Sunday, May 31, 2015

Carnyx Patch Notes; The ACBL Reader’s Digest Condensed Version…

~or “What I Care About in Carnyx…”

OK Carnyx drops Tuesday and the Patch Notes dropped today…

Here is the link… Patch Notes for Carnyx and here is EVE Updates on Carnyx.
And here is what I saw that is of interest to me… you want the rest, click the link.  =]

New systems are available that can be accessed via the Unidentified wormholes. (Unidentified wormholes can be found in systems that contain the Jove Observatory)
THIS is what I have been waiting for… moar new holes!!!
            Secondary lighting from ships and stations has been added.
Good… very good.
            Ships in high-sec space piloted by a character with a Criminal Flag will now be
unable to use in-space re-fitting facilities.
Doesn’t usually affect my game but I do foray out into the crowded spaces upon occasion… good to know I guess.
New items have been added to the Trade Goods > Unknown Components Market category.
Hmmmm… one wonders if this mayhaps have something to do with Empress Jamyl Sarum’s recent treaty violations

Missions & NPCs:
            Drifter presence has reportedly been increased throughout Amarr space.
            Oh HELLZ YEAH! Bring on the Invasion!!

New Eden Store:
Sanctuary has introduced a collection of SKINs for the Astero, Stratios and Nestor.
I’m not one to jump on other’s bandwagons and as such I am not overly interested in SKINS… but I do have a soft spot for the ‘stero and based on the pic below I may finally be enticed into this gameplay expenditure… we shall see.

            The next Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer has been introduced: the Caldari Jackdaw.
New Shoes!!!!!

User Interface:
Added a ‘Fit’ button to the shared fitting window, allowing players to fit directly without having to save the fitting first.
Wait… wat? What is this ‘shared fitting window’ you speak of?

New icons have been added to the overview, ISIS and in space for…
Well a shit tonne of stuff is what for… read this Dev Blog, UI MODERNIZATION - ICON STRATEGY

            Added 'Remove from Overview' option to scanner probe right click menu.
            Performance improvements for opening the fitting window.
            Good… good.

New map: fixed an issue causing some players in wormholes to have completely empty maps.
Thank you.

And that’s it for me… All The Newz That’s Fit to Print from one Wormholer’s perspective.  =]

Fly reckless and see you in the Sky =/|)=


  1. I thought CCP was eliminating complexity-for-complexity's sake? That's WAY too many overview icons...

    1. Well... there's bad-complexity and good-complexity. Your,"complexity-for-complexity's sake" is based on what definition of complexity? Obviously yours right? But as always we come back to the subjective vs the objective, the inclusive vs the exclusive when looking at these kinds of changes...

      As I have always said, “One man’s needless complexity is another man’s fascinating intricacy.” And my thoughts on this topic have been well understood for a long time… Ripard and I, among many others, went back-n-forth on this back in 2013… EvE is a Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma... and so mote it be.

      On the one hand I can definitely see that being able to know at-a-glance what ship, drone, etc IS from all the others could be very good for gameplay, especially in the fast paced adrenaline rush that is EVE PvP… one the other hand I know just how cluttered and confusing it will ‘seem’…

      That is until we all settle in and learn the new system to the point where going back would make us scream louder than many will this coming Tuesday…

      So on the third hand I see the utility in this change, and I can also see where the butthurt and whining will generate from, but in the end I see the one winning out over the other in time… cause thank the gods “utility > butthurt” is still the way things work in the ‘verse.

      As for CCP’s rational and goals… RTFDB

      "What are the goals?

      We want to ensure that all items which exists in the game and have a uniquely defined role, function or purpose should have their own distinctive icon."

    2. Speaking as a hardcore wargamer of the old school before computer games, thank God CCP has introduced ship icons that allow me to determine whether that cruiser-sized icon is a cruiser or a battlecruiser, etc

      Now, having said that, I take exception with some of their decisions, and how I wish they had consulted with someone who remembers the old board game/military symbols, but this is better than it was before :)


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