Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NOVA EVE Meet...

~or “Internet Spaceships is Serious Fun…”

I finally made one of the EVE Meets that are taking place world-wide. This one was CSM Sugar Kyle’s meetup in Northern Virginia (NOVA) at the Dogfish Head pub in Falls Church. I have been looking forward to finally getting to one of these for some time, but RL>EVE has always gotten in the way… until last Saturday, Feb 7th. I made the 2 hour trip north from my home deep in the woods outside of Ashland Va. And once inside the beltway I was immediately reminded of why, even though I am southern by the grace of god and I love my home state dearly… I was reminded of why I hate NOVA so very much.

Seething Masses of People... Once you cross some undefined border as you wend your way northwards you reach the land of hives. In northern Va., in the suburbs of DC, they pack themselves in like termites. There is no where you can even cross a street with ANY modicum of safety… the traffic lights, head and tail light of the cars are an endless glowing stream on every road, major and minor… gives me the creeps it does.

You see I’m a country boy by birth and at heart… and while I live on what is considered a main roadway back home traffic levels are such that you could, relative to NOVA, safely lie down and take a nap in the middle of the road. Heck my dirt road driveway is almost a half mile long and you can’t even hear what cars and trucks and tractors as do pass by from my house…

This is just one more affirmation of my life in Anoikis… Wormhole space is the back country of New Eden… the wide open spaces with no damn people and no damn Po-po… just the way we like it…   =]

Anyhoo, I finally arrive at the Dogfish Head pub and on entering, there is Sugar Kyle doing the CSM and Host thing, hence she is up to her ears busy with everyone wanting attention and goody bags and CCP/EVE swag. I get my goody bag and she tells me to look for a number in the bag… I empty it and… no number… sadface, no swag for old Tur.

So I get a beer and I’m standing there watching people, tryin to pick out the players from the dinner guests and guys cruising for gurls… I say Hi to a random someone and he immediately asks, “Who are you with?” at first I thought, ‘Uh I’m here alone’ but then I realized he was asking what corp/Alliance am I in… ohhhh… Uh… I think for a sec and say, “HELPeR, but you wouldn’t have heard if us… I live inna wormhole.” The look I got in return was precious… and a second affirmation of my life in Anoikis… tell ‘em you live inna hole and they ALL look at you funny. LOL

Needless to say the night was a blast. I met many players, discussed matters of grave import and pure nonsense, many beers were drank and toasts were made. I finally met... 

Epigene, he who Journey’s Through The Mind… (he’s like really TALL and German…. who knew?)

I met Grimmash (Narwhals!!), he of the Games… seen here assisting the musician who was trying out the Oculus Gear VR Innovator Edition portable VR headset a Goon brought along… which was extremely cool!

Here we see Grimmash partaking of a tasty beverage while one of the Dogfish staff watches narwhals swim past…

I met a young lady Brave, here seen losing her mind over the Gear VR…

She was also slapping Brave tattoos on anyone and everyone!

And of course, the right honorable CSM, Sugar Kyle… seen here as she was all night, listening to her constituents and others and discussing our great game…

As I understand it approximately 50 EVE players made it to the event. I had a really great time and was among the last to leave at 11ish. When the last of us were getting our coats and such together, Sugar came over to me and handed me a rolled up poster… she told me the person who got the #3 Swag ticket never came forward to claim his prize, and so she handed it to me… I opened it and it was a Valkyrie poster! Schweet!

I discovered something on my way home though… I was going through the goody bag and looking at the buttons one Matarii and one Quafe and the trading card pack I got, when I saw, tucked inside the back of the Quafe button was a folded piece of paper… guess what was on it?  LOL

Yup… silly me

 The Swag!!

Fly reckless and see you at the Meetup! =/|)=


  1. Well no need to feel guilty for getting someone else's swag then :)
    Hmm time to check the eve forum to see what kind of meetings take place in my neighbourhood.

    1. Nope... just silly for missing the little number ticket... =\
      Check the forums and here, EVE Meet... and if you don't find any... start one man!!

  2. Wow. 50 folks at a local EVE meet sounds like a good time !

    1. It was really worth the 4 hour round trip... Check the EVE Forums and check the link I put in Raziel's comment... and if you don't find any, start one!

  3. I am going to call BS on Tur's story. I did not hear him say 'dunna' or some weird wormholer brogue once.

    1. First, I was on my best behavior... in public n stuff...
      and Second, we keep all that on Comms... =] And you should hear Joran!!!! LOL

  4. It was great, glad you could make it. The first one we did had <10 people and its growing strong. I can't believe how many people showed up - it was amazing. Can't wait for the next one...


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