... and this sets the tone for things like the potential, the possibilty that Mittens could quietly tell everyone to logoff and unsub... for a bit, to make our point to CCP....

      That is my worry... that they, though numbers, have a level of leverage over CCP... I don't know that they do, but due to their attitude about "us vs them" and the whole "We're not here to destroy the game, we want to destroy your game." thing.. it is a distinct possibility. Not a probability or something I have any proof of or such... it's just a worry, but a big one.

      As for how to fix/rebalance/change null? I feel it is wrong to give null even more ISK faucets... CCPhas to know they have far more ISK streams than is necessary or healthy. SRP's should be for replacing certain losses not the "... showers of ISK and ships..." Mittens describes... ALL players should still have to do some work, IE have some investment, in the game... People only value things that actually cost them something to get... we value free shit for exactly the amount we have invested... nothing.

      So, the faucets as they stand need some rebalancing... I am sure the null blocks would scream unneeded NERF!! But in truth, they have it too easy... it needs to be harder.... but no, I don't know how with the potential (not probability) for mass unsubs to 'make a point' to CCP'...

      "...take a breath, and actually wait for things to develop before we jump ship.", truer words never typed my friend. Unsubbing because of a Dev blog is... well, not really a mature reaction. If you don't like the direction the game is going, work for change, unsubbing take you out of the conversation.

      OMG NO!!! Please PLEASE CCP if you read this... LEAVE ANOIKIS ALONE! (bro, do you really want them messing with holes???? Fix POSes please but leave W-space alone!)

  14. "OMG NO!!! Please PLEASE CCP if you read this... LEAVE ANOIKIS ALONE! (bro, do you really want them messing with holes???? Fix POSes please but leave W-space alone!)"

    Heheh, no not 'messing' with, but it would sometimes be great if, when they were doing things like the industry tweaks with the teams and escalating costs for production and how it's all based on how many jobs are underway in the STATIONS in system, that at least one dev might stop for a brief moment to tick off the areas of the game and NOT go 'highsec, check; lowsec, check; nullsec, check; all done!" :)

  15. ...'highsec, check; lowsec, check; nullsec, check; all done!"

    LOL... Yea, but that's far better than...
    "Ohhh wait, we forgot W-space!!! OK...Ummmm... so let's let em put up Outposts, mmmkay?, so they can take advantage of the new Industry changes too, mmmkay?. Oh! but if we do that then we'll need a Wormhole Mass Regulator, mmmkay? you know. for all that Industry traffic... OH! and a Wormhole Stabilizer too, mmmkay? to fix that pesky time limit thing!" ...
    Oh dear gods of Anoikis, please just kill me now.

    I'll wait for the POS revamp my friend... I feel confident assuming CCP knows POSes are used for Industry and a completely new POS code "should" include a fair bit of updating how all that is handled... AND the new Industry changes will be several weeks to months old by then so most of the real kinks should be ironed out(ish)... so I am going to patiently wait and see if Industry in a POS is potentially greatly improved or not...

    But, TBH... if I just get to actually DOCK at my POS I will be doing hand springs! And at 53, that's a sight to behold!

    1. Corp roles, brother, don't forget corp roles. My dream is to be able to let someone - anyone, my corp, your corp, whomever - use bits of my POS without having to hand them the keys :)

    2. Yuppers... That's exactly the kind of thing I am hoping they are looking at for the POS Recode... how about Corp, Alliance roles and... Guest access/rights??!!! OMG! The ability to share or even say rent Industrial modules or slots, etc. with ANYONE securely. Separate access to separate bays for each corp member? or guest? can anyone say Docking??? can anyone say WINDOWS??? (hey, I mean... while we're dreaming right?) LOL

  16. @ TurAmarth:

    A couple things:

    1. Your comments about the failed lawyer (and yes, check his Linkedin page for proof) having potential to coerce CCP dev's sounds a lot like something me, the conspiracy theorist, would post. And given that he has used every other political tool at his disposal to create the goon empire, why would be not use this one?

    2. So the lead designer, who you clearly have a lot of patience with, states "after the summer, we will start looking....." AFTER the summer, we will START. So that means what, a few months of examination, a couple more months of design and internal testing, and then slotting the changes into the new 6 week cycle schedule. Sounds to me like you won't see any changes until January / February. And that is if nothing else crops up, like an exodus of those high sec casual players because of the indy changes.

    But hey, those high sec casuals, based on Rise's charts, were just going to leave anyway, and are easily replaceable. That means these corp changes, which I am sure will increase retention rates 10 fold, they will be targeting a new group of high sec casual players, of which there is a never-ending flow, so it really makes no difference when these paradigm shifting changes to small corps are implemented.

    How about this, You tell you new best bud Andie that if she wants to retain new players, and small corps, they get a 15% efficiency bonus on refining, mining, in fact all Science and Industry activities, based on the fact that small groups can respond more quickly to changing conditions compared to monolithic corps and alliances.

  17. (1) ‘Failed lawyer’ huh First he was a practicing attorney at the Zuckerman Spaeder LLP law firm in metro DC for FIVE years until he decided he didn’t ‘want’ to be an attorney anymore. I have changed careers a few times in my life, and I can tell you that does not make me ‘failed’ at anything. And unless you ‘know’ and can provide proof of something he ‘did’ that caused him to be disbarred, your ‘proof’ is simply that he stopped lawyering… as a self written career brief on LinkeIn is no ‘proof’ of anything other than he worked as a lawyer for 5 years for a prestigious firm… you idiot.

    The potential for the Community-born EVE player group (from Something Awful, Reddit, and other such forums) to use the threat of mass unsubs to leverage this strength on CCP, has nothing to do with A.G.’s prior law career, no matter how it ended. It is a theory, not about a ‘conspiracy’ but about the potential influence that the commercial buying power ‘leverage’ such a very large Community-born EVE player group ‘might’ have if, as A.G. stated in his role as The Mittani…

    Ref: Sins of a Solar Spymaster #75: The EVE-Born - Page 2 - 3rd paragraph;

    “…Goons, Broskis and Redditors can be outright bastards to everyone else in the EVE - besides their allies, of course - and get away with it. The game’s normal culture of honor doesn’t apply;”

    I reference his own words (not make up shit or point to a career synopsis that proves my accusation wrong and me foolish) that the Community-born EVE player does not play the game, nor care about the game’s non-community-born players, the same way the EVE-born do. This does give rise to a potential, just a ‘possibility’, that I state is just that and not any kind of ‘fact’ for which I have no proof.

    Theories must have some rational basis supporting the theory (see above reference) and then they are still just that, theories… However, diatribes full of abuse and lies are also just that… abuse and lies. Oh and ”… why would be not use this one?” uh… because he knows right from wrong? Because he is, in the end, a real human being not some childishly imagined amoral monster?

    And unlike you, while I discuss the ‘potential’ for such a threat, I do not propose nor write about it as if it IS something that HAS nor even WILL happen… I just posit that I worry about the potential only. Not rant and rage and call people (other than you) names and disparage them IRL…

    To be continued:

    1. Continued:
      (2) Yes Dimmy, I do have a lot of patience… it’s something you learn when you grow up… maybe one day huh? And yes… she does say ‘after’ the summer, and ‘start’ looking… a statement that, taken with understanding that CCP is working on the Industry features ATM, simply means, we have planned on when we will start work on this... you do know some ‘research’ and ‘planning’ (IE looking at) does needs to be done first, right? Any adult would understand that.

      I don’t know where you read,
      “…a few months of examination, a couple more months of design and internal testing, and then slotting the changes into the new 6 week cycle schedule. Sounds to me like you won't see any changes until January / February.”

      That is pure assumption on your part… I however will, have you know… patience, and wait and see… because I understand that CCP is not patching or fixing the code for these releases… but instead is writing and testing all new code for Corps & Alliances and POSes and War and Sovereignty as they have for Industry. And no matter how you slice it, if they do it right, this is gonna take some time… or… is it that you WANT them to rush the work so you can justify your incessant ranting? Stuff like… “…exodus of those high sec casual players because of the indy changes.” I see no such exodus and once again… I will have patience and wait and see how it turns out before beating the drum about it.

      And yes, CCP Rise’s chart bothered me… a lot… I even wrote a post about how BAD this is. But,once again you foray into fantasy… “…and are easily replaceable.” And “…new group of high sec casual players, of which there is a never-ending flow…” Please dear Dimwit… at what timestamp in the presentation, or in ANY blog post, does he SAY that? Right… he doesn’t… again with the lies. Work with the facts bro and we’ll talk and I will respect your opinion… keep up this shit and… :Dimwit:

      And lastly FWIW… If that is what you want, a 15% bonus for new players and small corps… then, why don’t you start your own blog? Or run for CSM and WORK to make a difference? Why don’t you act like an adult and speak with knowledge and intelligence and discuss the facts? Why don’t you fukking DO something instead of ranting and giving people the finger from the sidelines? If you did that bro… if you were working FOR new, casual and small gang players and you stop the juvenile name calling and CT accusations… Man, I would back you all the way.

  18. It was a *very* pertinent question to ask. Very cool you got an answer! Now... let's see if they deliver...

  19. Hello, first time reader of this blog. Figured I'd give some first impression input, straight from someone not acquainted to your preferred subject matter, writing style, etc. I'm compelled to write this because of how strong a reaction I had.

    A negative reaction, unfortunately. To your font. Please change it. It is difficult and obnoxious to read. It's really really bad. Reading the post was a stamina exercise.
    Also, fewer ellipsis, please. Much fewer.

    I hope you take my critique as coming from a positive intention, rather than just trolling. I do not troll. And I look forward to your further writings. If I can manage to work up the ocular stamina again.

    1. Weeeeell... while I am open to critique, I am sorry you had such a reaction... I am, however I have to say really do I write for myself and the look of my blog, typestyle included is the way I like it. Weird huh? I write on a website that is read worldwide and yet I do no write for the edification of others... and the ellipses? Yea, same thing.

      FWIW I did not take it as trolling and I do hope you will still consider reading my stuff... but, well, sorry but I really like it just the way it is. I hope you understand. (try zooming the screen in a bit mebbe?)


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